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Free Downloads for January 2001

Week 1 & 2

Parents Friend 4.2  Free
Logs keystrokes, starts/stops of any programs, visited websites and focus-changes in an encrypted log file   more info
get it
Media Player 6.4 Security Patch 11-22-00  Free
Enables users to play streaming media that resides on intranet or Internet sites   more info
get it
vanBasco's Karaoke Player 2.04  Free
A MIDI/Karaoke player that offers full-screen Karaoke, real-time MIDI display, and a powerful playlist feature   more info
get it
In Touch 2001  Free
Opt-in email marketing software offers powerful features for managing & mailing to your Opt-In email mailing lists   more info
get it
BrowserBob 1.01  Free
You can design a real custom browser, using your own pictures, images, sounds, etc.   more info
get it
Lara Croft Browser 1.1  Free
A themed browser with Lara Croft lying on top of the window   more info
get it
Pixia 1.7  Free
A free painting and retouch software for full color graphic, with mask, layer functions   more info
get it
EaseBackup 2.58  Free
Allows you to protect your information everywhere, anytime - at home, at work, or on the road   more info
get it
FreeExtractor 1.4  Free
Create self-extracting archives for Windows from existing ZIP files    more info
get it
TI 1  Free
Gets rid of that nasty block of color behind the text of the desktop icons    more info
get it
MP3 Link Creator 3  Free
Scours through the contents of your hard disk(s) and creates a listing of the files it has found complete with links to them   more info
get it
Doing It Totally 1.0  Free
How to set-up, host, advertise, and maintain a website using totally FREE online services   more info
get it
Windows Media 7 Encoder  Free
Allows you to Encode Wave files to WMA files   more info
get it
FileScan Tool 4.01.24  Free
Allows you to scan directories for incoming files and pre-program what to do with them   more info
get it
Quartz AudioMaster 4.6  Free
For people who want to record, compose, mix, play and share music using a computer and a sound card   more info
get it

Week 3 & 4

NotifyPlus 4.0.9  Free
Let the computer take care about reminding you of all those events like Valentine, but remind you early enough of course   more info
get it
Birthday Reminder 1.02  Free
Never forget Valentine Day or your friends birthday anymore, you can ask your computer to remind you about their important day every time you start your computer    more info
get it
Jenn Love Center 2000.1.12.163  Free
A funny application to check if you can live a great love story with your current or future partner   more info
get it
ThruCam 3.0  Free
Supports video, audio, whiteboard, text chat for up to 10 people at one time and supports many auxiliary functions   more info
get it
Kling! 2.001  Free
An addictive logic game played on a 9x9 grid   more info
get it
SecureOutlook 1.0.1  Free
Secure your email program   more info
get it
Absolute HTML Compressor 1.05  Free
An easy-to-use tool that optimizes HTML files so their size reduces    more info
get it
JJ-AuToBrOwSeR 1.00.00  Free
Designed to keep your dial-up internet connection alive while you are away from your computer   more info
get it
Smartbooth 7.1  Free
A simple and powerful MP3 player and web radio player using media player, support MP3 WMA and ASX format   more info
get it
e-safe 2.0  Free
Let's you easily send secure e-mail without buying an expensive security certificate   more info
get it
Thumbz Plus 1.1  Free
You can sequentially rename all JPG's in a directory and generate thumbnails for each image, and generate Java rich html pages for your thumbnails    more info
get it
DAReport 1.00  Free
Creates a list of the files, downloaded with the Download Accelerator and stores it into HTML file   more info
get it
Hamsin Clock 2.10  Free
A completely customizable Internet-adjustable digital desktop clock with a powerful alarm system   more info
get it
CrossArtist 1.1  Free
A design tool that makes it simple for creative professionals to design and deliver dynamic digital content – without programming   more info
get it
Text-to-Web Converter 2.0  Free
Converts text files to HTML format   more info
get it

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