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Danum Valley Travel Tips -

Accommodation and Things To Do




Description: The following article is a follow-up to the article entitled "The Conservation of Danum Valley,The Lost World of Borneo". For nature lovers who are planning a Nature Tour to Danum Valley, this article will provide some brief insights on "where to stay" and "what to do" while you are at Danum Valley.

To visit Danum Valley, staying at least a night is a must given the traveling distance to the Danum Valley Conservation Area. But what a way to stay overnight in the lush tropical lowland virgin rainforest in unison with over 200 species of birds and over 100 species of mammals including some that are endemic to Borneo.

For the standard visitors, the only feasible option is to stay at the prestigious Borneo Rainforest Lodge, about 2 hours by road from Lahad Datu town. Established in 1994, the Borneo Rainforest Lodge caters specifically for visitors to Danum Valley.
The Lodge offers luxurious accommodation built with local timber and river stones. The chalets or “sulap” are designed after the dwellings of traditional Sabah Kadazandusun, the major indigenous group.

There is in fact another accommodation option at the Danum Valley Field Centre, about 35km from the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, but it is restricted to only researchers and scientists on assignment. The Centre, nevertheless, occasionally provide educational nature programs for specific group visits.

However, if you wish to visit and stay at the Danum Valley Field Centre, you would need to obtain permission from the Sabah State government via the Yayasan Sabah (i.e., Sabah Foundation).

While staying at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge, visitors can also participate in exciting excursions organized by the lodge in the fascinating natural environment of Danum Valley. There are guided nature walks or treks, tree top canopy walk (i.e., a suspension bridge in the canopy of trees), unlimited bird watching, beautiful waterfalls and rivers where you can have a 'wonder dip'.

There are also video and slide presentations by the naturalist explaining further the flora and fauna, and the mission behind the Danum Valley Conservation Area. Additionally, do not miss out on visiting an ancient burial site of the Kadazandusun where many legendary tales can be foretold. Another must, is the 'Night Safari' (weather permitted).

If you do not wish to follow the standard nature tour or excursion, you can always make own arrangement with the rangers at Danum Valley for another more challenging excursions. This is more for the true adventures or trekkers. However, prior arrangement (i.e., before your arrival at the Borneo Rainforest Lodge), is advisable to avoid any disappointment.

If you are on a package tour, you can request your tour company to arrange for you. Normally, there will be no change in your package rate although you will need to make own payment to the rangers.

Rest assured that the rangers are professionals with long experience and excellent knowledge of this astonishing world, and trekking with them will not only be educational, but make your visit and nature tour to the "Lost World" in specific, and Sabah in general, truly unforgettable.

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