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Dear Valued Subscribers,

After a month of football fever, I am sure a lot of us would be glad to return to normal daily schedule..., right after the final whistle between Brazil and Germany. The things most associated with the first World Cup hosted in Asia in my personal opinion, is not about Ronaldo or Kahn, or the victories of the underdogs, or the bad referees' decisions. The 2002 World Cup will always be remembered first and foremost, for the way the fans behaved. No one can argue that for once in a long time, the fans have been the real surprise. Asian fans were known to be more subdued but who can forget the indefatigable spirit of both the Koreans and Japanese cheering squads.

More surprisingly, we'd not seen any hooliganism, even from the once notorious English and German supporters. The entire month's tournament feels more like a celebration and a festival. The two hosts were superd in their hi-tech organisation and impressive management of the event. But more memorable, the two hosts have also showed to both visiting teams and fans, one of the true Asian values - hospitality - a major reason for travellers from all over the world wanting to come back for more. Perhaps, it was indeed this Asian hospitality that had really put football hostility in check. Good luck to Brazil and Germany in Sunday's final.

Feel free to share your feelings on this editorial, or any other related subject, at newsletter@e-borneo.com.

If you'd yet to buy any memorabilia from the 2002 FIFA World Cup, please do visit our little WC2002 Store at http://www.e-borneo.com/shop/world_cup_2002/




Borneo Hotels
Added several more quality hotels to give visitors more choice as well as information on the accomodation option while travelling to Borneo.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/hotel.shtml

Sabah Destinations
Added more destinations to provide an avenue for visitors to browse through more places of interest in Borneo. New editions including Mengkabong Water Village, and Poring Hot Spring Ranau.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/np/search.cgi?category=10&keyword=sabah

Sarawak Destinations
Added more places of interests, including Gunung Gading Park & Land Dayak Longhouse, Satang Island Santubong, and Jong's Crocodile Farm, Kuching

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/cgi-bin/np/search.cgi?category=10&keyword=sarawak




Mulu Caves Extravaganza Tours
Mulu in Sarawak, Malaysia, is home to the world’s largest and most fascinating caves. The caves of the World Heritage listed Mulu National Park break all known records. Among Mulu’s treasures are the Sarawak Chamber (the world’s largest cave); Deer Cave, with the biggest known cave entrance in the world; and Clearwater Cave, with the world’s longest underground cavity. Then there are the literally dozens of smaller, less-visited caves, with such enticing names as Wonder Cave, Good Luck Cave, Lang's Cave, and Imperial Cave. Please visit the following link for more special tours' detail/itinerary:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ml.shtml

East-West North Borneo Trail
The East-West North Borneo Trail is an adventurous trip taking you from the East Coast to the West Coast of Sabah. The trip allows you to discover Sabah’s intriguing biodiversity, and the friendly interior people. This journey offers truly the best of North Borneo, from the coast to the forests, and you will be staying with Dusun and Murut people of the interior, and Orang Sungai on the Kinabatangan River that makes up for the biologically richest floodplain in the world.... Please visit the following link for more details/itinerary:

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/tours/eb-ew.shtml




Sabah's Events

6 - 8 July 2002
The annual Sago Fest is held to highlight the district of Kuala Penyu and their traditional uses of the sago palm. For its 13th year running, this fest is fast becoming one of the many fest that is looked forward to every year. Lots of activities will be organized for all.
(Organiser: Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd; Email: balwant@sabahtourism.com)


11 - 31 July 2002
Borneo has gained, amongst its first discoverer, a reputation for body-art in the form of tattoos. Intriguing patterns have been etched into the skin of people of rank and merit, for distinction, to remember events, or for personal beauty, to name a few reasons. During this exhibition, discover why people suffer to be tattooed, and admire and learn more about the intricate traditional patterns.
(Organiser: Monsopiad Cultural Village; E-mail:mcv@tm.net.my ; URL: http://www.monsopiad.org/)


19 - 20 July 2002
This year Pesta Gambus will be held in Sipitang, an annual event where the instrument of Gambus competition is held to popularised the musical instrument. Beside the musical instrument, the Brunei community also popularised their traditional cuisine, traditional cakes and handicraft are exhibited and sold. Also traditional games are competed.
(Organiser: Persatuan Masyarakat Brunei Sabah (PMBS); Email: tsut1.mof@sabah.gov.my)


28 July 2002
With a distance of 22km, the Challenge starts and ends at the foothills of Mt. Kinabalu at a village called Kg. Kiau. This year’s racecourse will offer the best of its adventure and promises to be tougher and more challenging than the previous years’.
(Organiser: Sabah Mountain Biking Association (SAMBA) / Sri Pelancongan Sabah Sdn Bhd; Email: drfionalim@yahoo.com ; URL: http://www.yello.com.my/samba)


