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Free Downloads for July 2001

Eyeball Chat v1.21 - Eyeball Chat enables face-to-face chat between Webcam users. This easy-to-use program instantly livens Internet chat by providing optimal video quality. Simply access the interface from any computer with a Webcam and you instantly have live video chat and video messaging. You can send and receive video chat messages and chat with up to six people at one time via a multiparty chat feature. You can also control your video quality by defining the picture size, frame rate, and audio fidelity. Additionally, a contact list lets you see which of your chat buddies are currently online. - Freeware - Size: 2.14 MB - Minimum Requirements: speakers & microphone or headset, 56K modem or better, pc video camera (optional), 32 MB RAM, and Windows 9x, NT, 2000, or Me. get it
WebFerret 4.0 - WebFerret is the World Wide Web component featured in the NetFerret suite of search clients. This particular ferret will help you find specific Web sites on the Internet based on key words or phrases. All you need to do is input one or more keywords, and WebFerret will contact various Internet search engines to find sites that match the keywords. Minimum Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000 - License: Freeware. get it

Voyagerskin (for WinAmp) - Voyager fans, it's time to dress up that Winamp skin! Celebrate the final episode of Star Trek Voyager with this skin by Barry Blake. Download it today! - Minimum Requirements: Winamp. Freeware.

get it

Surf Pilot - Surf Pilot is an easy-to-use desktop agent that locates and organizes information on the Internet. Unique search capabilities, bookmarking features and built-in browser will greatly help you with your Internet surfing! Metasearch database already include more than 100 major Internet search engines. Advanced users can add custom search engines and categories with built-in editors. - Minimum Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME, Internet connection - License: Freeware.

get it

Cool Find - Cool Find is a powerful file search software for Windows. Key features: Search in LAN; Search in ZIP; Drag&Drop; Export result to file; Print result; Show Summary info of mp3; PDF and Microsoft Office Document; Thumbnail View; Find Duplicate Files; Find Redundant Files; Rename multiple files, Change file time, Change file attributes, UnZip, and more. Minimum requirements: Pentium 133, 32M RAM, IE 5.0 or Higher. License: ?.

get it

Pearl Harbor Themes - Wallpaper, icons, cursers, and sound files based on the 2001 blockbuster film. Freeware. Minimum Requirements: Windows 95/98/ME - Microsoft Plus.

get it

SpiderMan 2099 Theme - In the world of comics superheroes, Spiderman is one of the best known and most liked characters. There was enourmous number of comics drawn involving this mystical figure, there is even a movie about him coming out next year. And now you can bring him to your own computer too! SpiderMan 2099 Theme features everything a Spiderman fan would like to have - 3 different high resolution wallpapers, sounds and icons and startup/shotdown screens. - Freeware - File Size: 838 KB.

get it

Whisset Media Player - Whisset is one of the fastest and most powerful audio and video players you will be able to find. It offers high quality playback of over 20 different file formats and supports you by means of an unrivaled animated user interface. Complete internet integration and a very versatile plugin and skinning system round off this remarkable package that strives to deliever a truly exceptional media experience. Supported file formats include: mp3, m3u, avi, mpg, asf, wm, wma, mid, wav, mod, it, umx, xm, rmi, s3m, aif, au, 669, far, mdl, mtm, okt, stm as well as all file formats that are supported by Windows Media Services. Minimum requirements: Windows 98, 100% DirectX compatible graphics and sound card - License: Freeware.

get it

BootLocker - BootLocker is a desktop security program that protects your computer from Windows startup. It does not allow intruders to access anything without a username and password. There is system tray support, password recovery, and locking screen saver. All in an easy to use interface. Minimum requirements: Windows 95/98/ME - License: Shareware

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Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify - Cyber-Info E-Mail Notify is an e-mail notification utility that can check multiple accounts for new mail andoptionally delete spam. From 3.6 version, Hotmail Accounts are supported. A pop up message with sound lets you know that mail has arrived, or you can use various visual effects such as blinking light of Num-,Caps- and Scroll-Locks, notification wallpaper and color mailbox notification for different accounts. File Size: 1860 KB. License: ?.

get it

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