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Greetings Fellow Borneons and Friends,

Welcome to the first e-newsletter of 2001. It has taken us awhile, but finally we are back, and with the aim to serve and entertain you better. First of all, we would like to thank you all for the support and suggestions you've given us during the past year.

In our opinion, e-borneo.com couldn't function as well as it does without you. We encourage you to continue sending your feedback and contribution during the coming year. We have many plans to improve the functionality of our service, as well as add new and relevant content for your surfing pleasure. These can only be done with your strong and continuous support.

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***Abu Sayyaf and the US Travel Warning***

The recent kidnapping at Palawan island in the Philippines by the Abu Sayyaf has once again strike fear to the heart of Malaysians in Borneo, especially Sabah. It was only 13 months ago that a similar incident occured at Sipadan island, and several months later, another copycat abduction at Pandanan island. This has more or less killed off the revival process of the tourism industry in the Borneo region.

The interesting thing to note here is that a month or two before the latest kidnapping saga, the US State Department issued a warning to Americans travelling to Malaysia Borneo because of potential of another Abu Sayyaf strike-out. The Malaysian government has vehemently protest against this warning.

BUT, is it a coincident that this caution was issued just a month or so before the Palawan abduction? Did the US intelligence managed to decode vital Abu Sayyaf's kidnap plan conversations. If so, why did they not share it with the Malaysian or Philippines governments? Why was the warning only issued to US citizens and not citizens in this region? Aren't we entitle to know that someone in our neighbour's backyard is planning to go on another kidnapping spree?

Or perhaps this US warning is merely a sheer coincidence. After all, the Malaysian states of Borneo and the sultanate kingdom of Brunei remain as peaceful and safe as before. Almost 99.0% of these three areas are still generally devoid of any catastrophic violence, civil unrest or untoward incidents.

What do you think about this?

Feel free to share your feelings on this editorial, or any other subject, at feedback@e-borneo.com. Please note that for the purpose of interactivity, your name/nick and comments received may be published in our e-newsletters or on our website (Note: Rest assured that your email address will not be published, but if you have a website, please include your URL - we will give it a FREE promotion here for you).




A lot of new things have been added since our last newsletter in end-2000. For a start, the 'What's New' column at our main page has been 'taken over' by RAJ, the cute orangutan with an attitude. He is in action almost daily introducing visitors to new or interesting things at the site. Some of the other new features include the following:

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Subject: Where are you?
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This virus also drops the file Cih_14.exe, which is a dropper for the CIH virus, and attempts to run it. Presently a Category 2 threat.

VBS.VBSWG2.X@mm (Discovered: May 8, 2001)

VBS.VBSWG2.X@mm or VBS.HomePage is an encrypted VBScript worm that uses a known exploit to send itself to all recipients in an infected user's Microsoft Outlook address book. The email comes with a subject "Homepage" and an attachment file called "Homepage.html.vbs". It also has a payload that opens a Web site that contains pornographic contents. Although it has only been discovered very recent, it is classified as a Category 4 (high) threat by Symantec.

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