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Borneo Languages

Bahasa Malaysia - English

Adat - custom; social tradition or practice.

Beradat - polite; customary; ceremonious.

Mengadat - to make it a practice or custom.

Teradat - has become a custom.

Agam - immeasurable.

Agama - religion.

Agar - so, so that.

Ahad - Sunday.

Air - water, colourless.

Ais - ice, frozen water.

Aiskrim - ice cream.

Ajaib - inscrutable, baffling.

Ajal- doom, grim fate, ruin.

Ajar - teach, impart information.

Ajaib - inscrutable.

Aju - moot, raise.

Ajuk - mock, jeer.

Akademi - academy, school.

Akademik - academic.

Akal - mind, remembrance.

Akar - root.

Akaun - account.

Akauntan - accountant.

Akhbar - paper, newspaper.

Akhir - final, last, conclusive.

Akhirat - eternity.

Akibat - consequent, result.

Akne - acne, pimples.

Akrobat - acrobat.

Akronim - acronym.

Akru - accrue, accumulate.

Akta - act, government law.

Aktif - active, energetic.

Aktiviti- activity, action.

Aktuari - actuary.

Aku - me, I, myself.

Akuarium - aquarium.

Akumulator - accumulator.

Akur - agree, consent.

Alam - nature.

Alamat - address or promise.

Alang - beam.

Alas - pallet, tray or platform for lifting goods.

Alasan - excuse.

Alat - appliance, device.

Alatulis - stationery.

Alih - displace, oust.

Alir - emit a stream of, flow.

Aliran - stream, water flowing.

Alkohol - alcohol, liquor.

Allah - muslim name of God.

Almari - cupboard.

Aloi - alloy, mixture of metals.

Alternatif - alternative.

Alpukat - avocado.

Altitud - altitude.

Alun - billow, great wave, slow heavy waves.

Alur - drill, furrow, groove, long narrow channel.

Amal - practice, action as opposed to theory, habitual action, custom.

Aman - peaceful, characterised by peace.

Amanah - trust, mandate, charge.

Amatur - amateur.

Ambang - lintel of a door, doorstep, float, drift about, buoyed up.

Ambil - take, take over.

Amboi - exclamation of astonishment/wonder.

Ambon - a type of banana which is big and sweet.

Ambul - rebound as a ball, swing back.

Amil - a collector of religious tithes.

Amin - amen, be it so.

Amir - commander.

Amoi - girl, young girl.

Ampai - tall and slim.


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