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Refer to Travel Borneo Blog for latest announcements/news

27 October 2004

A Travel Borneo Blog was introduced where all the latest announcements/news can be found to complement Raj's Corner. Also introduced at the same time is the Travel Borneo Alert Blog, where some of our latest packages are periodically added.

01 January 2004

A private limited company called Colourful Frontiers Sdn. Bhd. was established to be the physical front of e-borneo.com's travel and related services. Operation fully commenced on 1st April 2004.

11 February 2002

Due to popular demand, a travel information and tour intermediary service were introduced to bring visitors to Experience Borneo Physically. Click here for more info.

19 March 2001

Introduces RAJ, our virtual guide to e-borneo.com.  Raj will announce all regular updates at the site, and his achieved announcements can be found at RAJ's Corner.

30 January 2001

Introduces a new interactive Borneo news section which includes comments, search, and archives. Affiliated to e-Media website with the inclusion of daily updated dynamic Malaysian news from New Straits Times, Malaysia.

03 December 2000

Press release - year-end and 1-year anniversary mega contests and Mas Raya e-cards - at major newspapers in the region.

03 November 2000

The additions of several "bells and whistles" to serve our valued visitors better such as instant messenger, my calendar/planner, internet radio, pcreminder, free Chinese e-mail, free Hindi e-mail, etc. to add to new content which includes the co-branded match-making page.

05 October 2000

e-borneo.com in association with RichADZ, its developer and Adgrafix Corporation (now known as Hosting.com), its Alliance Partner introduced the Virtual Server technology.  Also introduced is a free professional website/e-store builder programme where visitors can build their own professional homepage or e-store in minutes and hosted free of any charge.

25 August 2000

Several new sections were launched such as contest and fun and games in early August and the Travel Page on 24 August 2000 to add more value to the information provided at the web site.

30 July 2000

The New Sabah Times gave their support to e-borneo.com by agreeing to provide daily updated news materials to be re-published at the Borneo News section.

21 June 2000

An advertising/sponsorship campaign was launched to officially commence in July. The very low cost 'Introductory Package' received a lot of encouraging inquiries.

18 June 2000

A new e-Borneo.com logo was introduced for the first time to replace the previous mountainous background logo. The web site design/layout was also given a slight facelift.

25 May 2000

e-Borneo.com's first Press Release - Kaamatan/Gawai Festival Electronic Greeting Cards - at major newspapers in the region.  Web site recorded a 200% increase in visitors and hits after the release.

28 April 2000

e-Borneo.com launches more new free services - Borneo Auction where bidding and buying are now possible; and Borneo Quiz where visitors can test their Borneo IQ.

25 April 2000

e-Borneo.com launches a new free service - Borneo Cyber Cards - an electronic greeting card service especially for our valued visitors.  The cards will be graced by authentic and true blue Borneo images by Borneons.

18 April 2000

e-Borneo.net has been given a 'facelift' from a redirection page into a semi mirror site to  e-Borneo.com. e-Borneo.net is basically the web hosting domain and business network of e-Borneo.  Our participating business clients are also displayed in the main page.

27 March 2000

Brunei Press has given e-Borneo.com the green light to utilise their materials from Borneo Bulletin Online as well as their newly launched Borneo Bulletin Sunday websites.  Brunei Press is the first local press to have shown their utmost support to the Borneo portal in our quest to be one of the news and content leaders in the region and to encourage a greater online presence in this region.

15 March 2000

e-Borneo.com added more news content in the form of a dynamically updated world news from our affiliate, excite.com, as well as Malaysian news headlines from Bernama.

29 February 2000

e-Borneo.com launches a Search function at the Borneo Directory as an added value service for our valued visitors.  The search function is still rudimentary in nature but will be improved in the near term.  Now valued visitors can search for Borneo web sites as well as searching the whole wide web via Borneo.

18 February 2000

e-Borneo.com forms an 'informal' partnership with Virtual-Borneo.com in the provision of content related to the Images of Borneo section.  Also launched is a Web Search Engine powered by everyone.net.  Now valued visitors can search the web via Borneo.

09 February 2000

e-Borneo.com launches a FREE email service by providing three domain options namely, @e-borneo.com, @e-borneo.net (mail redirection) and @e-borneo.every1.net (web-based).

15 January 2000

e-Borneo.com launches several free services such as the Borneo Forum, Classified Ads, Event Board, and an IRC-like Online Chat to better serve our valued visitors.

03 January 2000

e-Borneo.net officially went online.  This domain is basically a redirection to the e-Borneo.com website, but it also serves as the domain for the newly launched web-hosting services provided by e-Borneo.com which will give businesses an alternative Internet presence with the Borneo identity.  For more information on the services provided, please click here.

30 December 1999

Several services were released to add more interactivity within the portal.  Employing state-of-the-art and latest discussion board/forum technology, the much requested Borneo Forum was released to the public.  Also released were the Classified Ads, Event Board, and a Real Time Online Chat.

12 December 1999

Borneo Directory and Borneo News sections were added as well as a new look main page. Also added were the Info sections, namely, InfoBorneo, Inside Borneo, and Inside Internet.  Officially, the e-Borneo.com website has been launched!

2 December 1999

Borneo Finally Have a Homepage - The Beta version of Borneo's first comprehensive portal was launched at its own server and domain name - e-Borneo.com - a week earlier than targeted.

11 November 1999

Borneo has Finally Gone Electronic - The pre-launched Beta version of Borneo's first comprehensive and people-friendly electronic portal or gateway to one of the oldest and exotic island-continent in the world, e-Borneo was launched at the homepage.com server, and the following are its major objectives:

bullet To be the world's ultimate gateway to Borneo

bullet To be Borneo's ultimate gateway to the electronic world

01 August 1999

The domain name E-BORNEO.NET was registered with Internic to add a further presence and branding to the Borneo's portal.

31 July 1999

The domain name E-BORNEO.COM was registered with Internic as the name sounds synonymous with an electronic Borneo portal.

11 April 1999

The concept of Borneo's first comprehensive electronic portal or gateway was crystallised by a group of netizens in Borneo.  This was due to the lack of a Borneo presence in the Internet at that point in time.  The target was to launch the portal before the next millennium.

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