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1. Borneo Editorial: 'Mt. Kinabalu not the highest in S.E.A.'
2. What's New: 'Guest Book' & more
3. Borneo Tours Spotlight: 'Sensational Sandakan'
4. Destination of the Month: 'Mulu Caves'
5. Borneo Events for November: 'Tamu Besar' & more
6. Regional Hotels Promotion
7. Regional Tours Promotion
8. General Travel Tips
9. Interesting Websites
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1. BORNEO EDITORIAL: Mt. Kinabalu not the highest


Dear Valued Subscribers,

The majestic, awe-inspiring and popular Mt Kinabalu has for a long time been dubbed the "highest mountain in South East Asia". Standing at 4,095.2 metres above sea level (previously at 4,101m measured back in the early years of last century), many of us here in good ol' Borneo continue to pride ourselves for having the tallest peak in the region right on our own backyard. Once in a while, we heard that Mt Kinabalu is not the highest peak. We simply put those 'rumours' down to poor 'gamesmanship' or sheer jealousy. Our mountain is definitely the tallest.

Well, the truth is..., it may not be! The corporate motivator/author, David Lim (check out his website further down this newsletter), perhaps best known for leading the 1st Singapore Mt Everest Expedition in 1998, pointed out to us few weeks ago that the honour goes to Mt Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar which, at 5,881 m, easily dwarfs its Malaysian cousin in Sabah. Hkakabo is at Myanmar's near the extreme northern border with China. In fact, Mt Kinabalu is even shorter than Puncak Jaya or Cartenz, the highest point in Indonesia, whose 'Seven Summits' are said to be all higher than Mt Kinabalu (ranging over 4,200m to 4,884m).

Thanks David, but some true blue Borneons argued that Hkakabo is part of the Himalayas and does not qualify as a mountain on its own inside Myanmar's border, and Puncak Jaya is hotly disputed by the Aussies as being theirs. Regardless, Borneons don't really trust those modern mountain measurement tools/instruments. In fact, we thought the last re-measurement of Mt Kinabalu was rigged. We were so sure that they cut at least 500m off. Until we have a chance to measure Hkakabo and other mountains ourselves with our own indigenous measurement technique, or certify that the other peaks are rightfully in the South East Asia region, Mt Kinabalu remains the highest peak, and oh..., the most enchanting one too :)

Feel free to share your feelings on this editorial, or any other related subject, at newsletter@e-borneo.com

(ED: The shorter Mt Kinabalu has been conquered by David Lim several times just for your info)




Visitors / Subscribers / Customers Guest Book
Although long overdue, we finally add a section on your comments and feedbacks. Better late than never. Do take some time to read some of your flattering remarks as well as suggestions.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/comments.shtml

Free Web-Based E-mail Login/Sign-Up Page
We have changed the free email (i.e., username@e-borneo.every1.net) login/signup page from our main page previously, to another page. Please do update your bookmark. Any inconvenience caused is very much regretted.

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Match Making
The surprisingly popular match making page (travel and personals do mix after all?) was given a slight facelift. More search friendly it is hope.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/insideinternet/matchmaking.shtml




'Sensational Sandakan'
Sandakan, about 335km from Kota Kinabalu, the capital of Sabah, is the former capital of British North Borneo and fondly known as "Little Hong Kong". Sandakan is truly the "Gateway to Borneo's Wildlife" with the world famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre located approximately 25km from the town. You can also view the Sea Turtles laying eggs at Selingan Turtle Island, or cruise along the Kinabatangan River to search for birds and wildlife. There is also the fascinating Gomantong cave for adventure caver. For those interested to explore Sandakan, there are two "Best of Sandakan" packages specially designed for your kind consideration as follows:

* 6-Day/5-Night Tour (URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab03.shtml )
* 5-Day/4-Night Tour (URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab04.shtml )




Mulu Caves, Sarawak, Borneo
Mulu Caves is a designated World Heritage Site. It is the ultimate for adventure caving travellers as it is home to the world's largest and most fascinating caves. Usually, the airfare makes up the bulk of such tour package in the past. But now, with the introduction of a chartered flight, tours to Mulu are getting more affordable. Check out the various tours available below:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ml.shtml

(ED: Mulu continues to be our destination of the month because we erred last issue. The special promotion discount rate is NOT 5-15% off normal tour rate as noted BUT about 30% or more OFF. Do book today to avoid disappointment as this very special offer ends end-December)

Further 10% OFF for group of 10 or more
4 Show Caves + Full Board + Accommodation + Airfare + Transfer
(Promotion for ex-KK tour only)
Never has it been so affordable to visit Mulu




Sabah's Events

3 November 2002
The 'Tamu' is Borneo's traditional open market. On this day, the Bajau horsemen known as "Cowboys of the East" dress in their traditional best and ride their extravagantly decorated horses, complete with a jingling collar bell. A wild, wild East experience with a Borneo twist! Definitely not to be missed!
(Organiser: Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd; E-mail: balwant@sabahtourism.com  )


