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What is the e-Borneo Project?

The e-Borneo project is basically an exercise initiated in 1999 to categorise the most comprehensive Borneo portal ever constructed on the World Wide Web.  It is also an attempt to provide an avenue for the gathering and sharing of information related to Borneo specifically, and the Internet generally. The project serves as an open invitation to all Borneons and friends to participate in the building and expansion of the e-Borneo.com web site. Back in 1999, there were very few Borneo-related websites on the Internet, and e-Borneo.com was one of the firsts, if not the first, major Borneo portal website. Although we have transformed from a general portal into a travel and cultural theme website, our main focus - to provide avenues for participation in building this site together - remained largely intact.

Why is the Project Important?

We are currently witnessing the latest communication revolution in the form of the Internet.  We, at this side of the globe, is still very much lagging behind not only in terms of technology, but also in terms of a solid presence in the www.  This is our opportunity to join force together to build a comprehensive Borneo portal equivalent to those in the West.  We are not trying to compete with the Yahoos or AOLs since they have had a head start in this industry, based in the U.S., the world economic superpower, and concentrated at a different arena.  But one thing for sure, they simply can't compete with us in this area of Borneo-related content and local condition knowledge.  In a way, we are the masters of our own region. For this reason, e-Borneo.com is intended to be a Borneo portal created in Borneo, by Borneons and friends, for the World.

How to Participate?

If you visit the e-Borneo.com homepage which can be found at the URL: http://e-borneo.com, you will notice that some sections may be awaiting certain contents from contributors. while some design, layout, and images remained in an 'amateurish' manner after all these years (yes, we are more into content rather than fancy graphics). This is one of the main purpose of the project - to build the site together. The project is earmarked for you, our valued visitor, to make valuable contributions to the homepage, add rich local content, and leave your 'electronic' mark on the site proper as it continues to grow.

There are eight (8) simple ways where you can participate as follows:

  1. Join our mailing list and get up-to-date information on the site.

  2. Join our Editorial Partnership Programme and have your very own column.

  3. Contribute ad-hocly to the various proposed subjects/topics or suggest new areas.

  4. Tell your friends or family about us.

  5. Link to us and get listed at our Hot Borneo Links page.

  6. Participate in one or more of our community services.

  7. Give your feedback or suggestions on how to better improve the site.

  8. Submit your URL to the Borneo Directory.

Contributions can be in English, Bahasa Malaysia, or Bahasa Indonesia.

e-Borneo - The People's Portal?

In a sense, the success of e-Borneo would depends largely on our valued visitors.  It is only through your support and participation that e-Borneo.com can be a success globally!  However, success can be measured in a lot of ways.  The bottom line is that together, we can present to the world, a truly unique Borneo portal build by not just a group of 'netizens' in Borneo, but by a majority of Borneons and friends.  At the end of the day, together, we will build a truly People's Portal.  Ultimately, this project will also be a learning and sharing experience, as well as a fun and useful exercise for all of us as we entered into the new millennium of ITC-intensive world. Make e-Borneo.com your personal homepage, tell your contacts, and visit us regularly. If you have any query, please don't hesitate to email us.



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