Skrang River Iban Longhouse is located roughly 245 kilometres away from Kuching. It can be reached by van/coach in 04hours and 01 hour by powered longboat.

Depart Kuching by van/coach for Skrang River (234kilometres from Kuching). The journey will pass by breath-taking scenes of pepper gardens, farmhouses, cocoa gardens, rubber estates, padi fields, sago farms and rainforest covering the mountain range forming the Sarawak/ Indonesia border. Lunch enroute at Lachau Town. After lunch, continue your journey by van/coach to Skrang River. On arrival, transfer onto native longboat and cruise up the placid Skrang River for about an hour before reaching the Iban Long house. Tour the long house with your guide and study the ‘unique’ lifestyle of the lbans. A traditional Than Style dinner-sitting on the mats will be served in the long house. Ale highlight of the tour is an evening of entertainment by the lbans as they perform traditional dances to the beat of gongs and drums. Overnight in the long house Benuk or Mejung. Mattress, pillows and bed sheets will be provided. Sleep on the Verandah or in the Chief s room.

Breakfast in the longhouse. Return to Kuching by longboat, by van/coach via the same route. Lunch enroute at Lachan Town. Arrive Kuching in the early afternoon.

Things To Bring:  Wear comfortable walking shoes; Light (and extra) clothing; Sarawak being in the tropics, it is advisable to dress light; torchlight; insect repellant; sun screen; Bring Camera for those unforgettable moments.


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