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Free Downloads for May 2000

Week 1

XMail 0.38  Free
An Internet and intranet mail server featuring an SMTP server, POP3 server, finger server, multiple domains, no need for users to have a real system account, SMTP relay checking, RBL and custom spam protection, a POP3 account syncronizer with external POP3 accounts, aliases, custom mail processing, mailing lists, remote administration, custom mail exchangers, logging, and multi-platform code.   more info
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TaskZip 1.04  Free
Backing up files, like checking for computer viruses is something that every personal computer owner should routinely perform, but often neglect until it is too late. Every computer should have an automated backup system that is easy to use and yet they do not.   more info
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Photo Album 5.0  Free
Show your well organised digital or scanned photo's and products on your PC. Use for sales presentations or to show off the latest outdoor adventure or the kids, dog etc.   more info
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98Lite RC3  Free
Speed up Windows98 by dis-integrating the internet from the desktop. Convert FEATURES to OPTIONS and remove the baggage you don't use. Improves performance and stability with the following features. Configure your desktop in three different ways that suit you.   more info
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GNet Search Engine Submission System 2.0.0 b7  Free
100% free search engine submission program, which runs as an interface on top of the GNet-site. It allows submission of sites to over 175 search engines (not web directories or Free For All lists, but TRUE search engines). It also features automatic category submission, a 100% unique feature on the net.   more info
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MP3Exchanger 1.19 b 50  Free
Exchange files with other users online.   more info
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Win3D 1.0  Free
An innovative 3D interface for the Windows OS. Win3D transforms the desktop into an engaging and interactive 3D environment. With Win3D, users create their own personal computing worlds.   more info
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aTicker 1.00  Free
A little and nice ticker applet with javascript support. It's a free applet and send with all java source code.   more info
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Cookie Master 0.6  Free
Cookie Master 0.6 will generate signature files with 'cookies' on in them. Cookies can be randomized at preset intervals. Multiple signature files and multi-line cookies are supported!!   more info
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Fresh Start Utilities 0.3  Free
Provides a fine blend of Utilities to keep your computer in top shape. The first in the series is Disk Clean, which scans your system for files that hog up valuable disk space.   more info
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Week 2

ILoveYouCleaner 1.6  Free
This small, lightweight program detects the presence of this virus, displays the files that are infected, and then removes them.   more info
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LBugMP3 1.0  Free
This program recovers MP3s that have been lost by the "I Love You" or "VBS_LOVELETTER" virus.   more info
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WinSplit 1.0  Free
This is a very simple but nonetheless handy tool to split and join files. It is very small and thus fits on every floppy disk.   more info
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Dr. Hardware 99 4.00e  Free
Examines the machine room of your pc under Windows 95/98; gives de-tailed informations about processor, BIOS, chipset, harddisks, SCSI and PCI devices; Windows specific stuff like in-depth-analysis of file and memory management, VCACHE statistics, system monitor, GDI and DirectX benchmark etc.   more info
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IMS Web Dwarf 1.17  Free
Drag and Drop WYSIWYG HTML editor with pixel precision positioning and scaling. Features include a TEXT, HTML and Rich Text editor that also supports conversion between these formats and the ability to import-export these formats from other popular text editors including MS Word.   more info
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AudioActive Player 2.06b  Free
Double-click any MP3 file on your hard drive to listen to it. To listen to internet MP3 streams go to the website which serves the stream and choose listen. This will cause the Audioactive player to be launched.   more info
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onSign 1.0  Free
Allows you to add your handwritten electronic signature to MS Word 97 and 2000 documents. onSign also binds your signature to the document you sign to prevent tampering or the misuse of your signature.   more info
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Picture Filter 1.0  Free
Searches your picture archives for double images, deleting (moving into dump folder) those with poorer quality and/or less dimensions. Supports JPEG, GIF and PCX formats (further formats coming soon). Uses ASM-based decoding library therefore very fast. Allows you visually control the result via HTML-logfile.   more info
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Sure Delete 3.0  Free
A security file shredder. Its purpose is to prevent others from breaching your privacy or stealing your secrets by securely removing all traces of any sensitive files from your hard disk beyond all hope of recovery.   more info
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7Way 0.11  Free
A small program for check new mail on the POP3 protocol. Main 7Way features: Unlimited accounts; Unlimited check interval; Adjustment of an check interval with accurate to one second; Run default mail client; Flash tray icon notification.    more info
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Week 3

