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In This Edition...

1. Welcome Back Note: 'Raj' has taken over!
2. Borneo Editorial: "Of Terrorists and SARS"
3. What's New: 'Diving section' & more
4. Borneo Travel Tips & Advises
5. Shocking "Top Tour Package" Offers
6. New Pre-designed Borneo Tour Packages
7. Article: "Memoirs from the Borneo Confrontation Years"
8. Closing Remarks




Hi Valued Subscribers,

This is RAJ, your virtual orangutan guide to the e-borneo.com's website (if you don't know how I look like, simply visit the main page of the website if are curious - nah, I am sure you would have known by now).

Ok, some of you must be wondering what had happened to e-borneo.com's e-Newsletter. It has been about 5 months since the last one, and the main reason may have been quite obvious for most. The aim of this e-Newsletter is, first and foremost, to promote Borneo to the World Wide Web. With the unfortunate uncertainties during the first few months of 2003, which started with the war in Iraq, followed by the SARS epidemic, and recently, the travel advisory warning almost simultaneously issued by several countries, it had certainly not been easy to come up with any travel-related e-newsletter.

The guys at e-borneo.com feels that it may be better to lay low for awhile. But I have a different view. I feel that the show must go on! So, I took the initiative (ahem!) to take over the editorial of this e-newsletter - temporarily mind you, since I am not been paid a cent nor one banana. So, that explains why I am here. This edition may be slightly different for a start but I will try to make it as similar as possible to previous editions. But I will add/remove as I go along, ok?

Really hope that you will like my first e-newsletter as an editor, or else, I will call it a day and go back to my hometown at Sepilok. Hmmm, come to think of it..., who cares? At least this e-Newsletter is active once more, right? If you do not like me, simply unsubscribe (instruction at the bottom of this e-Newsletter). But seriously, I sincerely hope that you will bear with me for awhile. I am still new at this, and need your guidance too you know.

Okay, read and enjoy... Tell me what you think (or any other related subject) by emailing me at newsletter@e-borneo.com will ya?




I know it has not been easy for travellers to contemplate coming here. You have every right to feel concern with all these negative developments around, and it is sad that this had affected your travel plan. But I was informed that the number of visitors is picking up since last month, so its good news eh? Anyway, for those who still have some concerns, for your information, at this point of writing, there has not been one true SARS case here in Malaysia Borneo, except for probable cases, which turned out to be non-SARS in nature. For the latest on SARS, you can visit the following sites:

* World Health Organization: http://www.who.int/entity/csr/sars/en
* Malaysia Ministry of Health: http://webjka.dph.gov.my/sars/

As for the travel advisory warning, sadly, this had been issued several times before by some countries in the last 3-4 years. From the point of view of a local (I have also consulted my 2nd cousins in Kuching), I have yet to notice anything out of the ordinary as far as terrorist activity is concerned. Borneo has always been a peaceful and stable place. In fact, Malaysia was one of the first countries to combat terrorist-linked groups even before the 911 incident. Security had been and continued to be stepped up over the years.

So, I strongly believe that the majority of Borneons here (I mean both the city and jungle dwellers) still carry on with their normal day-to-day life without grave concern for the double threats of SARS and terrorism. However, it is foolhardy to say that it is 100% safe to visit Borneo as is the case for visiting any parts of the world during this time of great uncertainties. I mean, there is no guarantee of anything nowadays, SARS or non-SARS, Terrorist or non-Terrorist. Heck, you may trip down the stair of a 5-star resort, or get stung by a jelly fish. Right?

Well, at least, the US Pacific military commander Admiral Thomas Boulton Fargo recently described Malaysia’s security arrangement on Sabah’s east coast as "excellent by any standards". And he and his men did not catch any SARS either during their visit to Borneo.

But don't only take Mr. Fargo's words for this. Do ask the locals if you wanna. You can easily get some sincere and unbiased feedback from our forumers on the actual situation at our Travel Forum Board at the URL below:

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/wsmbb/wsmbb.cgi?SB+DGWAXOXZOB/DYVOZBVPNH+config

Any comments on the above? Just sent me a note at newsletter@e-borneo.com with the editorial's title as the subject line - just in case the person who was undressed by my bro at Sepilok years ago sent me a less than flattery email condemning this e-Newsletter :)




In 5 months, a lot of new things were added that I have introduced on the website, but I personally feel the following updates stand out:

* Diving Section (New): http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/diving/

* Travel Links Section (New): http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/links/

* Shop@Borneo (Enhanced): http://www.e-borneo.com/shop/




This is a new one exclusively for Borneo travel. I am actually thinking of expanding this one. In the meantime, do take a look at the following:

Mulu Caves
For the standard Mulu Caves tours (either 2-day or 3-day), it is advisable for you to reach Mulu in the morning (latest just before midday) so that you have enough time to check in the hotel and unpack before starting your tour of 2 standard showcaves (usually Deer and Lang) on the first day. For a 3D/2N or longer tour, if you can't make it to Mulu earlier, do ask the travel operator to fit in the visit to the 2 caves on day 3, that is, if your flight is after midday. But since Mulu is a real natural wonder, do make it a point to arrive early on day 1 and leave a bit later on the last day so that you can really enjoy Mulu to its fullest.

