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Free Downloads for December 1999

Week 1

Orion SW Task Manager 1.0  Free
Organize your frequently executed tasks and set a flexible schedule for them.   more info
get it
RS Agent 1.0  Free
Reboot, shutdown, poweroff, logoff, send messages, check status and run programs on remote computers on your TCP/IP network.   more info
get it
StopIt! 1.0  Free
Manages all of those programs that run in the background on your PC.    more info
get it
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 b  Free
Get online, find the information you need, and just do stuff faster.    more info
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Capture Professional 4.13  Trial
"Grabs" images from the screen using fifteen different techniques including menu, control, single and multiple windows, rectangle, polygon and repeat last - plus a Screen Capture Wizard to guide you.   more info
get it

Week 2

DATMAN-99 2.21  Free
Creates a drive letter for your DAT (4mm DDS) tape drive which behaves like a disk.   more info
get it
EMA 2 2.22  Free
Will remind you of events, such as birthdays, appointments etc.    more info
get it
Install ZIP Free 1.4  Free
Create zip archives of applications.   more info
get it
Win Menu 3.1  Free
Manage all your most used files, Internet shortcuts and drives.    more info
get it
Cheetah 4  Free
Create rtf Help Topic Files to be used with Microsoft's Help Workshop.    more info
get it
Page Burner 1.1  Free
Read your HTML code easily, with syntax coloring, and more.   more info
get it
ISP Commander 1.6  Free
Several web applications, all rolled into one with a single user interface.   more info
get it
NetSupport Manager 5.01  Free
Remote control software for p.c.'s and p.c. networks.   more info
get it
Macromedia FireWorks 3.0  Trial
A unified environment for creating, optimizing and producing high-quality graphics for the Web.   more info
get it

Week 3

QuickNotes 1.5  Free
Practical software for the management of notes.   more info
get it
AnalogX Keyword Live 1.00  Free
Shows you the top 100 keywords being used on several popular search engines on the web--in real time!   more info
get it
MultiDesktop Manager 0.3  Free
A desktop manager which allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them.   more info
get it
EnZip 2.5  Free
Full support for zip/unzip actions and 100% PKZip compatible.   more info
get it
MailAlert 2.31  Free
Notifies you when you receive e-mail so that you don't have to leave your large email client running.   more info
get it
ShellTelnet 1.1  Free
Windows telnet client specialized for use with Unix shell.   more info
get it
FastOpen 2.0  Free
Provides a handy way to access frequently used programs and folders.    more info
get it
Winsecure-IT 5.1  Free
When someone enter the wrong password 3 times you can choose to shutdown your computer, do nothing or you can make an intruder alert event activate.   more info
get it
CD Player 1.7  Free
Standard CD Player, but works from within the system tray so no need to have another window cluttering up screen space.   more info
get it
Personal Finances 2000 1.4  Free
Enter your checkbook entries and enter projected income and expenses to provide you with a minimum of one-year budget.   more info
get it
ChargeMeter 2.0  Free
Determine how much your telephone company is charging for your internet time.   more info
get it

Week 4

LD Calculator 0.9 v8 r1  Free
Several calculators for professional lighting.   more info
get it
GeekReader 0.02  Free
Fresh technical/geek news automatically brought to you.   more info
get it
VectorSoft CPR Beta 42  Free
Helps you find special features of Windows 98 that normally are hidden in the user interface.   more info
get it
iLock 2.6  Trial
A desktop security program designed for Windows 95 and Windows 98.    more info
get it
WinWeather 4.0  Free
Brings hourly weather reports and forecasts, satellite images (and WeatherCams), and ski reports to your PC.   more info
get it
eSafe Protect 2.11  Free
Features: full ICSA certified Anti-Virus protection, protection against Internet-borne hostile Java Applets, and more.   more info
get it
Cacheman 3.8  Free
Tweaks the disk cache settings and prevents frequent swapping of the data to disk resulting in an improved performance.   more info
get it
Mortgage Payment Calculator 2.3  Free
Displays mortgage payment amounts on a 2-dimensional grid as you enter the loan variables   more info
get it
iDragTag 3.02  Free
Creates instant HTML image tags, including src, width, height, border=0 and alt tag including file size.   more info
get it
NetNak 4.1  Free
Display your data-rate through your modem.   more info
get it
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