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Malaysia Borneo My Destination:

Miri to become Resort City

Malaysia Borneo My Destination - landmark built to commemorate the elevation of Miri to city status
One of the new landmarks built to commemorate the elevation of Miri to city status. Photo by Hj Mohd Zaide Hj Damit
Malaysia Borneo My Destination - Sarawakian women in their traditional costume
Sarawakian women in their traditional costume.
Malaysia Borneo My Destination - Royal Mulu Resort
Royal Mulu Resort.
Malaysia Borneo My Destination - Miri's landscape
Miri's landscape.

Miri is the take-off point for road trips to two of the country's most important national parks - Mulu National Park and Niah National Park.

Mulu is the home of some of the world's most spectacular cave formations while Niah is a world famous archaeological site where evidence of prehistoric inhabitants dating back 40,000 years were found.

Abdul Taib, born in Miri, in October 1993 at the launch of the Miri Boulevard, said he was confident Miri could attain city status by the year 2005.

"You will see a different Miri coming out of the old oil town," he had said, adding there was no reason to be afraid of huge development because Miri's economy was booming.

Abdul Taib said Miri's economy has diversified so much that the oil industry is no longer the most dominant economic lifeline of the town.

"It has timber-based and agro-based industries while the tourism trade is booming," he said.

Miri has all the fundamentals as a city, with a 270,000 population including expatriates and students from overseas.

It has an international standard airport, inland port, internationally linked university, teachers training college, civic centre, heritage centre, petroleum science museum, international class library, international go-kart circuit, indoor stadium, international class hotels, shopping malls, international golf courses, a soon-to-be completed marina and a healthy RM20 million municipal revenue per annum.

In addition to the City Commission, to make Miri a vibrant, livable and safe city and stand out from other cities in the region, the state government has agreed to the setting up of Miri City Incorporated, a concept to give the residents a stake in the new city.

The board of directors, to comprise nominees from among the best in the private sector, interest groups and the government, will develop plans and set standards and practices to take Miri forward.

Source: Borneo Bulletin

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