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Top Affiliate Programmes

Affiliate (or associate) programme is by far the simplest and most effective method for making some extra $money$ on the Internet!  It is similar to being a reseller (or affiliate) of a company's product/service. For those who has no idea what it is, click here for a plain and simple introduction to affiliate programmes.

The's affiliate team has been in this game for more than 6 years and throughout this period, we have joined literally hundreds of affiliate programmes combined all over the world.  99% of them are a waste of our/your time as they are either scams or the payouts are impossible to reach. If used to its full potential, affiliate programmes can become the extra revenue stream for websites or individuals.

Below are well tested and tried affiliate programmes, which can be applied to any country, free to join, and more importantly, have been paying us for years, ontime. We are only recommending the best of the bests, those that had worked exceptionally well for us, hence, a number of other great affiliate programmes that might have worked well for others do not get a mention. 

$ The Best Affiliate Programme in the World $

Five Pillar Club

5 Pillar Affiliate Programme - The perfect revenue sharing programme:


* Lifetime commissions for referred customers

* High first-buy commission

* High value and rapidly expanding product line

* Lifetime affiliate under you (2-tier)

* Limited affiliates (more affiliates, more competitors, harder for you to sell)

* Innovative and unique referral techniques

* Access to 500+ pages of affiliate guides, secrets, tips to success

* Excellent affiliates only site selling newsletter

* FREE software

* FREE ebook

* And more.....



NOTE: Suitable for any type of websites and/or contents; can apply their free resources to your other affiliate programmes or own business; can join with or without a website; with or without much IT skill; - a must for business solutions provider, Internet marketing sites, and MLMers.

$ The Best Payment Processor Affiliate Program $

Payaah - The complete Payment and Distribution solution for online vendors selling digital products:


* It's free to join.
* A great source of back-end income.
* Join once and get paid from literally hundreds of Payaah Vendors/suppliers.
* Receive 2% to 75% commissions on the products and services sold from your affiliate link.
* Receive one monthly commission check.
* Real-time reporting and tracking


Click on the Banner below to check out the Payaah Marketplace and sign up as an Affiliate for FREE.

Quick, easy and safe way to buy and sell online.

Vendors: Want to accept Credit Card over the Internet from sales of your Digital Goods at minimal cost, as well as enable thousands of affiliates to promote for you? Sign up for a Free Vendor Account (Limited Time Offer).


NOTE: A ClickBank alternative, especially for marketers from non-ClickBank countries. Suitable for mostly Internet Marketing website, but its program is expanding to other categories.

$ The Best Advertising Network $

Commission Junction - The premier pay-for-performance network:


* The leading affiliate marketing solutions provider

* Single interface to manage multiple advertisers

* Commissions from multiple advertisers consolidated under one paycheque

* Two tier commission

* Multiple link types, products, and offers

* Online productivity tools

* Online knowledge base

* And more....


Join the Commission Junction Network Today!

NOTE: Suitable for any type of websites and/or contents; must have a website; must have a basic knowledge of HTML and Internet promotion/marketing - most effective if only a handful of relevant advertisers are selected, who are related to the theme of your website, as one could easily get lost in the maze of thousands respectable advertisers from different industries.

$ The Best Internet Marketing Affiliate Programme $

Internet Marketing Centre - The world's most popular sharing programme on Net selling:


* One of the oldest affiliate programmes and well branded

* High commissions (over 60% of net profit for each product)

* High value and rapidly expanding product line

* High 2nd tier commission (sub-reseller)

* Referral cookies set up to 2 years

* Access to proven affiliate guides, secrets, tips to success by the master himself

* Excellent affiliates only newsletter

* And more.....



NOTE: Must operate or own a website to join (for free); most suitable for ebusiness solutions providers, marketing tip/advice sites, webmaster sites, or related; can apply their free resources to your other affiliate programmes or own business; can join with or without much IT skill - best way to earn faster is to recruit more sub-resellers under you.

$ The Best Web Hosting Company $ - Formerly Adgrafix, this company has co-opted several companies including the popular Virtualis into the Allegiance Telecom Service Corporation, now, the leading web hosting solutions provider in the world:


* Free to join - don't have to be their customer first

* Earn 20-25% recurring commissions

* Free branded Alliance Partner webpages

* Two tier possibility (must pass the 'manager' test first)

* Unlimited individualised support and training

* And more.....


JOIN HERE! (look for the Alliance Partner Programme bottom page)

NOTE: Most suitable for ebusiness solutions providers, marketing tip/advice sites, webmaster sites, IT related employees and students; can join with or without a website; with or without IT skill (but preferably must know the web hosting concept and basic) - best way to earn faster is to become an alliance manager and recruit more resellers under you.

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