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Free Downloads for September 2000

Week 1 & 2

IncrediMail 2001  Free
Allows you to personalize your emails according to your mood and personality   more info
get it
MetaEureka 1.0  Free
A powerful metasearch tool for your desktop   more info
get it
MP3 & WAV Player 1.0  Free
Allows you to play MP3 and WAV files, retrieve some info about the file contents and retrieve MP3 ID3V1 tags   more info
get it
HyperSafe 1.0  Free
A fast, easy UserName/Password/URL manager   more info
get it
HearMe VoiceContact  Free
A Web-based chat client which lets you talk simultaneously to any number of friends over the Net   more info
get it
Batch Thumbs 1.1  Free
You select a list of images, and Batch Thumbs will create high quality thumbnails size versions in gif, jpg, bmp, wmf, or emf format. Can also batch copy, convert, and rename.   more info
get it
Health Minder 1.22  Free
Allows you to organizes personal and pet medical records and helps you learn new ways to monitor family health  
get it
TrulyGlobal Internet Phone 1.0  Free
Allows you to make telephone calls via the internet  
get it
Internet Answering Machine 1.0  Free
Eliminates busy signals for callers trying to reach someone who is online. Instead of getting a busy signal, the caller leaves a voice message which the online user hears instantly over the speakers on their computer.  
get it
MagicTicker 1.5.1  Free
A stock ticker for your desktop  
get it
Win Barometer 1.0  Free
Monitors the weather network and collects informaiton about temperature, humidity and pressure   more info
get it
Umail 1.2 B  Free
Allows you to send unidentified e-mail messages   more info
get it
MailCleaner  Free
Allows you to keep your computer safe from viruses by preventing attacks through email   more info
get it
ScripTrap 1.0  Free
Allows you to trap scripts when they attempt to run on your computer, then block them or let them continue to run   more info
get it
FileChopper32 1.8  Free
Allows you to split a file for floppy backup or email attachments    more info  
get it

Week 3 & 4

Electronic Business Cards 2.1.0  Free
An electronic business card that can be distributed via e-mail    more info
get it
omnisms 3.0.200  Free
Allows you to send free short text messages (SMS) to any mobile phone or e-mail address   more info
get it
Encryptor 1.0  Free
Allows you to send and receive encrypted emails   more info
get it
Webtools 1.5  Free
Allows you to quickly perform laborious tasks related to handling large amounts of webpage files   more info
get it
Remote Mouse 2.0.0  Free
Allows you to use your mouse to access hotkey controls   more info
get it
AutoNOC Port Scan 2.01  Free
Allows you to identify the holes into a remote network or computer by analyzing open ports   more info
get it
Spooflife 4.1  Free
Allows you to paste/edit your own text on a number of popular logos    more info
get it
Brooklyn Address Book Plus 1.1  Free
A free-form style address book, e-mail list manager and more   more info
get it
FreeExtractor 1.1  Free
Allows you to create self-extracting archives for Windows from existing ZIP files   more info
get it
Sound Library 1.90  Free
Allows you to easily create and manage your collections of WAV files    more info
get it
HiClock 2.1.80  Free
Allows you to synchronize your system clock to the exact time   more info
get it
TextShield 1  Free
A word processor, with exciting features like ZIP compression on all files, shadow text and interactive links   more info
get it
mailmask 0.1  Free
Allows you to protect your website from spammers   more info
get it
SlipSign o'Matic 1.0  Free
Allows you to specify various elements, such as background graphics, to randomly attach to your regular emails   more info
get it
Traffic Virus 1.0  Free
A suite of 17 automated submission tools   more info
get it
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