7D/6N Adventure Vacation at "The Lost World" Maliau Basin  (Ex-Tawau), Sabah, Malaysia Borneo

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7D/6N Adventure Vacation at

"The Lost World" Maliau Basin (Ex-Tawau)


NOTE: This tour is currently not available. Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted.

Tour Code: EB-MB02

Duration: 7 Days / 6 Nights

Minimum Participants: 2


Day 1

  • Guests are suggested to take the early flight from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau (MH 2127, ETD 0815 hrs, ETA 0900 hrs).

  • Pick up guests at Tawau airport / hotel and drive for about 4 - 5 hours to Maliau Basin Security Gate via Kalabakan.

  • Stop for early lunch at Maskur Restaurant, Marotai.

  • Continue your journey for about 4 hours to Maliau Basin Security Gate and proceed to Agathis Camp where you will stay for the night.

  • After dinner (if weather permits) go for a night drive in search of nocturnal animals through the 27km access road along the Agathis Camp to Belian Camp.

  • Possible encounters of Sambar Deers, Bearded Pigs, Malay Civets, Flying Squirrel, Porcupine and the Banteng or locally known as "Tembadau".

  • Additional porter can be arranged at guests own account payable at Agathis Camp before departure the next day to another camp.

(Lunch & Dinner)

Day 2

  • Wake up by the call of the Borneon Gibbon as part of the morning chorus in the rainforest.

  • After breakfast begin trekking through the rainforest towards Camel Trophy Camp.

  • The trek will go through a steep ascend of the formidable Maliau Basin escarpment and into a gentle slope of inner Basin.

  • Vegetation varies from the Lowland Dipterocarp, Highland Dipterocarp forest and further into the Heath forest.

  • Break for a packed lunch at the "Sambung Ayam" rest station.

  • Continue trekking to reach Camel Trophy Camp and along the way enjoy the varieties of plants and orchids.

  • Overnight at Camel Trophy Camp.

(Breakfast, Packed Lunch)

Day 3

  • After breakfast, day trek to the nearby waterfalls, Takob Akob and Giluk Falls (so called the Terrace Garden of Maliau).

  • Enjoy swimming and have your packed lunch.

  • Overnight at Camel Trophy Camp.

(Breakfast, Packed Lunch)

Day 4

  • After breakfast, continue trekking to the Lobah Camp for 6 hours journey, an adventurous hard trek through the dense Heath forest of Maliau Basin.

  • Discover the abundance of Nepenthes plants growing beautifully from the floor of the Heath forest to the treetop along the "Jalan Babi".

  • In the evening (if weather permits) enjoy the panoramic view of the Maliau Basin rim at the Lobah Helipad, possible sighting of hornbill flying in pairs.

  • Over night at Lobah Camp, the most exciting of all, listening to the cry of wild in the wee hours or early morning, music serenading while you are still in bed which make one feels so relaxed and peaceful.


Day 5

  • Early morning, enjoy the sunrise at the Lobah Helipad.

  • After breakfast, take along packed lunch, trek down to the spectacular Maliau Falls about 1 hours journey.

  • Enjoy packed lunch at the Maliau Basin.

  • 1530 hrs ascend back to Lobah Camp.

  • Take a break again at the helipad for a scenic view of the Maliau Basin rim.

  • Overnight at Lobah Camp.

(Breakfast, Packed Lunch)

Day 6

  • After breakfast, leave Lobah Camp (0700 a.m.) for Agathis Camp.

  • Journey will take about 6 - 8 hours.

  • Stop for packed lunch at any station along the trail to Agathis Camp.

  • Expected to arrive at Agathis Camp in the evening.

(Breakfast, Packed Lunch)

Day 7

  • After breakfast, pack and leave for Tawau airport / hotel.

  • Recommended to take the evening flight from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu (MH2149, ETD 1740 hrs, ETA 1825 hrs) to avoid rush.

  • End of tour.


• Guest MUST submit a copy of their latest personal insurance policy that covers emergency Helicopter evacuation.
• Guest MUST submit their latest certificate confirmed by physician or doctor.
• Special permission is needed and separate charges are levied for professional photography or filming.
• Guest is to be accompanied by guide at all times and not allowed to wander on their own.

Checklist for Trekkers

1. A compass or Global Positioning System (GPS)-Maliau Basin map given upon request.
2. Personal First Aid Kit (anti malaria pills as a preventive measure)
3. Whistle and Pocket knife
4. Sleeping bag and Insect Repellent
5. Flaslight (spare bulb and extra batteries)
6. Camera (extra films and batteries)
7. Leech socks and extra socks
8. Hat and Rain Coat
9. Long Sleeved T-Shirts (Maliau is cool at night) and towels that can dry fast
10. Extra pants
11. Slipper, Trekker Boots or “Adidas” Shoes (useful when trekking on slippery trails)
12. Spare Plastic Bags (to store camera in case of rain and to pack clothing in plastic bags before putting it in inside backpack)
13. Drinking Water
14. Garbage Bag (useful protective shield from rain)
15. Heavy Duty Backpack-guests are encourage to carry their own backpack
16. Matches / Lighter and Candles
17. Personal Toiletries (tooth brush, paste, body soap, shampoo, toilet paper and etc)
18. Personal Items (plastic food container i.e. lunch box, fork, spoon and cup)
19. High energy snacks food e.g. chocolate nuts and etc

Do’s and Don’t’s
• No hunting is allowed. Fire arms are absolutely forbidden
• No collecting or trapping of any plant or animal specimens
• No slashing of vegetation or cutting of new trails
• No graffiti on rocks or trees
• All litter / rubbish must be brought out
• Visitors must only stay in the designated campsites
• Campfires can be lit only under the supervision of Rangers



(Code: EB-MB02)

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