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Free Downloads for February 2000

Week 1

AVDisk 6.0  Free
Enables automatic creation of anti-virus startup disks using popular anti-virus software.   more info
get it
FontDef 1.0  Free
Design a character in a grid (7x8), and it generates the binary code to define the character...   more info
get it
Greatis Desktop Optimizer 2.0  Free
Cool Delphi and C++Builder ID desktop optimizer.   more info
get it
AnalogX SoftSubmit 1.0  Free
Automates the process of filling out submission forms on more than 50 of the top software directories in the world.   more info
get it
fXplorer 2.0 PR3  Free
Open any directory in explorer on your PC via menu navigation.    more info
get it
Renamer 1.5  Free
Fast and easy to use file renaming program.   more info
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Loan Estimator 1.0  Free
This application will calculate the amount to be paid back as well as the amount of each monthly payment.   more info
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LiveCon! For Windows 1.2  Free
Records and analyzes the status of an Internet/network connection over a given period of time.   more info
get it
VirtuaWin 2.0  Free
This is a small, fast and easy to use virtual desktop manager for Windows9x/NT/2000.   more info
get it
LocalWEB Windows Web Server 1.0.4  Free
Freeware web server for Windows 95, 98 and NT.   more info
get it

Week 2

RT WinSecurity 2000 1.0  Free
This program will lock your computer so someone else can't get access to it.   more
get it
iHTML 0.01  Free
HTML editor with Drag N Drop image tags, unlimited undo/redo, spell checking, table generator and much more.   more info
get it
DBMail 1.0  Free
DBMail is a quick and easy program designed to take some of the pain out of mailing lists.   more info
get it
Free Desktops 1.20.12  Free
A full-featured Virtual Desktop Manager designed to increase your productivity at the computer.   more info
get it
StartStop 1.0  Free
Gives you control over programs that are run from the Registry and StartUp folder whenever you start Windows.   more info
get it
IRC Warrior 1.0  Free
IRC Client for Windows with lot's of features.   more info
get it
VaporCD 1.3.1  Free
Can create a copy of a CD on your hard disk and mount it as if it were the real CD.   more info
get it
RS Agent 2.0  Free
Reboot, shutdown, logoff, send messages, and run programs on remote computers.   more info
get it
Advanced ECommerce Builder 1.0  Free
Provides complete Web based store design and maintenance.   more info
get it
H_menu 3.0  Free
A hidden launcher with a button bar that will pop up as you make mouse contact with any of the 4 borders of your screen.   more info
get it

Week 3

Process Viewer 2000 2.301  Free
View, terminate, copy, register, and change all active processes.    more info
get it
ZoneAlarm 2.0.13  Free
Detect all Internet access on your computer and control which programs have access to the Internet.   more info
get it
Ezine Ad Swap Tracker Pro 1.1  Free
Increase the number of subscribers to your online magazine by swapping ads with other e-zines.   more info
get it
Advanced Internet Tool  Free
A fully-featured HTTP and FTP client which includes a scheduler, a link extractor, and a download manager.   more info
get it
Xenu's Link Sleuth 1.0  Free
A spidering utility that allows you to check your Web site for broken links.   more info
get it
Hotbar 1.01  Free
Enhance your Web browser by adding beautiful background images and a set of helpful services.   more info
get it
iToday 1.0  Free
Automatically displays the most important news of the day.   more info
get it
MoonWalker 2000 2.1.0  Free
Access all your bookmarks, favorites, and hotlist items from Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and Opera.   more info
get it
Link Trader 2.0  Free
Run a large Web site and maintain lots of reciprocal links with other sites.   more info
get it
ActiveNames 5.1.11  Free
Tracks e-mail addresses of friends and associates, preventing them from getting lost when they change e-mail addresses.   more info
get it

Week 4

Digital Postman 2.03  Free
Turns your scanner and e-mail program into an easy-to-use digital sending system.   more info
get it
Odigo 2.01  Free
Allows you to share your ideas with people surfing the Web.   more info
get it
WildTangent Web Driver SDK 1.1  Free
Everything you need to create interactive 3D content for web browsers using standard scripting languages.   more info
get it
Savant 2.1  Free
A fast Web server that supports Java, JavaScript and XML.   more info
get it
EasyCheck 1.2.4  Free
An e-mail notification utility for Windows 95/98 and NT 4.0/5.0.    more info
get it
Digital DJ Free Web Music System 3.0  Free
Record or broadcast Radio station quality music directly to ASF, WMA, or MP3 files.   more info
get it
HTTrack 2.0  Free
An easy-to-use offline browser utility.   more info
get it
Sensiva 1.07  Free
Simplifies your application interface by allowing you to draw symbols with your mouse or any other pointing device.   more info
get it
Start Spy 2.0  Free
Keep a trace of the Windows sessions that occured on your computer.    more info
get it
StartupMonitor 1.0  Free
A utility that runs transparently and notifies you when any program registers itself to run at system startup.   more info
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