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Scuba Diving Vacation at Miri


Brief Description


The reefs at Miri are all patch reefs with varying depths from 7 to 30 meters with average visibility of 10 to 30 meters.

The variety of corals and other marine life on the reefs rivals the best in the region. Hard and soft corals cover the entire reefs. Gorgonians, sea-whips, anemones, sponges and crinoids are abundant. Reef fish like the angel fish, butterfly fish, fusiliers, groupers, stingrays, trigger fish, parrot fish, wrasses are among the numerous species that can be seen. 40 species of nudibranchs have already been sighted.


Miri DiveSite Map


Diving and Island Packages:

Scuba diving and/or island packages are usually conducted by diving companies (or operators) although not as complete in terms of a full-package tour inclusive of accommodation like in Sabah. These packages can be quite similar but differ in cost based on the facilities and quality of accommodations provided, as well as how established the operator is. Non-diver rates will be slightly lower.


Miri Day Dives:


Day recreational dive trips are available daily February till September and will be subject to sea and weather conditions. Each outing will include transfers to the jetty, 2 boat dives with lunch, 2 tanks, weights, and weight belt and dive master.

Other dive sites are available on request but the sites here are generally much better than other sites in terms of visibility and marine life.

Note: Liability Release (Waiver) Forms are to be signed prior to every dive departure.


A small 30-meter cargo ship carrying sawn timber is sitting on 18 meter sand bottom. The whole wreck is teaming with fish life. Jacks, yellow grunts, batfish and barracudas are circling around the wreck while the giant groupers swim in and out of the cargo holds.


Giant groupers inhabit this reef of 15 – 18 meters. Spiny lobsters are also another inhabitant together with yellow tails and other schooling fishes.


An exciting reef that drops from 20 – 40 meters. At the vertical wall schooling jacks, barracudas, Napoleon Wrasses, yellow tails fusiliers, and large groupers are always around to greet you. Occasionally sharks and trumpet fish can be seen.


The average visibility here is 30 meters or more. Large gorgonian fans of 2 meters in size are all over the top of the reef at 21 meters. The reef extends drops to 35 meters.


Large varieties of hard corals make up this 11 – 16 meters reef. Photographers never run out of subjects on this richly inhabited reef with anemones, clown fishes and Nudibranchs


A picturesque reef with gorgonian trees and sea fans. Batfishes are common among the long swaying sea whips. This is a photographer’s heaven.


A unique reef of 16 meters in depth that provides an excellent environment for an amazing variety of gorgonian sea fans and sea whips. The Schooling batfish always curiously watch over the divers.


One of the most interesting reefs with a depth range of 10 - 16 meters. Both hard and soft corals thrive here. You wouldn’t miss the anemones and their symbiotic clown fishes. You will also find bubble corals, anchor corals and the colourful dendronepthya soft corals. Others like feather stars, giant clams, Nudibranchs and schooling yellow tails are plentiful.


This shallow reef of just 7 to 12 meters is carpeted with soft corals such as leather corals, elephant’s ear and dead man’s fingers. Giant anemones and clown fishes are all over the reef. This reef is also characterized by the schooling yellow tail fusiliers and angelfishes.


A Second World War Japanese wreck just off Lutong. The 100 meters ship is sitting upright with the top deck just 30ft from the surface. Most of the hull is covered with cave corals. A 60 kg giant grouper has made its home here. Large trevally and barracudas are frequently seen.


Booking Through

There is only a handful of operators doing dive packages at Miri. You can book directly through them, but if you require a full package tour (i.e., inclusive of diving at Mir/Sabah plus other tours, transfer, hotels, domestic airflights, etc.), you are most welcome to book through us. Our rates are generally as competitive as the rates published by dive operators. Please kindly fill up the online custom travel form (and let us know in addition to other information, the number of days for diving, preferred dive operator, your dive budget, etc., at the 'requests/comments' box), or simply email us at  

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