4 November 2002
A festival where people from all age groups participate in the festivities to give expression to their happiness by lighting earthen diyas, decorating the houses, bursting firecrackers and inviting the near & dear ones to their households. The lighting of lamps is a way of paying obeisance to god for attainment of health, wealth, knowledge, peace, valour & fame.
(Organiser: Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd; E-mail: balwant@sabahtourism.com  )


9 November - 12 December 2002
An annual exhibition of graphic materials printed or produced by government or commercial agencies or individuals graphic artist. For art lovers, this is an opportunity to purchase works for reasonable price.
(Organiser: Sabah Art Gallery ; Email: gallery@tm.net.my   )


23 - 26 November 2002
Mild Seven Outdoor Quest is a world-class competition open to athletes of all nations. Every effort will be made to include teams from Asia, Europe, the Americas and Australia \ New Zealand. The race is open to a maximum of thirty-two, four-person teams. The criteria for selecting the 32 teams are competition history, nationality and media interest
(Organisers: IMG ; E-mail: aatepolikhine@imgworld.com   ; URL: http://www.msoq.com  )


Sarawak's Events

2 November 2002
The centre stage for experts in skateboard, BMX and inline skating, the event venue is at the Kuching Waterfront, the popular address where people from all walks of life gathers to enjoy good company and watching good events. Extreme as it seems, the gravity defying moves by the competitors will very much reveal the hidden talents of this modern day sports. So popular among the younger generation, the event is participated by enthusiasts from all over Sarawak and attracting entries from neighbouring countries.
(Organiser: Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation, Sarawak; Tel: 082-440441/446359 )


November 2002
The event to be held at Sibu Old Airport, looked forward by locals and visitors, it aims to become the important and exciting sourcing ground in this region. Promising to attract a diverse group of products and service specialists, the displaying area can accommodate a good turnout. The participants are all eager to showcase their unique services and a wide range of consumer products. (Organiser: SCCCI ; Tel: 084-326959 ; Fax: Fax: 084-325112 )


Labuan's Events

10 November 2002
A poignant event held yearly at the Labuan War Cemetary in F.T. Labuan to those who gave their lives selflessly during the war.
(Organiser: Destination Borneo Sdn. Bhd. ; E-mail: wteo@tm.net.my   )




Shangri-La Golden Sands Resort, Penang, Malaysia
Free Night Special Offer

Pay 5 nights: get up to a maximum of 2 additional nights free.
Pay 10 nights: get up to a maximum of 4 additional nights free.
On room basis only (excluding breakfast).
UK & US residents only

Offer valid now till Dec. 20, 2002

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/shangri-la_golden_sands_resort_penang.shtml

Oriental Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
"Local Seasonal Choices"

Min. 2 nights accommodation at the following nightly rates:
Superior River Wing : US$ 269 ++
Deluxe Room : US$ 329 ++
Deluxe Suite : US$ 669 ++

Offer valid now till Apr. 30, 2003

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/the_oriental_bangkok_thailand.shtml




4-day Royal Woods Free & Easy Package, Gold Coast, Australia

Tour inclusion:
* 3-night accommodation based on Royal Woods Resort (5*)
* Daily breakfast
* Return airport-resort transfers
* Complimentary Royal Woods shuttle service
(fr. USD 132)

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/atm/rt06.shtml

3-day Luxury Cherating Package, Malaysia

Tour inclusion:
* 3-night accommodation based on Eastern Pavilion Cherating (5*) in boutique villa
* Daily buffet breakfast
(fr. USD 146)

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/atm/rt07.shtml




Family Hotel Safety Tips
Just to be on the safe side, make sure your family has ID on them, especially your kids. Let your children help make their own ID. The essential information that should be on their ID are:
Name, Address, Telephone Number, Hotel of where you are staying, Phone number of the Hotel, Parents Names, Allergies of the child (if any), Age/ birth date, Emergency Contact (family or friend from home), Recent picture (keep a copy of the recent picture in your wallet just in case you do get separated from your children, the police would like to get the most recent picture for their records).

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<< Courtesy of PlanetHoliday
<< Asia's premier Hotel Reservation site since 1997,
<< offering discounts of up to 75% off the regular
<< rates at hotels throughout Asia!
<< URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/
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This edition featuring coincidentally, two Singaporean's websites with special mention to Borneo in general and Mt. Kinabalu in particular:

Everest Business Consulting - "Life Without Limits"
Business website of David Lim, leader of Singapore`s 1st Mt Everest Expedition in 1998. A veteran of more than 35 alpine and Himalayan climbs, he has been on climbs in the French, Swiss and New Zealand Alps, Tibet, India, Nepal, and of course, Borneo. David is also the author of the excellent motivational book "Mountain To Climb".

URL: http://www.everestbusiness.com/

Asian cultural experience, backpacking, hiking, trekking, adventure travel and ecotourism by Singaporean Chan Joon Yee, with excellent personal journals on Mt. Kinabalu.

URL: http://www.knapsack.net/

If you have an interesting Borneo website to share with the rest, please email to mailing@e-borneo.com




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May all of you have a fruitful and proactive month of November ahead, and to our Muslim readers, 'Selamat Berpuasa' (Happy Fasting - during the month of Ramadhan). Looking forward to your continuous strong support.

Warmest Regards,

The e-borneo.com e-Team,


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