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1. Borneo Editorial: '2002 Revisited'
2. Most Popular Webpages
3. Top Borneo Destinations
4. Top Borneo Hotels
5. Top Regional Hotels
6. Most Encouraging Comments
7. Top Referrals
8. Top Borneo Websites
9. Chinese New Year's Electronic Cards
10. Tell Your Friends About Us


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1. EDITOR'S NOTE: 2002 Revisited


Hi there,

Firstly, a very Happy New Year 2003 to you. It has been three years since e-borneo.com was first launched on the cyber space. A lot of things have changed. We'd transformed from a portal to a vortal over the years. e-borneo.com is now one of the most popular info and travel-related Borneo website on the Internet as evinced by our encouraging 'visibility index' by the well acknowledged site popularity verification authority, MarketLeap, as well as our site's 'traffic ranking' as validated by Alexa, the industry standard for third party website popularity check (more on Alexa and the most popular Borneo-based websites later).

Thank you very much. Without a doubt, you are the main reason for this. In fact, you are the only reason for our existence today. That is why our New Year Resolution for 2003 is to make e-borneo.com more user friendly and beneficial to you. We must admit that our 'jungle' had grown much bigger, and some parts had became irrelevant and out of context. For 2003, we intend to weed out unwanted junks and hope to make the 'jungle' easier, cleaner, safer and useful to 'trek'. The same goes for our e-Newsletter.

However, from past experience, we can only achieve our goals with your continuous support and valuable feedbacks. In this respect, we truly look forward to another year of meaningful relation with you so that we can continue to serve you better.

For this first e-Newsletter for 2003, it will be slightly different from previous issues and more straight-forward and concise. It is basically to recap the year 2002, in particular on 'what really tickles your fancy' in 2002 as far as the website is concerned. Do hope you will enjoy it.


2. Most Popular Webpages


You are one out of some 450,000+ unique visitors who visited e-borneo.com during the year 2002. The site also registered more than 4 million unique pageviews for the year. Thank you. Besides the main page and 'bells and whistles', below are some of the most popular spots frequented:

1. Travel Borneo Main
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ >

2. Borneo Specialty Tours
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/ >

3. Inside Borneo
< http://www.e-borneo.com/insideborneo/ >

4. Borneo Directory
< http://www.e-borneo.com/directory/ >

5. Shop@Borneo
< http://www.e-borneo.com/shop/ >


3. Top Borneo Destinations


Based on our custom travel service, the following are the most popular tour packages requested in 2002:

Short Tours

1. 3D/2N Mt. Kinabalu Climb, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-kk14.shtml >

2. 3D/2N Mulu Caves Extravaganza, Sarawak
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ml02.shtml >

3. 2D/1N Sandakan Nature, Wildlife & Cave, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sdk08.shtml >

4. 2D/1N Sepilok & Sukau Kinabatangan Tour, Sandakan, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sdk07.shtml >

5. Full Day Klias Fireflies River Cruise, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-kk19.shtml >

Adventure Tours

1. 5D/4N Headhunter's Trail With Pinnacles, Sarawak
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-mzv05.shtml >

2. 6D/5N Bario Highlands, Sarawak
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-bar01.shtml >

3. 10D/9N East-West North Borneo Trail, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ew.shtml >

Pre-Designed Tours

1. One-Week World Heritage Sites of Borneo
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-whs01.shtml >

2. 10D/9N Ultimate Borneo Experience
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ube01.shtml >

3. 6D/5N Sensational Sandakan Tour
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-sab04.shtml >


4. Top Borneo Hotels


The most popular hotels utilised by you during your visit to Borneo in 2002:

1. Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/np/viewnews.cgi?category=9&id=1023257144 >

2. Sutera Harbour Spa & Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/sutera.shtml >

3. Kuching Hilton International, Kuching, Sarawak
< http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/np/viewnews.cgi?category=9&id=995613409 >

4. Shangri-La's Tg. Aru Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/star.shtml >

5. Hotel Grand Continental Kuching, Sarawak
< http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/np/viewnews.cgi?category=9&id=1012879822 >


5. Top Regional Hotels


1. Pan Pacific Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/panpacifickl.shtml >

2. Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/shangrilakl.shtml >

3. The Oriental, Bangkok, Thailand
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/the_oriental_bangkok_thailand.shtml >

4. Holiday Inn Resort, Phuket, Thailand
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/r-holiday_inn_resort_phuket_thailand.shtml >

5. Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong, China
< http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/grand_hyatt_hotel_hk.shtml >


6. Most Encouraging Comments


"Your website had taught me so much about Borneo
that I feel like flying over there tomorrow...,
if only I have enough savings in the bank"

Jenny Felder
Arizona, USA

"Thank you for educating me more about my own
country in one newsletter than I'd ever learnt
in a lifetime"

S.C. Lee

"Its my sincere desire to express words of
appreciation for your excellent service! Be
assured that I will recommend your service to
all friends here in Germany. I got the feeling
that we are in really good hands! Moreover,
since I am writing for a worldwide published
American newspaper, I can imagine writing an
article about my experiences in Borneo and the
opportunity of utilizing your services."

Thomas Pfennig


7. Top Referrals


Besides the search engines and directories, many thanks to the individual websites that had sent or referred the most visitors to e-borneo.com. They are as follows:

1. Search Engine Colossus
< http://www.searchenginecolossus.com/Malaysia.shtml >

2. The Hidden Paradise of Borneo
< http://www.myweb.com.my/webmaster/sarawak/ >

3. PBS Sabah
< http://www.pbs-sabah.org/ >

4. Sipadan Dive Weekend
< http://www.geocities.com/rrheaumer/borneo/sipadan.htm >

5. Ascentour, Japan
< http://www.ascent.co.jp/ >


8. Top Borneo Websites


The leading Borneo-based website as validated by Alexa as at 15 Jan 2003 are as follows:

1. BruDirect ( http://www.brudirect.com/ ) - 119,683
2. e-borneo.com ( http://www.e-borneo.com/ ) - 138,953
3. Daily Express Sabah ( http://www.dailyexpress.com.my/ ) - 186,746
4. Sarawak Alive ( http://www.sarawak.com.my/ ) - 194,805
5. Infosabah ( http://www.infosabah.com.my/ ) - 227,083


* The higher the rank, the more popular a site is , e.g., Yahoo is ranked no. 1
* The above ranking exclude Internet Service Provider (ISP) like Brunet or Jaring.
* The above ranking is based on an accummulated 3-month period and is subject to change.
* A site's ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and pageviews.
* Alexa's traffic rankings are for top-level domains only (domain.com), e.g., www.jaring.my/yourname will be lumped into the popularity for Jaring as a whole.
* If we missed out on any Borneo-based website that should be in the top 5, do kindly let us know at info@e-borneo.com.

About Alexa
Founded in April 1996, Alexa Internet grew out of a vision of Web navigation that is intelligent and constantly improving with the participation of its users. By today, Alexa has succeeded in building a new kind of search engine, one that helps users collaborate and find the best sites, with less effort. It has also become an industry standard to verify a site's popularity and credibility.

Through our partnership with Amazon.com, we are offering an exclusive e-borneo.com version of the award winning Alexa Toolbar. With the toolbar you can search the web, using their amazing search engine, right from your toolbar. It constantly provides you with Related Links. It's a great time saver! The toolbar is also loaded with useful information about every site on the web, like customer reviews, traffic rankings and web site contact information. No browser in today's knowledge-driven world should be without this handy tool! Plus, when you download and use the toolbar, you'll help support e-borneo.com.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/alexa.shtml


9. Chinese New Year's Electronic Cards


Back to the present -- 1st of February 2003 marks the first day of the Chinese New Year. Please don't forget to sent your friends, relatives and love ones a special Borneo-flavoured CNY Electronic Greeting Cards during the Year of the Goat. It is easy to create and sent with a click of your mouse, and best of all, it does not cost you a sen. Show someone that you care and remember during this festive season:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/card.shtml




Please help us Spread The News about e-borneo.com. Tell your friends about us at:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/tellfriend/tellfriend.cgi

We hope that you have enjoyed this first and slightly different edition of e-borneo.com's e-Newsletter for the year. Do hope that you found it to be both informative and entertaining. Please forward this email to any of your friends or colleagues who might be interested.

If you received this e-newsletter from someone else and wish to subscribe, please visit the following link:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/mailing.shtml

Our past e-Newsletter editions are archived at the link below:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/newsletter/

Last but not least, as 2003 looms like a year full of uncertainties and anxieties, here's our sincere wish to you: "May 2003 bring you health, happiness, prosperity and may peace reign on earth for all people". We hope to be back by end of February with an improved format. Looking forward to serve you better in 2003.

Warmest Regards,

The e-borneo.com e-Team,


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