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Please take note that in view of the structure of our current ad campaign package, the word "advertising" and "sponsorship" are synonymous or expressing the same meaning from hereon. offers a cost-effective them-based advertising solution to increase hits, sales and brandability for companies or websites who are specifically targeting the following web audience:

  • Recreational and business travellers from Borneo and its neighbouring region (South East Asia, East Asia, etc.), as well as from overseas (i.e., USA, UK, Europe, etc.).

  • Special niche travellers from all over the world, in particular from the adventure-nature-culture market segment (i.e., eco-tour, diving, mountain trekking, wildlife expedition, island paradise, cultural homestay, adventure sports, caving, flora & fauna interest groups, golf, 4WD, research, etc.).

  • General surfers (i.e., information seekers, businessmen, researchers, enthusiasts, students, etc.) who are searching for Borneo or related information/contacts for recreational, academic, professional, or business purposes, as well as for products to purchase.

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