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Custom Borneo Travel Itinerary

Visiting Borneo? Not sure which destinations/accommodations are best suited for you? Let, the biggest Borneo-related website with the local expertise and local travel network in this region, be your Borneo Travel Specialist. Customise your tour details and interests below, tailored to fit your interest and time, and we will create your desired dream Borneo holiday itinerary.

Find out why you can customise or book a tour with us with confidence, knowing that you will be able to experience the best of Borneo at the most cost competitive rate available, and with full comfort and satisfaction.

If you already have a quote, we will BEAT any price or BETTER your package*, or else, we will not make any proposal.

NOTE: * means that if you sent (email) us your Borneo package quotation from any travel-related agency, in over 95% of the cases, we can beat that price for the same itinerary and date, or better your package for the same price....more info!  Note that this offer is only valid if you'd confirmed your air travel reservation.

Custom Information (Minimum: 2 Persons per Travelling Group)

The form below is for you to custom your own Borneo tour itinerary. If you are interested in one or more of our Borneo Tour Packages, you may skip the 'Activities Interested' section and add one or more of your desired tour codes at the 'Requests/Comments' box at the bottom of the form. Only fill in  the 'Activities Interested' section if you would like us to recommend.  If you are interested in our Pre-Designed packages, please use this form instead!

Contact Person:


Telephone Number:


No. of Persons in your Group:

Average Age of your Group:

15-30 31-45 46+

Actual/Estimated No. of Days in Borneo:

Actual/Estimated Date of Arrival (day optional):

Region Interested (select one or more):


Accomodation-Type Interested (pls tick one):

5-Star Exclusive/Resorts
4-Star Medium Range Hotels
3-Star Medium Range Hotels
2-Star Budget Hotels

Activities Interested (select one or more):

Note: Fill in this section only if you would like us to recommend.

Adventure Trekking
Golfing Tours
Mountain Climbing
Island Tours
General City Tours
Nature/Eco Tours
Adventure Caving
Wildlife Adventure
Scuba Diving
White Water Rafting
Cultural Home Stays
Recreational Tours

Your Budget per person (i.e. give a range):

Note: Please add currency (e.g., USD, RM, EURO, etc.).

*No. of Days 'Free at Leisure' (optional):

Note: The no. of days you would prefer to spend at your own leisure, without any guided tours.

*Flight Details (if already finalised):

i.e., Date and time of arrival, arriving at and from where, flight number, etc.


Note: Please add in your tours interested by tour codes in addition to your requests/comments (if any). Half-Day and Full Day tours at the Borneo Tour Packages page are considered 'add-ons'. We normally will not entertain requests for only one of such tour.

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All fields must be completed except for * optional.

  • Please provide as much details as possible for a faster service.
  • Requests with more specific and correct details, as well as a valid email address are usually entertained (i.e., for furnishing of a proposed tour itinerary) within days.
  • Due to increasing demand, requests lacking clarity could take up to more than a week to be responded to.
  • In normal circumstances, priority will usually be given to requests based on the actual/expected date of arrival.
  • Only requests for travel within 9 months of date of submittal will be responded to due to seasonal price uncertainties.
  • We reserved the right to entertain requests for travel of less than one week from the date of submittal as proposal, reservations, etc. may not be able to be done effectively.
  • Note that visitors are responsible for flight reservation/booking into and out of Borneo - we do not provide an international ticketing service at present.

Please take note that is committed to providing its users with an Internet experience that respects their utmost personal privacy concerns. Rest assured that your particulars will not be sold or shared with any third party, nor will you be subjected to receive any advertisement emails from us or any unsolicited emails from others as a result of submitting the above.  In the event that the above form submission is not responding, or you did not receive any response from us for more than a week (most likely due to your email address being invalid/wrongly entered, or you would like us to beat your quoted price or better your tour itinerary (please attach verifiable quotation), please Email us with the above particulars.

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