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Several Games and Fun sections for your 'playing' plessure.  All games are browser-based, game-friendly, and of course, FREE to play.   Enjoy and have fun!


BIRTH-DAY Find out which day of the week were you born.
ZODIAC Which Chinese Zodiac sign/animal are you?
QUIZ Test your IQ with this colourful quiz.


NEW! Play for FREE the popular English Premiership League soccer prediction game - predict the scores, earn points week by week and climb up the leaderboard against other online registered players. Also available - Italy, Spain, Scottish and Euro Champions League. CLICK HERE for the specially set-up Borneo League Soccer Prediction Game (restricted to valued visitors of only!)




Popular arcade game of yesteryear transformed into a web game. A variation of pong with the aim to hit and remove the 'bricks' on top to score points.


Traditional past time game for the young or old.  Self explainatory.



Not really good in the game of ping pong? Well, you can now beat the hell out of your opponent in your very own PC.


A 3D version of the ever popular maze game.  This one using your keyboard's arrow keys instead of a pencil.


Another one of the popular arcade game before the Internet becomes a household name.


One of the most popular arcade game in the 1980s and still extremely fun to play - Go on, destroy those alien crafts!


A great 'shoot em' game.   Must have been created by a Star War fan.

Please report any bug to and if you have a free game/script to share with us, please feel free to contribute by emailing