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Sabah Malaysia Borneo Tourism Specialty Tour/Vacation Packages - Adventure Vacations, Eco Tours, Wildlife Tours, and Scuba Diving Vacations

Sabah Tourism Packages

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Sabah Malaysia Tourism Packages

Kota Kinabalu

EB-KK01 - Kota Kinabalu City Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK02 - Kota Kinabalu Countryside Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK03 - Island Escape Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (Half Day)
EB-KK04 - Monsopiad Cultural Village "Headhunter" Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK05 - Kota Belud Tamu Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK06 - Rafflesia Flower & Tambunan Tour (Full Day)
EB-KK07 - Tenom By Train (Full Day)
EB-KK08 - Padas White Water Rafting (Full Day)
EB-KK09 - Kiulu White Water Rafting (Full Day)
EB-KK10 - Kudat Rungus Longhouse Tour (Full Day)
EB-KK11 - Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring Tour (Full Day)
EB-KK12 - Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring Tour (2D/1N)
EB-KK13 - Mount Kinabalu Climb (2D/1N)
EB-KK14 - Mount Kinabalu Climb (3D/2N)
EB-KK15 - Spice Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK16 - Spice & Cooking Tour (Full Day)
EB-KK17 - North Borneo Railway Papar (Half Day)
EB-KK18 - Discover Scuba Package (Full Day)
EB-KK19 - Klias Fireflies River Cruise (Full Day)
EB-KK20 - Nature Wonders & Beach Holidays (2D/1N)*
EB-KK21 - Survivor Island & Nature Wonders (2D/1N)
EB-KK22 - Survivor Island & Nature Wonders (3D/2N)
EB-KK23 - Gaya Island Crab Catching (Half Day)
EB-KK24 - Kota Kinabalu By Night (Half Day)
EB-KK25 - Orchid Farm Tour (Half Day)
EB-KK26 - Kudat Rungus Longhouse Tour (2D/1N)

EB-KK27 - Kota Belud Wetlands Usukan Cove (Full Day) New!
EB-KK28 - Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Tour (Half-Day) New!
EB-KK29 - Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Tour (Full-Day) New!
EB-KK30 - Lok Kawi Wildlife Park & Klias Fireflies River Cruise Tour (Full Day) New!

EB-KKM01 - Mesilau Nature Park and Kinabalu National Park (2D/1N)
EB-KKM02 - Mesilau Nature Park, Poring Hot Spring and Kinabalu National Park (3D/2N)
EB-KKM03 - Mount Kinabalu Mesilau Summit Trail Climb (3D/2N)


EB-SDK01 - Sandakan City Tour (Half Day)
EB-SDK02 - Sepilok Orang Utan (Half Day)
EB-SDK03 - Sepilok & Sandakan City Tour (Full Day)
EB-SDK04 - Gomantong Caves & Kinabatangan River (1D/1N)
EB-SDK05 - Selingan Turtle Island (1D/1N)
EB-SDK06 - Kinabatangan & Ox-Bow Lake (2D/1N)
EB-SDK07 - Sepilok & Sukau Kinabatangan Tour (2D/1N)
EB-SDK08 - Sepilok, Sukau, Gomantong & City Tour (2D/1N)
EB-SDK09 - Turtle Island, Sepilok & City Tour (2D/1N)
EB-SDK10 - Wonders of Nature (3D/2N)
EB-SDK11 - Abai Mangrove River Cruise (Half Day)
EB-SDK12 - Sepilok & Abai River Cruise (Full Day)
EB-SDK13 - Sepilok & Labuk Bay (Full Day)

Lahad Datu

EB-LD01 - Danum Valley "The Lost World" Tour (at Borneo Rainforest Lodge) (4D/3N)
EB-LD02 - Danum Valley Conservation Area Jungle Tour (at Borneo Rainforest Lodge) (3D/2N)

EB-LD03 - Tabin Wildlife and Tropical Rainforest Experience (2D/1N)
EB-LD04 - Tabin Wildlife and Tropical Rainforest Experience (3D/2N)


EB-MB01 - Maliau Basin "The Lost World" Adventure Vacation (ex-Tawau) (5D/4N)
EB-MB02 -
Maliau Basin "The Lost World" Adventure Vacation (ex-Tawau) (7D/6N)
EB-MB03 - Maliau Basin "The Lost World" Adventure Vacation (ex-KK) (3D/2N) New!
EB-MB04 - Maliau Basin "The Lost World" Adventure Vacation (ex-KK) (4D/3N) New!
EB-MB05 - Maliau Basin "The Lost World" Adventure Vacation (ex-KK) (5D/4N) New!

Labuan, Federal Territory

EB-LBN01 - Labuan Historical City Tour (Half Day)
EB-LBN02 - Labuan Sightseeing and City Tour (2D/1N)

* To be added soon!

How to Custom Your Tours: Above packages are short duration (or add-on) tours which will enable you to customise your trip to Borneo - you can add tours across Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei. Identify and note down the tour code of your interested package(s) and proceed to the Custom Travel page to send us your request.

Sabah Malaysia Tourism Special Packages

Special Pre-Designed Packages


EB-SAB01 - Sabah Island & Diving Holiday: Sipadan-Mabul-Kapalai (7D/6N)

EB-SAB02 - Sabah Nature-Wildlife-Diving Adventure (12D/11N)

EB-SAB03 - Sensational Sandakan 1 (6D/5N)

EB-SAB04 - Sensational Sandakan 2 (5D/4N)

EB-SAB05 - Two-Week Sabah "From Mountain Top to Ocean Deep" Tour (14D/13N)

EB-SAB06 - 6 Days Overland to Sabah Borneo Wildlife (6D/5N)

EB-SAB07 - 5 Days Borneo TIP TOP WILD Sabah Tour (5D/4N)

EB-SAB08 - 7 Days Sukau and Danum Overland Tour (7D/6N)

EB-SAB09 - North Borneo Overland Safari Tour (9D/8N)

Note: The above packages can be booked directly at the booking page.

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