* More on Mulu Caves Tour: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ml.shtml

Mount Kinabalu
The Mt. Kinabalu Climb is spread over two phases of ascent. On the first day, you will start from Timpohon Gate, near the Kinabalu Park's HQ and 'trek' all the way up to mid-summit (~11,000ft) where you will stay overnight. A normal and fit person will take about 5-6 hours to reach mid-summit. Due to low visibility caused by the thick covering mist, no one is basically allowed to proceed straight to the peak - unless you are a professional climbathon runner who can do 3 hours all the way to the peak and back. The second phase starts around 2-3am on the next morning and takes rougly 2-3 hours to reach the summit. It will normally take much less time coming down.

* Popular Mt. Kinabalu Tour: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-kk14.shtml


Do you have a Borneo-related travel tip or advice of
your own? Feel free to send us your own article (less
than 150 words long) for this column. If we use your
piece, we'll include your name, state/country, a short
bio, and a link to your website (where advised). Just
send your content to newsletter@e-borneo.com and put
"Borneo Travel Tips and Advices" as the subject. Your
chance to gain more exposure, either for yourself
personally or for your website.





e-borneo.com managed to negotiate with a travel provider to give us an unbeatable Internet rates for two of the most popular tours in Sabah. They will be feature next month on our site but I want to give our subcribers the first look at them as follows:

6D/5N Overland to Sabah Borneo Wildlife Trail
Sabah's most popular Eco-Wildife tour package. This top product will give you the opportunity to travel overland from KK to Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Spring, and all the way to Kinabatangan and Sandakan, with an overnight stopover at Selingan Turtles Island. Other Sandakan's wonder of nature such Sepilok and Gomantong also included.

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab06.shtml

5D/4N TIP TOP Sabah Borneo Tour
Sabah's latest top selling tour package. With the extra push by the previous Chief Minister of Sabah, this tour product will provide you with the rare opportunity to visit the TIP OF BORNEO in Kudat, as well as experience the cultural heritage and tradition of the Rungus, the biggest indigenous populace of Kudat. Also include trips to Kinabalu Park, Poring Hot Spring, Kundasang, as well as a Klias River Cruise bonus.

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab07.shtml

NOTE: Offer valid till 30 September 2003. Both special deals are at least 50% off standard Internet rates (as far as I know) for about the same itinerary.




5D/4N In Search of Borneo Wild Orangutans Adventure
We are proud to present one of the latest and rarest tour package out of Borneo at present.  Longhouse Iban homestay and cultural experience at Jingin, near Batang Ai in Sarawak, and search for the elusive Orangutans and their nests upriver while camping overnight in the open rainforest jungle. If you are patience and lucky enough, this unique experience can be rather similar to Diane Fosey's rendezvous with the Gorillas as depicted in the movie "Gorillas in the Mist". Well, maybe not. The wildmen of Borneo are definitely a different act on their own.  A must for the serious and fit wildlife and nature lovers. A sample tour description and itinerary at the link below:

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-srw04.shtml

18D/17N Sarawak "National Parks" Adventure Tour
Sarawak in Malaysia Borneo is one of the best culture-adventure-nature destinations in the world with unique wildlife, flora and faunas, and indigenous tribes and longhouses, and beautiful beaches. Sarawak also probably have the most number of national parks in the country. Here's your chance to visit most of them in 18 days. A specially designed tour package to include most of Sarawak's national parks (i.e., Bako and Gunung Gading near Kuching, and the world heritage site Mulu and Lambir near Miri) and more places of interests can be found at the link below:

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-srw03.shtml

One-Week Mabul Island and Diving Holiday, Sabah, Malaysia
Unique scuba diving and island holidays at three spectacular dive spots, including the world famous Sipadan, Mabul and Kapalai islands in Sabah. This package will give you an opportunity to stay at the lesser known Mabul and savour the unique splendour of the island, which is only a stone throw away from Sipadan. A sample itinerary can be found at the following link:

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab01.shtml




"Memoirs from the Borneo Confrontation Years" by Keith Scott

Most younger generation from South East Asia including Borneons, have very little knowledge about the Confrontation Years of the 1960s - that was the time when Indonesia (and even the Philippines) was claiming Malaysia Borneo. Not much have been published in recent times regarding the experience of foreign soldiers here as well, and how Borneo actually changed and inspired their life. Well, thanks to Keith Scott, an ex-British soldier who served in both Sabah and Sarawak during those days, please take some time off to read an educating historical piece entitled "Memoirs from the Borneo Confrontation Years, 1962-1966" (recently updated). Perhaps 40 years from now, another soldier from the UK/US will expressed similar sentiments about Iraq, the country and its people.

* URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/insideborneo/leisure0301.shtml




I do hope that you have enjoyed this edition of e-borneo.com's e-Newsletter and found it to be both informative and entertaining. Any error, please let me know. I am still a novice at this you know. Anyway, please forward this email to any of your friends or colleagues who might be interested in our e-newsletter's content. If you received this e-newsletter from someone else and wish to subscribe, please visit the following URL:

* Subcribe/Unsubscribe to Mailing List:
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* Please help us 'Spread The News' about e-borneo.com:
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* Past e-Newsletter editions archive:
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May all of you have a fruitful month of July ahead. Wow, 2003 is half-way through...

Warmest Regards,

RAJ and the e-borneo.com e-Team,


All material copyright © 2003 e-borneo.com. All rights reserved worldwide. Although we have tried to make the information in the e-Newsletter as accurate as possible, the authors and publishers (including RAJ the editor) accept no responsibility for any loss, injury or inconvenience sustained by any person using this e-Newsletter.

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