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Sabah Adventure Packages

Trans Borneo 4x4 Safari

4wd Trans Borneo Expedition

The TRANS BORNEO 4x4 Expeditions from 1996 onwards have created history. For those who have taken part in these expeditions, they were unforgettable memories and remain the adventure of a lifetime. Nature, difficult terrain and the relentless tropical weather put obstacles in our way requiring endurance, resilience and patience from every single participant. here for full details!

East-West North Borneo Trail (code: EB-EW)

Kinabatangan River Boat Adventure

The East-West North Borneo Trail is an adventurous trip taking you from the East Coast to the West Coast of Sabah. The trip allows you to discover Sabah’s intriguing biodiversity, and the friendly interior people. This journey offers truly the best of North Borneo, from the coast to the forests, and you will be staying with Dusun and Murut people of the interior, and Orang Sungai on the Kinabatangan River that makes up for the biologically richest floodplain in the here for full details!

West-East North Borneo Trail (code: EB-WE)

The Majestic Mount Kinabalu

The West-East North Borneo Trail is an adventurous but shorter trip similar to the East-West North Borneo Trail but taking you from the West Coast to the East Coast of the north of Borneo. The route offers scenic views of the mountain and visits to Poring Hot Springs and the Kinabalu National Park, which has been recognised and classified as Malaysia’s first World Heritage here for full details!

Down The Spine of Sabah (The Crocker Range) (code: EB-SC3 / EB-SC5)

Crocker Range

A trip taking you from sea level up into the cool heights of the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, over jungle and challenging roads, across the Crocker Range and to the heartland of the Murut community. On the way sea how local wine and coffee are made. This exciting trip also allows you to experience the life of the locals as you will be staying in the middle of a Dusun here for full details!

Down The Spine of Sabah (The Tongod Trail) (code: EB-ST)

Rafflesia and Pitcher Plant

A trip taking you from sea level up into the cool heights of the foothills of Mount Kinabalu to the depth of the tropical jungle, over challenging roads across the Crocker Range and to the heartland of the Murut community. Along the way, you will see some of the most spectacular scenery in Sabah; beautiful rivers, wild animals and the rich, evergreen tropical here for full details!

Sarawak Adventure Packages

EB-MZV03 - Mulu Pinnacles Ex-Miri (4D/3N)

EB-MZV04 - Mulu Pinnacles Ex-Miri (5D/4N)

EB-MZV05 - Headhunter's Trail With Pinnacles Ex-Miri (5D/4N)

EB-MZV06 - Mulu Pinnacles Ex-Mulu (3D/2N)

EB-MZV07 - Headhunter's Trail Without Pinnacles Ex-Limbang (4D/3N)

EB-MZV08 - Mulu Melinau Gorge (3D/2N)

EB-MZV09 - Mulu Caves & Trek (4D/3N)

EB-MZV10 - Mulu Adventure Caving (2D/1N)

EB-MZV11 - Wind/Clearwater Adventure Caving (Full-Day)

EB-MYY05 - Headhunters Trail Mulu based on Treetops Lodge (5D/4N)

EB-BAR01 - Bario Highlands (6D/5N)

EB-SRW04 - In Search of Borneo Wild Orangutans at Jingin (5D/4N)

EB-MZVBB - Mulu Headhunters Trail/Ba'Kelalan/Bario (9D/8N)

EB-KHMP   - 2-Week Kuching Homestay and Mulu Pinnacles (14D/13N)

EB-MZVW  - Mulu Clear Water & Pinnacles Adventure (6D/5N) New!

EB-MZVBK - Bike & Hike Adventure to Mulu Pinnacles (5D/4N) New!



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