Sarawak's Events

12 - 14 July 2002
From 12 to 14 July 2002, world beat musicians from all corner of the world will perform live in this festival. A truly unique event not to be missed!
(Organiser: Sarawak Tourism Board; Email: stb@sarawaktourism.com ; URL: http://www.rainforestmusic-borneo.com/ )


13 - 14 July 2002
Internationally acclaimed festival among local and visiting Nanyang Wushu exponents and Lion Dance enthusiasts, the annual event, held in Kuching, is dedicated to the ancient mystical art of self-defence and the captivating lion dancing.
(Organiser: Nanyang Wushu Federation of Sarawak; E-mail: Shsong@pc.jaring.my ; URL: http://www.visitsarawak.com/wushu)


20 July 2002
Sarawak's very own rain forest challenge is an annual event. The one day event which consists of 3 discipline, namely Cycling leg, Jungle trekking and Kayaking, took a distance ofabout 70 km race through the virgin jungle of the Similajau National Park in Bintulu. A race which differs from the rest of its kind promises challenging experiences to an extream sports enthusiast.
(Organiser: Ministry of Social Development and Urbanisation; URL: http://www.sarawaktourism.com/similajau/similajau.shtml)


21 July 2002
A world class half-marathon run will be held in the bustling town of Sibu, the "Gateway City" to the central region of the state of Sarawak in Malaysia. The event is targeted to attract 5000 participants throughout Malaysia and around ASEAN region including India, Australia and New Zealand.
(Organiser: SABERKAS Negeri Sarawak; Email: sbkassbw@tm.net.my ; URL: http://www.saberkas.com.my/run2002/index.htm)


Labuan's Events

31 July 2002
A rare opportunity to see the latest ordnance and armory of the Malaysian Army. The exhibition at Labuah Square displays the activities and campaigns undertaken to maintain security in the region. It offers valuable information on the workings of the Malaysian Army with particular reference to Labuan as a strategic military base in East Malaysia.
(Co-Organiser: Angkatan Tentera Malaysia & Perbadanan Labuan)


Brunei's Event

15 July 2002
July 15 is a significant date for Bruneians for it is the birthday of the caring ruler, His Majesty Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah Mu'izzaddin Waddaulah, the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam. Expect lots of entertainment for both young and old, including tourists.
(Organiser: Brunei Darussalam Government)




The Oriental Hotel, Bangkok Thailand

The Oriental Experience
Special Offer!!
Valid now until Mar. 31, 2003.
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10%-30% off depending on room type and month.

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/the_oriental_bangkok_thailand.shtml

The Eastin Bangkok Hotel (formerly The Empress )

Honeymooner Specials!
Offer valid from now until Oct.31 2002 (Only Standard room)
Large double bed with fruit and flowers set up upon guest arrival.
A small heart shaped chocolate box will be presented when bed turned down

Published Rate: US$81; Special Rate: US$25

URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/the_eastin_bangkok_thailand.shtml




- Your rights as an airline passenger: Before purchasing airline tickets, ask for the airline's "Conditions of Carriage". The Conditions of Carriage cover numerous airline regulations, including limits of liability for loss of luggage, check-in deadlines, responsibility for delays or cancelled flights, compensation for injuries and many others. These regulations vary from airline to airline so it may help you determine which airline you'll choose.

- When checking in at the hotel's lobby: For a matter of security, ask the hotel desk personnel not to announce your room number, but rather to write it down. There is no need for the entire hotel lobby to know what room you'll be staying in.

- What to do if you lose your passport: First of all, you must inform the local authorities about the loss. After that, contact your country's consulate or embassy for permission to return to your home country. Normally, a temporary passport will be issued.

Courtesy of PlanetHoliday
Asia's premier Hotel Reservation site since 1997,
offering discounts of up to 75% off the regular
rates at hotels throughout Asia!
URL: http://www.e-borneo.com/travel/ph/




This website has been around for a couple of years. It must be the most comprehensive collection of information on Borneo..., in Japanese. If you can read Japanese, please share with everyone what precisely are the main contents. Notice some write-ups on Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Kalimantan, etc.

URL: http://www.borneo.ac/

A Guide To The Lizards Of Borneo
Anything you want to know about the lizards of Borneo by Dr. Indraneil Das and Ghazally Ismail from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. Get to know species such as Agamidae, Eublepharidae, Lanthanotidae, and other tongue twister. Bet you didn't know there're so many lizard species in Borneo.

URL: http://www.arbec.com.my/lizards/

Borneo Project Homepage
The Borneo Project was created in 1991 to assist Borneo's indigenous peoples in their struggle to regain control of their ancestral lands. The organisation work with a growing network of communities and non-profits assisting with craft sales, microhydro electrification, reforestation, mapping, eco-friendly income generation, reforestation, and the like.

URL: http://www.earthisland.org/borneo/

If you have an interesting Borneo website to share with the rest, please email to mailing@e-borneo.com




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