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Free Downloads for March 2000

Week 1

HomeWatcher 1.2b  Free
A motion sensitive webcam software.   more info
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NetSpider 1.22  Free
Allows you to extract, display, and download all links and local references from a selected Web page.   more info
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SSServer 1.0  Free
A server-based search engine which allows your visitors to search your Web site.   more info
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MP3 Fiend 6.1  Free
Helps you locate and download free MP3 audio files on the Internet.    more info
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CloseFast2000 6.0  Free
Forces Windows to perform shutdown/restart/logoff sequences %60-80 faster than the original ones.   more info
get it
Domain Name Analyzer 1.0  Free
Now you can research and find suitable domain names for your product or company in minutes.   more info
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eCleaner 2.01  Free
A simple text editor which allows you to make your e-mail messages more readable.   more info
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PeopleWatcher 2.5  Free
A small, free, open-source instant messenger system.   more info
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Hyper-bar 2000 1.0  Free
An auto hide bar that runs in Windows and will store links to Daily News, Sports, Technology, Business and more....   more info
get it
Go!Zilla 3.5  Free
Reliably download files at any time of the day.   more info
get it

Week 2

ZODIAC 1.0  Free
This day in history, your mark of the zodiac, your stone, etc..    more info
get it
PowerZip Lite 2000 1.0  Free
A simple and easy to use compression program for Windows.   more info
get it
WebZard 1.0  Free
Allows you to quickly and easily design Web pages.   more info
get it
Max-FTP Client 3.0  Free
AbsoluteFTP uses the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to transfer over the Internet and intranets.   more info
get it
Biz-Plan 1.3  Free
Business plan guide and template. Detailed framework, structure & contents for a business plan with hyperlinks.   more info
get it
SGNT MP3 Player 2.2  Free
Mp3 Player and ID3 Tag Editor.   more info
get it
RoadRunn's MP3 Server 2.0  Free
Allows Web based searching, downloading, uploading, and modification of MP3 records in included Access database.   more info
get it
HackerWacker FreeWack 1.0  Free
Monitors and logs all URLS browsed in netscape or Internet Explorer as well as monitors and logs all Windows Activities.   more info
get it
Attacker 2.1  Free
Act as a guard dog to notify you of attempted probes to your computer via the Internet.   more info
get it
Express Search 2.2  Free
Allows you to search up to eleven engines simultaneously, include search options.   more info
get it

Week 3

Splice-It 2.0  Free
Spans large files to disk and allows you to later re- assemble them on another machine.   more info
get it
Gooey 2.1  Free
Chat with others surfing the same website.   more info
get it
Electronic Assistant Lite 3.1  Free
This free organizer features an address book, a to-do list, a collections manager, a schedule, and a journal.   more info
get it
SuperSurf 2.5  Free
A small, fast browser that incorporates a web server.   more info
get it
Advanced Store Builder 1.0  Free
A ColdFusion based automatic store builder that immediately E-commerce enables your website.   more info
get it
Talking Browser 2.0  Free
Makes the browser speak the content of a web page through a character named Peedy.   more info
get it
IrcHead 1.0  Free
Chat to others all over the world using 3D animation.   more info
get it
Advanced Auction Builder 1.0  Free
A great solution for implementing and supporting web based auctions.    more info
get it
TalkyMail 2000  Free
Will enable your mailbox to speak to you, tell you how many emails you have, and will read them to you.   more info
get it
4D Projector 1.01  Free
A visualization tool for four dimensional objects.   more info
get it

Week 4

HTML Calendar 1.1  Free
Did you ever need to have an HTML Calendar for the month, the year ? If the answer is yes, HTML Calendar is worth a try.   more info
get it
Build-a-Shopper 1.4  Free
Lets you add a price comparison shopping service to your Web site.    more info
get it
AVG Anti Virus System 6.0  Free
With this free distribution version of the popular AVG Anti-Virus system, you will get a reliable tool for your computer protection against computer viruses.    more info
get it
Stealth Inventory 1.1  Free
Open Source Win32 inventory agent. User is unaware that the agent is running, Scans all local drives for filename/size as specified by the administrator.    more info
get it
MiniCap 1.0  Free
A simple utility to help with screen captures. To use MiniCap, simply run the program and choose Automatic file naming or Manual file naming.   more info
get it
CrushPop 2000.2  Free
Crushpop is a tool that will rid your computer of pop-up windows.    more info
get it
adToOne  Free
adToOne is an e-mail client which allows you to send individually created, profile-based, e-mail messages to customers, prospects, and newsletter subscribers.    more info
get it
Internet Answering Machine 1.0  Free
Eliminates busy signals for callers trying to reach someone who is online. Instead of getting a busy signal, the caller leaves a voice message which the online user hears instantly over the speakers on their computer.   more info
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3D GIF Designer 2.1  Free
3D GIF Designer produces animated high-quality 3D pictures, titles, banner ads and buttons for your Web page or for a presentation. You can create animations from your own pictures (JPG, GIF, BMP, AVI) and easily add 3D text and shapes.   more info
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IRC Log Viewer 4.50  Free
Viewer of IRC logs from mIRC & Pirch. This program is 100% freeware and bilingual (french/english). Use it to manage, filter, view, mask, delete your mIRC and Pirch logs.   more info
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