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Sipadan/Pandanan Hostage Crisis

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Sipadan/Pandanan Hostage News Specials



Wednesday, 13 December 2000

'Robot' to surrender (Manila Times)

German cops disprove Abu ransom kickback story (ABS-CBN)


Tuesday, 12 December 2000

Estrada to file lawsuit against German magazine (AFP)


Sunday, 10 December 2000

"Injured" Kumander Robot spotted in Jolo (ABS-CBN)


Saturday, 09 December 2000

Robot injured in gun battle (ABS-CBN)


Tuesday, 05 December 2000

Four killed, 24 hurt in Abu Sayyaf clashes in Sulu (ABS-CBN)


Monday, 04 December 2000

Schilling roaming in Jolo? (ABS-CBN)


Sunday, 03 December 2000

"Pasir Sandera" sends strong message to would be raiders (Bernama)


Friday, 01 December 2000

Philippine Muslim rebels claim spokesman is dead (AP)


Wednesday, 29 November 2000

Basilan residents confirm military torture of Midjal (ABS-CBN)

Schilling, Ullah still alive - Palace (ABS-CBN)


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Sipadan Island, Sabah, Malaysia

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