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Free Downloads for June 2000

Week 1

Vocabulario 1.0  Free
allows you to create your own vocabulary and grammar training exercises in almost any language.   more info
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Tray MPEG Player 0.1  Free
Tray MPEG Player ( TMP ) a simply MP3 player, for play mp3 playlists ( WINAMP format *.m3u ).   more info
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7Way 0.12  Free
checks new mail on the POP3 protocol. Main 7Way features: Unlimited accounts; Unlimited check interval; Adjustment of an check interval with accurate to one second; Run default mail client; Flash tray icon notification.   more info
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MouseAssist 2.0  Free
Allows you to enhance the functionality of your mouse   more info
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Veritape 1.3.3  Free
Record your phonecalls to hard disk   more info
get it
RAM Idle 1.0  Free
Increases your performance by making more physical memory available for your system   more info
get it
Red Button 1.00  Free
Very small utility for fast access to Control Panel, Screen Saver, Task Manager, Minimize All, favourite programs, and restart/shutdown of computer with or without confirmation.   more info
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Lost PC 1.16  Free
Theft Protection software for your PC   more info
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Domain Name Analyzer 2.0  Free
Allows you to research and find suitable domain names for your product or company in minutes   more info
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PasswordVision 1.0  Free
Watches for all password fields, and writes the passwords to a log file    more info
get it

Week 2

WorldCast 1.2.2  Free
A full featured bulk emailer and also an email address validator.    more info
get it
Real Player 8.0 b  Free
The only player you need to get all the great RealAudio and the new RealVideo content on the web.   more info
get it
CliBench Mk III SMP 0.7.10  Free
A small tool to check your computer's performance   more info
get it
Internet Sweeper 1.29  Free
Allows you to remove unnecessary files which may take up valuable hard disk space   more info
get it
iPad 1.01  Free
A text-based HTML editor bent on enabling users to achieve production-speed Web design while retaining complete control over the creation process.    more info
get it
PasswordSafe 3.0  Free
Allows you to store your important user names and passwords in one file, protected by a single password.   more info
get it
EasyFast Viewer 3.01  Free
Lets you browse through your graphic collection easily in a simple interface.   more info
get it
FTP Works 1.22  Free
Great for the ftp beginner or experienced user. Includes support for firewalls, downloading and uploading whole directory structures.   more info
get it
Disk Space Pro 1.1  Free
Program for showing how much disk space is free on each of your fixed hard disks, as well as the total capacity of each disk and the percentage of free disk space there is for each disk.   more info
get it
ComTry Music Downloader 2.3  Free
Helps you to find and download MP3 files. You can search for every MP3 file you want, or choose one of our daily selection.   more info
get it

Week 3

ComTry Music Downloader 2.3  Free
Helps you to find and download MP3 files. You can search for every MP3 file you want, or choose one of our daily selection.   more info
get it
Win Barometer 1.0  Free
Monitors the weather network and collects informaiton about temperature, humidity and pressure   more info
get it
CD Player Add-in 1.3  Free
A simple add-in for Microsoft Developer Studio 97/98 that adds commands to DevStudio to control the CD player on your computer   more info
get it
PixMaker Lite 1.0.6  Free
Lets users stitch up a series of pictures into a 360-degree interactive scene, and publish it as a 360-degree PixAround Scene, Web page or Postcard   more info
get it
Fire Extinguisher 1.0  Free
Allows you to bypass a firewall you are behind, using HTTP tunneling to pass TCP traffic to the Net   more info
get it

1Time 2.0  Free
Stopwatch/countdown timer/alarm (plays any media file)   more info
get it
2xInternetSpeed 1.1  Free
Enhances your existing ISP connection without the hassle of installing additional hardware   more info
get it
Message Boards Browser 1.2  Free
A newsreader application specially designed for CNN Message Boards    more info
get it
WMLConverter 1.0.30  Free
Converts special characters in .wml files to unicode codes   more info
get it
Opera 4.0 B6  Free
Wireless Application Protocol that gives devices access to information written in the Wireless Mark-up Language (WML)   more info
get it

Week 4

English Teaching Templates 1.2  Free
Helps you create tests and quizzes for your students   more info
get it
Remain Connected Pro 3.2  Free
Helps you maintain your connection to the Net   more info
get it
Add/Remove Plus! 1.1  Free
Helps you manage Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs list with programs that can be uninstalled by Windows   more info
get it
HS Multi-Email Sender 1.1  Free
Sends email to multiple recipients without showing whole list of recipients on the recipient area   more info
get it
Clean It 3.0  Free
Cleans up your Internet Cache, History, Cookies, and more   more info
get it
HearMe VoiceContact  Free
A Web-based chat client which lets you talk simultaneously to any number of friends over the Net   more info
get it
WinFlashCard 2.0  Free
Tests your skills using multiplication, division, addition, subtraction    more info
get it
image grabber 1.1  Free
Searches multiple stock agency web sites simultaneously and returns hundreds of images in a single window for easy comparison, downloading, and purchasing    more info
get it
Windows Startup Editor 1.0.3  Free
Allows you to view items that are set to load as Windows loads, from either the registry or the startup folder   more info
get it
M3Gate 0.3  Free
A browser which allows you to surf over WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) resources   more info
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