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Free Downloads for February 2001

Week 1 & 2

Disk Space Recovery Wizard 1.86  Free
Can reclaim up to 500 Megabytes of wasted Disk Space   more info
get it
MultiClock 1.0.5  Free
Displays multiple clocks on the screen, each of which can be configured to display a different time-zone   more info
get it
Com 7.1  Free
Macros, powerful scripting language with script learning ability    more info
get it
VB Magic 1.0.71  Free
A replacement for the standard VB Project Explorer   more info
get it
PrePromote3 3.5.0  Free
A freeware application that can create meta-tags for your website - a crucial step in getting your site listed well with search engines   more info
get it
Poppy for Windows 2.9.0  Free
A small email notification utility that can check multiple POP3 accounts for new mail   more info
get it
Performance Diet Basic 2.9.4  Free
It records and analyzes all food and alcohol intake in 20 nutrient detail and it tracks grams, glycemic food ratings, and more   more info
get it
SimpleHTML 2.2.1  Free
Simple but powerful HTML editor, text editor + real-time epreview    more info
get it
SlowView 0.9.2  Free
An easy and very fast image file viewer, SlideShow, Browser, BatchConverter, Full screen mode, supports many formats   more info
get it
Crystal FTP 2000 118  Free
A free, modern and fully functional FTP client for Windows   more info
get it

Week 3 & 4

Brando Outlook Today 1.0  Free
Adds a custom Outlook Today Page for Outlook 2000 Users   more info
get it
MultiDesktop Manager 0.3.1  Free
A desktop manager which allows you to create multiple desktops and switch between them   more info
get it
eZ 1.5  Free
Tthe easiest way to share digital photos privately with your friends and family over the internet   more info
get it
Happy Note! Sing'n Learn Treble Clef ABC 1.11  Free
From 2 to 17 different notes in Treble Clef, 32 free music reading lessons in alphabetical notation system, to learn at your own pace   more info
get it
ScreenGrab 1.0  Free
Make screen captures without having to click on buttons or use the mouse    more info
get it
One Cat Viewer 2.2  Free
Thumbnail bar makes navigating through directories of images convenient, with no need to switch back and forth   more info
get it
7-ZIP 2.21  Free
A ZIP compatible file archiver with highest compression ratio that is fully integrated to Windows Shell, so all archive operations like extracting, compressing and browsing can be executed easily   more info
get it
API Monitor 1.4  Free
A software that monitors and displays API calls made by applications    more info
get it
NeoPlanet  Free
You can customize your web directory with NeoPlanet channels, create and share in NeoPlanet's Communities   more info
get it
Best Price 1.3  Free
It queries most popular comparison shopping sites, quickly locating items the user is looking for and locates the best price   more info
get it

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