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Trans Borneo 4x4 Safari

The annual four-wheel drive expedition

"The trip had promised a lot, and delivered even more; as promised, we had had five star, no stars, and under the stars – the best by far was under the stars." – Dave Wooton, international adventure journalist in Global Adventure, on the Trans-Borneo Kembara Expedition 2000

Dates (2004): To be Confirmed (pending on no. of participants)

Duration: 12 days / 11 nights

Degree of adventure: Average to High (click here for more info)

Activities: trekking; rafting; caving; 4x4; climbing; nature watching and much more

Accommodation: 5 star, no star and under the stars

The TRANS BORNEO 4x4 Expeditions from 1996 onwards have created history. For those who have taken part in these expeditions, they were unforgettable memories and remain the adventure of a lifetime. Nature, difficult terrain and the relentless tropical weather put obstacles in our way requiring endurance, resilience and patience from every single participant. But co-operation between teammates and fellow participants of different nationalities overcame all challenges. This event brings out the spirit of adventure, camaraderie and teamwork, living through an epic and true Conradian journey.

A separate information sheet for this year’s Trans Borneo 4x4 Expedition, the TRANS BORNEO World Heritage Trail, is annexed. Please check out the full details/itinerary at



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