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Free Downloads for July 2000

Week 1

SETI Status 0.3 B  Free
A utility for SETI@Home users that shows you current WorkUnit status and user stats, and warns you of WorkUnit completion   more info
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EarthNavigator 3.0  Free
A web browser with tabbed web pages, skins, channels and a 3D interactive photo-realistic globe with active links to 1000's of websites around the world.    more info
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The REAL MP3 Finder 4.3  Free
Uses 33 search engines to find the song you want.   more info
get it
MailTime 2.2  Free
A mail-checking utility that supports up to 16 accounts and SOCKS v5    more info
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Advanced E-Commerce Builder 1.0  Free
Allows you to use a top of the line shopping cart system on your webpage without the long hours of work and maintenance   more info
get it
Copernic 2000 4.55 Free
Allows you to simultaneously search 65 Internet information sources more info
get it
Personal Internet Engine 2.0.1  Free
Web browser + off-line browser + search engine   more info
get it
MiniMC/ChatClub 1.0 B  Free
Installs a professional looking chatroom on your website for free    more info
get it
Elecard MPEG2 Player 0.9 Free
Allows software-only MPEG 1 and MPEG 2 playback on a regular PC without expensive hardware more info
get it
AutoNOC Port Scan 1.0  Free
Analyzes a remote device to determine which ports are open and listening on the device   more info
get it

Week 2

Microsoft Internet Explorer (32-bit) 5.5  Free
The latest version of Microsoft's full-featured Web browser   more info
get it
ZeekSafe  Free
Allows parents and educators to restrict access by children to inappropriate adult Web sites   more info
Resin 1.1.3  Free
Allows you to create active Web pages from HTML and JavaScript    more info
get it
CD Controller 1.0  Free
Allows you to open/close your CD tray from your system tray   more info
get it
CoolKill 1.0  Free
Allows you to terminate and close Window's applications when they are not responding   more info
get it
wbmp Files Generator 1.2 Free
Allows you to convert and create wbmp files used in WAP pages more info
get it
AD-aware 2.01  Free
Allows you to scan your system for spy software and remove it   more info
get it
Talking, Virtual Voice Portal 1  Free
Allows you to use your voice to launch Web sites   more info
get it
MaxxChat 1.0 B6  Free
An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client which includes a "who is on" notifier   more info
get it
Hide'm 1.0  Free
Allows you to easily and quickly hide and restore the desktop icons    more info
get it

Week 3

Web Resume Writer 4.1.4  Free
Allows you to produce eye-catching resumes for paper or the Net    more info
get it
Yahoo Player 1.0  Free
Allows you to play the latest music news, interviews, free music downloads, audio books, and videos   more info
get it
Series Sorter 2.0  Free
Allows you to sort a series of like-named files into subdirectories of your choice   more info
get it
Logfile Cutting Tool 1.0  Free
Allows you to extract a certain time range, or reduce the size of your logfiles   more info
get it
IrfanView 3.17  Free
Allows you to view/convert images in a variety of file formats    more info
get it
Agent Ransack 1.0.2  Free
Allows you to find information on your hard drive quickly and easily    more info
get it
Playlist Generator Plus 1  Free
Allows you to generate a random playlist for your mp3   more info
get it
Password Manager 2.1  Free
Allows you to store all of your user names, password, web page addresses, and protect them   more info
get it
Passwords 1  Free
Allows you to store all your passwords, user names, URL's and releated notes in strongly encrypted datafiles   more info
get it
MonkeyZip 2.0  Free
Allows you to zip/unzip files and much more   more info
get it
ScripTrap 1.0  Free
Allows you to trap scripts when they attempt to run on your computer, then block them or let them continue to run   more info
get it
Thumber 1.0  Free
Allows you to generate thumbnail images from BMP and JPEG files    more info
get it

Week 4

Currency Convertor 1.7  Free
Allows you to convert 169 currencies with an English or French interface    more info
get it
Umail 1.2 B  Free
Allows you to send unidentified e-mail messages   more info
get it
FTPMail 2.7  Free
Allows you to send secure email while bypassing email servers   more info
get it
Poppy 1.11.0  Free
Allows you to check multiple POP3 accounts for new mail   more info
get it
2000cities browser 1.0  Free
Allows you to browse the Net in an interactive 3D environment   more info
get it
Text2Html 1.20  Free
Allows you to convert text to HTML   more info
get it
FTPEditor 1.8  Free
Allows you to remotely edit text files with a visual, drag-and-drop interface   more info
get it
Domain Name Analyzer 2.1  Free
Allows you to research, find, register and manage domain names for your product or business   more info
get it
GNet Search Engine Submission System 2.0.0 B  Free
Allows you to submit your site to over 175 search engines   more info
get it
!Glance 2.52  Free
Allows you to capture selected screen regions, windows, buttons, toolbars or video-frames and save them as BMP, GIF or JPEG files   more info
get it
Spytech IntegrityCheck 1.03  Free
Allows you to check your system for vulnerable points and trojan infection    more info
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