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TVBN #002,  May 3, 2006 - The Kaamatan Harvest Festival Edition


(an e-borneo.com newsletter)
May 3, 2006
Issue #002


In This Edition...

1. Quick Intro...
2. Tropical Vacation Articles - Harvest Festival
3. Borneo Tropical Vacation News
4. New Tropical Vacation Packages
5. Interesting Events
6. Spread The Word

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Greetings to all Tropical Lovers,

May is perhaps the most colorful month in Sabah as we celebrate the month-long Harvest Festival (or "Kaamatan"). The festival, which is now known as Sabah Fest, is normally celebrated by the indigenous peoples of Sabah (i.e., Kadazan, Dusun, Murut, etc.) to mark the end of the harvesting season. But today, everyone seems to join in to join in the festivity.

Almost every weekend in May, there will be a Harvest Festival celebration at a village or at a district in Sabah where traditional games and competitions will be held like the "Sugandai Kaamatan", singing contest, and the most popular of the lot, the "Unduk Ngadau" or cultural beauty pageant.

The Harvest Festival, which is the only such festival celebrated in the whole world, will culminate with a statewide celebration (and public holidays) on 30 and 31 May at the Kadazan Dusun Cultural Association (KDCA) building in Penampang, near Kota Kinabalu.

Also not forgetting our neighbours in Sarawak, the Dayaks will also be celebrating their Harvest Festival (or "Gawai") in May and reaching its climate on 1 June with a statewide celebration.

In this respect, May is one of the best months to have a vacation in Borneo. On top of the colorful Harvest Festival celebration, many other unique events have been lined up by both the Sabah and Sarawak Tourism Board, which should give visitors their money well worth.

To all our KadazanDusun and Dayak subscribers, a very Happy Harvest Festival and may you have a great celebration.

Warmest regards,

Rich Adz (editor) and the TVBN Team

P.S. Sabah Fest 2006 kicks off May 5 - click here for more information.




In keeping with the spirit of "Kaamatan", we hope you will find the following articles interesting:

* The rituals of Tadau Kaamatan (Harvest Festival)

* The Legend of Huminodun - the Unduk Ngadau of Kaamatan Beauty Queen

* The birth of Gawai Dayak and its celebration

* Malaysia Borneo Festivals - Ehtnic Fashion in the Limelight


Tropical Vacation Articles

* Kudat Beckons Visitors To "Tip Of Borneo"

* Sarawak's Longhouse Visits - Making it memorable


* Slow boat to Kampong Ayer, Brunei's Water Village




Travel related news are aplenty last month. The following are some of the more prominent news:


* Month-long showcase of Sabah’s cultural heritage

* Lepa Regatta draws 15,000 to Semporna

* Boost for Pesta Kalimaran, Sabah's Murut festival

* RM1 billion to upgrade Kota Kinabalu International Airport

* Delights in Sabah Tourism


* Kuching - A city full of history

* Brunei launches 'Year of the Turtle'

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Sabah Tour

* 5D/4N Adventure Vacation at "The Lost World" Maliau Basin

Sarawak/Brunei Tour

* 3D/2N Miri & Brunei Tour

* Brunei Day Tour

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Some of the Sabah tourism highlights for the coming month are as follows:

* Sabah Fest 2006 launching ceremony, Kota Kinabalu (5 May 2006)
* Sandakan Harvest Festival (20 May 2006)
* Grand Finale – Tadau Kaamatan Celebrations, KDCA Hall Penampang (30-31 May 2006)
* Monsopiad Cultural Village Harvest Festival Celebration, Penampang (May 2006)
* Kota Kinabalu Symphony Orchestra at the Tip of Borneo, Kudat (13 May 2006)
* “The Beauty of Sabah’s Islamic Arts” Special Exhibition, Sabah Museum (01-11 May 2006)
* Sabah World Museum Day 2006, Sabah Museum (18-23 May 2006)




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