NickWho 2.0  Free
Searches the internet for available domain names based on the key words you give it. Enter ten words and NickWho will create every possible domain name combination based on the words entered. All available domain names will then be listed. All not available will show the WhoIs information for the domain.   more info
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IDcide Privacy Companion 1.0.2 Beta  Free
See when you are being watched on the Net Find out who is following you, whether it is the site you are visiting or "invisible" third parties such as advertising agencies and profiling companies (referred to as Tracking Networks).    more info
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MyCQ 1.2b6f  Free
MyCQ, a small, simple, and highly skinnable freeware IM client. MyCQ uses a highly sophisticated plugin technology, witch makes it the ideal choice for IM (Instant Messagers) since you can use MyCQ (at the same time) with any networks of your choice, MyCQ is shipped with plugins for ICQ and AIM (AOL Instant Messager). It also ships with a tool to import your old users.   more info
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NovaClock  Free
A full customizable desktop analog clock in a round window. All colors an sizes of the hands and tick marks are customizable. You can attach a bitmap to the background. At every full second, minute and/or hour a wav file can be played.    more info
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BrownIE 5.0b1r11  Free
A lightning fast web browser. Now offers a chat bar, blocking of pop-up windows, and much, much more. Old users will remember it's powerful integrated My Notes bar (very useful for research), the ability to minimize to the tray, and the powerful community menu.   more info
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Promote 2.0  Free
Army enlisted promotion calculator and advisor, work out and get advice on preparing for the promotion board. Internet links to sites to help you get promoted now! Print out hard copies for subordinates when doing career counseling.   more info
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FileStalker 0.95b  Free
A simple yet powerful way to share files (fserve) over IRC.   more info
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NotepadEx 1.3.4  Free
Notepad replacement which adds more functions than the standard Notepad    more info
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HTTrack 2.02  Free
It allows you to download a World Wide website from the Internet to a local directory, building recursively all directories, getting html, images, and other files from the server to your computer.   more info
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eFax Messenger Plus 2.04  Free
Get faxes and voicemail sent to your email address for free!   more info
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Week 4

The REAL MP3 Finder 4.0  Free
Uses 33 search engines to find the song you want. After you find the song you can use the same program to find the lyrics to it.   more info
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Search Thingy! 2.0  Free
Search Thingy allows you to search the WWW right from a single program. All of the popular search engines like Yahoo! and AltaVista are listed.   more info
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Intenretrix 1.11b  Free
Internetrix integrates full functional FTP Client, Download manager, and Fetcher(Mp3 searcher).   more info
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Winamp Remote Control Suite 1.2  Free
This is a client / server suite consisting of a plugin for Nullsoft's Winamp   more info
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WorldCast 1.0.1  Free
A full-featured bulk emailer and also an email-address validator. It detects many of the common "dead addresses" that exists on many emailing list.    more info
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GNet Search Engine Submission System 2.0.0 b  Free
a Web site promotion utility which allows you to submit your Web site to over 175 search engines   more info
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NetLoad - Web Site Synchroniser 3.8f  Free
An advanced file transfer system that allows you to maintain Web sites via the File Transfer Protocol. The client functions similar to a standard FTP client by allowing you to transfer Web documents from your computer to remote FTP/Web sites.    more info
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PowWow 4.1  Free
a communications utility that lets you chat via typing or voice, transfer files, view personal home pages and pictures, form conferences, and cruise the World-Wide Web together as a group   more info
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Xteq X-Find 1.0  Free
allows you to search for files as well as text within files, displaying your findings in the same window (no new program is started)   more info
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eMNGma 1.02  Free
Create and edit the new Multiple-Image Network Graphics, endorsed by the PNG-group, resulting in animation files that are amazingly smaller than comparable GIF's    more info
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