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"One-stop gateway to the entire island of Borneo covers all the travel basics, including lodgings, tours, and places of interest, as well as maps and even a calendar of events. The diving section (especially links to diving operators) is particularly useful, and intrepid independent travelers will appreciate the discussions in the travel forum. A large, comprehensive site - and it includes links to the island's other major tourism sites."

Islands.com, USA


"You have no idea how impressed I am by the extent of your content on Borneo and other information. Your web site is truly a wealth of resources for all to treasure."

Janice Appleby, Australia


"Thank you for having a website so we can learn more about Borneo!!!"

E. Waselus, USA


"Many thanks for an excellent website and informative newsletter. Borneo is a unique location indeed as it is one of the last remaining rainforest fortress in our planet. As such, I am of the opinion that your website should also play a leading role in the area of environment and ecology awareness."

Mrs Green, UK


"I am a frequent visitor to your website, which is definitely one of the most complete and largest compilations of all things Borneo. Thank you for entralling me electronically."

Mohd. Ikbar, Brunei


"Your website had taught me so much about Borneo that I feel like flying over there tomorrow..., if only I have enough savings in the bank"

Jenny Felder, Arizona, USA


"Your travel info to other regions is one of the best I've found. Its makes booking an international hotel so much easy for me since I found your site. Can you add more countries around the world, please?"

Mohd. Faizal, Malaysia


"I must admit that I have little or no idea about Borneo before but thanks to your site, I am beginning to be an admirer of your region and the amazing places that you have. I really
envy that. Your jungle of forest is much more appealing than my jungle of concrete and steel."



"I have always admired the rarity of your ecards. I am sure it is one of the very few available on the Internet with a Borneo theme. Thank you."

A Sarawakian in Brunei, BSB


"I think your website can be categorised as a 'goodwill' site as it also brings people from Borneo and the world to communicate with each other through a common platform."

Mastika M., Malaysia


"Wonderful site. Borneo should be eternally thankful to your site for making it popular."

Jan Kruger, Germany


"I love your newsletter and I love all your articles at e-borneo.com. Best I have seen so far..."

G. Pringle, UK


"Congratulations to E-BORNEO team. I am working abroad and just got to know about your web-site from my brother residing there. Keep up your good work E-Borneo!"

Buzz Wuzz, Malaysia

"Warm greetings from Borneo Bulletin! Your Borneo portal sounds very interesting and we are sure that it would create an online awareness on Borneo."

Jennifer Kang
Marketing Executive
Brunei Press Sdn Bhd


"I just wanted to let you know that i think the latest newsletter is great and i found lots of interesting and valuable info in it now that my trip to borneo is coming closer."

Debbie Saunders, Australia


"Your words (in the newsletter editorial) express what I have been attempting to say to friends and family (of victims of 911). Thank you for them."

Susan Mauch, New York, USA


"I read with great interest your recent newsletter article about newly discovered reef systems within close proximity to Miri. I am currently completing a large volume photographic book about the reefs and rain forests of Sabah. It is my hope and belief that through education and understanding, we can encourage people to preserve these delicate and endangered ecosystems."

Murray S. Kaufman, U.S.A.
Author of Reefs and Rain Forests,
the Natural Heritage of Malaysian Borneo


"This is by far the top website on Borneo in terms of content, news, and information. Surfers in search of any information related to Borneo would most likely be able to locate it here. I highly recommend this site."

Michelle, USA
Review at Alexa.com


"Badan Penaja Persatuan Penguna Internet dan Electronic Mail Kawasan Parliament Tuaran & Gaya Sabah (PERMAI) mengucapkan tahniah kepada e-borneo.com atas tertubuhnya badan komunikasi electronic yang unggul di Borneo ini. Kami juga bersama bangga dengan kejayaan ini. Teruskan usaha ini untuk kemajuan ICT Borneo. Kami akan terus memberikan sukongan yang tidak berbelah bagi. Protem President PERMAI Y.B. Loius OKK Rampas, ADUN Kawasan Kiulu telah mengarahkan agat semua ahli PERMAI mengunakan e-borneo.com sebagai rakan utama. Thanks."

