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Free Downloads for January 2000

Week 1

CobCase 1.0  Free
Supports many different types of text manipulation.   more info
get it
Press Blaster! 2.0  Trial
Email direct, or print labels and mail to over 7000 media contacts including magazines, daily and weekly newspapers, radio and TV stations.   more info
get it
See-Prompt 1.1  Free
Colorful and visually-oriented piece of reminder software designed to work unobtrusively in the background on your system keeping track of current or upcoming events.   more info
get it
PexeMulti Mail 1.0  Free
Ideal for sending a message to multiple persons.   more info
get it
Icon Explorer 2.0  Free
Allows you to extract icons from EXE and DLL files on your computer using a Windows Explorer-type interface.   more info
get it
ASCII Mapmaker 1.4  Free
A mapmaker for MUDS, it creates ASCII maps with or without colors.    more info
get it
HTML Editor 1.3  Free
Rather like notepad but with color coding and a custom text insert button for inputing repetitive text.   more info
get it
HangUp 1.2  Free
Drops any open dial-up connection at your command.   more info
get it
Netscape Communicator 4.7  Free
An open email, groupware, and browser suite that provides the complete set of tools you need every day to easily communicate, share, and access information on your intranet or the Internet.   more info
get it
Babylon 2.1  Free
Translates any onscreen word or expression from English to 8 other languages.   more info
get it

Week 2

FIX IE5 0.9  Free
Fixes 2 bugs in IE5: 1) When IE5 locks up when you click on the URL menu. 2) When IE5 does not save your text size setting.   more info
get it
AWeb Search 1.2  Free
Will search twelve search engines and display the results of all twelve search engines in a single page.   more info
get it
netMailshar 2.55  Trial
Provide Email access to everyone in your organization using a single Internet account.   more info
get it
i.Scribe 1.23  Free
Mail client similar to Outlook made to run on Windows and BeOS.    more info
get it
SuperScan 2.04  Free
Connect-based TCP port scanner, pinger and hostname resolver.   more info
get it
VirtuaWin 1.8  Free
No fancy graphics, just an icon in the systray indicating the current desktop.   more info
get it
SuperPro's Appointment Setter 2.0  Free
A daily calendar for appointments and important tasks.   more info
get it
jKs Downloader 1.0  Free
Made for web downloads.   more info
get it
jKs Crypter 1.5  Free
Command line crypter/decrypter.   more info
get it
auto-pilot 2.0  Free
An Internet portal software designed to bring the hottest automotive and motorsport information on the web directly to your desktop.   more info
get it

Week 3

SiteSpeed 1.0  Free
Performance Analysis for Web Sites.   more info
get it
Cipher 1.0  Free
Cipher is an easy-to-use coding program for family or home use.    more info
get it
Passwords 1.2.6  Free
Keep your passwords and user IDs organized and available with the Passwords program.   more info
get it
Network Assistant 1.9  Free
Local area network communication utility with wide range of capabilities.    more info
get it
CrushPop 2000 1.0  Free
Rid your computer of pop-up windows - Finally!!!   more info
get it
TaxBreak 99 2.0  Free
Income tax preparation software with comprehensive support of forms.    more info
get it
VCW VicMan's Photo Editor 4.3  Free
A powerful graphics editor.   more info
get it
NewsDart 0.01  Free
NewsDart allows Internet users to receive select news, as it happens, directly to your desktop.   more info
get it
Reactor 2.5  Free
Reactor is a new HTML editor that features both nonvisual and WYSIWYG approaches.   more info
get it
KeeBoo 2.0  Trial
Make Web-based books from images, movies, text, and more.   more info
get it

Week 4

HTML Editor 1.4  Free
Html Editor with syntax highlighting and some other handy features.    more info
get it
Dawn 4.0  Free
Acts as a universal translator between various programs and their addressbooks in particular.   more info
get it
SQLtree 2.1  Free
Organize and execute your SQL statements in a tree structure.   more info
get it
ChatBUDDY 3.0  Free
Public key cryptography tool to be used as an add-on for any chat program.    more info
get it
Neti 1.0  Free
Super bookmarks organiser with a little search engine inside.   more info
get it
Planet.MP3Find  Free
Planet.MP3Find automatically locates and determines MP3 Music Servers which are online.   more info
get it
The Rename 1.7b  Free
This program allow you to rename simply and quickly files with many options.   more info
get it
Home Cache 1.2  Free
The Home cache program is a family finance program for family chest accounting.   more info
get it
PaperQuote 2.0  Free
Automatically gives you a new desktop wallpaper image and thought-provoking quote for every day of the year.   more info
get it
FTPEditor 1.7  Free
Edit your FTP files as if they would be on your local hard drive.    more info
get it
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