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e-Borneo.com is committed towards the provision of quality interactive services for our valued visitors.  This is just one of our objectives to provide a platform for Borneons and friends from all over the world to participate in what is commonly regarded as an "online Internet community" building.  Below are brief descriptions of the services for the e-Borneo Community.  More services will be available in the coming months

Inside Borneo Description
Contest Each month, we will be conducting a fun contest for all our valued visitors with a chance to win cool prizes.
Fun & Games Play some real cool games at the site for your enjoyment.
Borneo Forum

Experience our state-of-the-art and latest discussion forum/board technology which is acknowledged to be one of the most advanced system in the world.  Join in the forum and participate in fruitful discussions.  Also available by region: Sabah Forum, Sarawak Forum, Brunei Forum, and Kalimantan Forum.

Classified Ads Post your ads related to selling and buying market place, employment, etc.
Online Chat A real-time javascript chat room for Borneons and friends to chat online.
Event Board

For companies/businesses, non-business entities (i.e., clubs, societies, NGOs, schools, etc.), and individuals to post annoucements, promotions, or any interesting events coming up.

Free Email

Get a free email address with an e-Borneo presence. Three options to choose from (i.e., name@e-borneo.net, name@e-borneo.com, and name@e-borneo.every1.net).

Cyber Card Send an electronic greeting card with a Borneo presence to your love ones, friends, or relatives.
Borneo Auction Sell, Bid and Buy at e-borneo.com's Auction service, one of the first electronic auctions in this region.
Borneo Quiz Test your IQ on the island of Borneo with this fun-filled quiz. Questions are added frequently and most answers can be found on this site.
Newsletter Join e-borneo.com's 100% opt-in Mailing list and receive updated Borneo and Internet  highlights as well as the latest updates at the website (i.e., one or two newsletters a month), and special contests/offers specially for the list.
Web Hosting An alternative for businesses to build an online presence as well as utilise an URL with a Borneo presence at affordable prices and advance features (i.e., http://e-borneo.net/yourcompany/ or http://yourcompany.e-borneo.net/.   Other services include virtual hosting, web-design, web-advertise, and e-commerce solutions.  For more information on the services provided, please click here.
More..... Suggest to us.
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