Mohd. Lajim OKK Nonon,
Setiausaha Agung PERMAI, Sabah


"Thank you for educating me more about my own country in one newsletter than I'd ever learnt in a lifetime"

S.C. Lee, Malaysia


"Your editorial is great and issues such as the last one should be forwarded to as many people as possible for information sharing. I suggest you publish your newsletter more than once a month."

Rays, Borneo


"Thanks for the news on e-borneo; very interersting; I'm considering to have your services extended to our YSnet users, soon."

Mohammad Zikrun, Sabah


"Did not realise you have so many wonderful places to visit. Hope you will consider running a contest with a grand prize of a grand tour of Borneo"

A. Wright, Leicester, UK


"Great site, but I think it very important for your site to add more news on interaction and relation with Kalimantan in Indonesia."

Shintani, Indonesia


Given our strict privacy policy, No email addresses shall be published on this page. Some comments have been edited for space and clarity.
To sent us feedback/testimonial, please kindly email feedback or click here to submit online. Thank you.

"Just to let you know that - regrettably - our holiday in Borneo is now over and we are back in the cold and gloomy UK. We had a fabulous time in Borneo and would like to thank you for all your efforts in organising a holiday that exactly met our requirements. Everything worked well. Thanks once again for al your efforts."

Anne & Derek Hathaway, UK


"Thank you for your helpful assistance in planning the tour and thorough investigation into the possibilities of our request. We feel that we have been in good hands and trust that the quality of the tour operator is likewise."

Jesper Kragh Andresen, Denmark


"You have made Borneo sound so exiting that we have decided to prolong our stay."

Mikjell Helleland, Norway


"Bravo! I really appreciate you effort in providing us a better rate. Your recommendations are really the second biggest factor we take in account, after our credit balance."

Guillem Ventura Burrel, Spain


"We are very pleased with your revised itinerary especially with an independent complimentary report about your suggested Sabah Hotel. Thanks again for your considerable help."

Peter & Anne Rodger, U.K


"Thank you very much for your Borneo itinerary and pricing. We appreciate your assurances about the safety of Borneo/Malaysia and really like the tour package that you have designed for us."

Tom & Ami Angell, U.K.


"Itīs my sincere desire to express words of appreciation for your excellent service! Thatīs indeed a unique itinerary and this one definitly meets our expecations! Be assured that I will recommend your service to all friends here in Germany. I got the feeling that we are in really good hands! Moreover, since I am writing for a worldwide published American newspaper, I can imagine writing an article about my experiences in Borneo and the opportunity of utilizing your services. ...So the dream will really come true. Thanks a lot for your support!"

Thomas Pfennig, Germany


"Thank you for answering my queries so promptly, ...and thank you for all your help."

Hilary Audsley, U.K.


"Thank you, it has been a pleasure communicating with you. You make booking online so meaningful and efficient."

Nurika Abdullah, Malaysia


"Thank you for your assistance. We value your help in making our trip a successful one!"

Haslin Salleh, Singapore


"Thanks very much for all of you help and suggestions for our holiday. You have provided excellent service and we will be sure to recommend your company to others. We are very much looking forward to our holiday in Sabah."

Katherine Kendon, Malaysia


"The proposal sounds very good. Many thanks for your help."

Peter Andrist, Thailand


"Your quote is definitely the lowest in the whole planet. The itinerary is very much above my expectation for such a cost, which is at least 30% lower than the quote provided by tour agent here. And your expert advise left us with full confidence of a dream holiday in Borneo. I hope to praise you personally when I reach Borneo shortly."

Darren Whittaker, U.S.


"Your excellent assistance and advise in planning our itinerary is worth the price of our tour package..., because we would have been charged 50% more if we had decided to stick with our local agent."

Mr & Mrs Hans S., Sweden


"I really appreciate the effort you’ve put in into customizing our package as well as accommodating our constant amendments. You are a pleasure to work with."

Evelyn Aw, Malaysia


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