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War Against Terror Specials - Regional News/Reactions


APEC leaders united against terror

APEC council: Do more to curb money laundering

United APEC front, but divisions remain

American advisers arrive in Philippines under cover of darkness

Religious leaders say Indonesia cannot do without the US

End strikes before Ramadhan, says Indonesia

Indonesians stage big anti-US rally


Bank Indonesia turns down request to freeze bin Laden-linked bank accounts

Philippines government sets up team to deal with anthrax scare

Indonesian government will review stance on Afghan assault

Indonesian Muslim women want freedom to stay

Mega urged to get tough against US strikes

Indonesian Ulemas Council softens stance on Indonesia-US diplomatic ties

Indons warn of wider war between West and the rest of the world

Anthrax alarms spread fear and confusion through Asia

APEC statement on terrorism may not mention Osama

Imee Marcos hits Philippines govt for support of US

Philippines leader urges precautions following anthrax scare

Violence must not beget violence: Megawati

Police breaks up illegal rally in Jakarta, dozens injured

No confirmation of attack on German tourists in Indonesia

Jakarta cops disperse protesters

Asian views may shift as strikes go on

Megawati condemns US-led strikes on Afghanistan

Security stepped up at US Embassy in Jakarta as hardline groups threaten attacks

Jakarta cops nab 65 protesters

S'pore PM: Pull together to overcome threats

Singapore satisfied with US evidence against Osama

Singapore Muslims told to clear Islam's tarnished name

Terrorists tried to recruit Singaporeans

Hostages who fled say they saw two Arabs with Abu Sayyaf rebels

Thailand PM to visit US, meet Bush

Indonesia vice president urges US to halt attacks in Afghanistan

Jakarta quiet as anti-US protests seen muted

GMA to puch multilateral pact on terrorism at Asean

Philippine bishops endorse anti-terror campaign

Thaksin, Arroyo urge Asean to make "extra effort" in terrorism fight

Philippines President to meet with George W. Bush in US

Diplomats worry about Indonesia's tolerance of Islamic radicals

Asean against terrorism

Indonesian protesters burn US and British flags

Most of Asia backs US action

Attacks on Taliban are just: Arroyo

Singapore backs strikes

Phone text rumours spark panic in Manila

Indonesia expresses concern, urges US to limit strikes

Jakarta braces for anti-West backlash

Indonesia religious leaders urge govt to cut ties with US

Indonesia militant groups rally outside US Embassy

Indonesia Muslim youth slam US, UK over attacks

Impact of terrorism to feature high at APEC talks

US lobbies APEC to help fight terrorism

6 planes with relief for Afghans transit Philippines

US Embassy in Indonesia warns Americans to stay home

Foreigners threatened in Indonesia as US issues warning

Indonesian Muslim group calls on millions to stage protest

Manila kills 15 in clash with bin Laden-linked guerrillas

Singaporean Muslims distancing themselves from attacks

Cambodian PM withdraws statement aimed at Muslims after US attacks

ASEAN regional forum will discuss terrorism

Arroyo accepts proof on Osama

Indonesian citizens barred from joining Afghan war

West Sumatra could become off-limits to foreign tourists

List of Indonesians survivors in WTC attack

Indonesia to restricts anti-US protests

Megawati calls for peace, opposes intimidation of foreigners

Gus Dur opposes sweeping against Westerners

Indonesian immigration warns would-be 'jihad' warriors

Arroyo ok'd America's use of Philippines' airspace 'as needed'

War fears lead some S'poreans to stock up on food

Live with others in peace: S'porean Mufti

Guidelines to S'pore schools on terror attack views

Philippines' local Muslims assail terrorism

Osama still arming Abu Sayyaf

2,000 stage anti-US demonstration in Jakarta

Terrorism is not part of Islam: Indonesia VP

Indonesia police hesitant to act on militants

Indonesia signs UN convention on terrorism

Indonesia top Islamic authority slams attacks on US, planned Afghan strike

Indonesia VP proposed sweep for US citizens

Indonesia Muslim bodies may call for global holy war

New US envoy wants to cultivate Indonesian's anti-terrorism support

Thai army confirms no militant activities in border area

Philippines pursues money trail of bin Laden-linked Abu Sayyaf group

Thai Muslims urged to stay calm

Senators approve refueling of US jets in the Philippines

Abu Sayyaf Group in Bush financial blacklist

Jakarta raps militant Muslims targeting Americans in Java

Singapore stands with US against terrorism

Singapore PM: 'An attack on humanity and the civilised world'

Singaporean came to grief with America

Several Indonesian radical Muslim groups search for Americans

Three more US jets to refuel in the Philippines

S'pore is free of Osama links, says DPM Lee

Bin Laden visited Philippines 'several times'

Hope for Pinoy WTC survivors dims

Jakarta examining ways to help battle terrorism

Indonesia remains strategic US partner: Colin Powell

Memorial service at Singapore National Stadium

Monetary Authority of S'pore (MAS) asks banks to report Osama assets

Thailand Muslim chief backs formation of coalition

Philippines proposes anti-terrorism tie-up with KL, Jakarta

Indonesia Muslim women stage peaceful protest against terrorism

Indonesia to fight terrorism: Megawati tells Bush

Indonesian clerics warn US against retaliation

Arroyo: "Philippines' role in US fight constitutional"

Filipino worker leaps to safety at Pentagon after crash

Terrorism: Singapore will do its part

NSC to meet as the Philippines defends full support for the US

Captured Abu Sayyaf leader confirms bin Laden aid

Thailand MP tells Bush to use pork bombs

US must not underestimate threat: BG Yeo

S'pore cops free alleged terrorists

S'porean helps pack food for rescue team

Three aliens nabbed in Manila hotel raid

Two Pinoys on suicide jetliners

ASEAN condemns attack

President Arroyo's letter to President Bush

Two Singaporean may be among missing

Megawati's letter of condolence to Bush

Mega condemns attacks on U.S.

Indonesian among passengers on board doomed airline

Thailand 'shocked, saddened'

US gives Thailand police photos of 15 suspects

MILF: Abu rejoices after US attack

Arroyo deplores 'barbaric act'

A Singaporean at WTC - Eyewitness account

Frantic calls to contact love ones from S'pore



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