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Free Downloads for March 2001

Week 1 & 2

AVTrojan  Free
Antiviral software, searching for and curing most of Trojan horses, "worms" and some Dos and Win32 viruses   more info
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I Get It Now!! 1.0  Free
A Download Client for those hard to reach files on the internet that creates 3 streams from one server to make sure the download will complete   more info
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Get Dynamic Web Knowledge! 1.0  Free
Gives you rock solid information on 'How To' do Internet Marketing and increase your online business   more info
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Vivster 4.5  Free
A smart instant message client for your departmental workgroup    more info
get it
Mnemo 2.1  Free
A general purpose database program in which you enter new information and look for information writing in a syntax that is very similar to your spoken language    more info
get it
Database Design Tool 1.5  Free
A diagramming tool that allows the user to lay out a database schema, including tables and relationships   more info
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Apycom Menu Applets 1.03  Free
A collection of lightweight java applets will help you create stunning looking menus and buttons, without the need for any separate graphics files   more info
get it
Idex  Free
Search your databases for files using hierarchical categories, keywords, text annotations and thumbnails   more info
get it
CesarFTP 0.97  Free
Allows you to preserve your disk structure and also supports ban masks, ratio and quotas, events, especially automatic processing of uploaded files   more info
get it
Banner Crafter 1.020  Free
A free application that enables you to create incredible animated (or static) GIF banners or any other GIF images you need   more info
get it
ChargeMeter 4.0  Free
Anytime you want, now you can see how much money you spend when you surf, via your telephone line, to the Internet   more info
get it
Banner Zapper 2.1  Free
A utility that removes any unwanted windows including banner advertisement windows which appear when using free ISP service and more   more info
get it
SoftByte Comparator 2.2  Free
A simple utility that will take some of the insecurity and the tedium out of finding, deleting and copying over duplicate or version files   more info
get it

Week 3 & 4

IEMouse 1.00  Free
Allows quick and easy way to automatically move the mouse cursor in situation where you wish for the mouse cursor to move   more info
get it
CleanIt 1.0  Free
Automatically executes when you start your computer and cleans all lost temporary files and folders from your TEMP directory   more info
get it
E-Z Slide 1.0  Free
Makes it easy to turn a directory of images into a slide show and supports the following image formats: jpg, gif, bmp   more info
get it
KazooStudio 1.3  Free
Allows you to create and share personalized 3D-enhanced images by inserting 3D models into your digital photos   more info
get it
sandBAR 2.0  Free
A desktop toolbar which integrates the most popular communication and multimedia applications on the net   more info
get it
GITampD 1.0  Free
Don't just Listen to your music. See it! Download the GITampD visualizer, a new breed of plug-in for Winamp   more info
get it
DiamondCS IRClean 1.1  Free
Anti-worm system designed to specifically combat worms that target or use IRC chat networks to propagate   more info
get it
MaxManager 1.6  Free
An organizer that automatically saves your online receipts, tracks your packages, simplifies returns, and more   more info
get it
College Alarm Clock 1.02  Free
A personal Alarm Clock for your PC that features a 7-Day Format so that you can wake up earlier/later on different days of the week   more info
get it
Ghost Installer 1.6.1  Free
Easily create single-file self-executing setups for your applications and customize the appearance of your setup   more info
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How To Identify PC Components 5.0  Free
Learn to recognize and install PC Parts like the pros from your own PC with video clips, photos, slideshows that instruct PC upgrade, and more   more info
get it
Daily Recipe 1.0  Free
Allows users to view a new recipe daily that will be loaded into the file from the host web site   more info
get it
Socks Connector 1.10  Free
Allows you to connect to any internet TCP services (POP3, SMTP, NNTP etc. ) via socks proxy   more info
get it

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