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War Against Terror Specials - Local Reactions/News


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PM: Our stand not an obstruction

Commentary: Terrorism debate and Mahathir's battle

Govt to look at stiffer penalties for pranksters

Plight of new refugees arrival


Malaysia 'not a target for biological warfare'

Umno Youth slams PAS over jihad declaration

Ministry to get anthrax test report

Three cases of suspected anthrax mail reported

More cases of suspected anthrax in mail

Better intelligence system needed to sniff out threats

Malaysia may call for review of US action

DPM: Don't panic over anthrax

Secretary warded after touching powdery substance

Post office receives suspicious envelope

Student's Afghan mission foiled

Anthrax alert at Butterworth factory

Expert: Look at other warfare agents as well

Futile to attack Afghanistan, PM tells Blair

US and Malaysia jointly probing anthrax letter

Security scans to be done on parcels

Suspicious packages turn out to be invites

Malaysia safe from anthrax

Praise from American investors

Safe to visit Malaysia, says NZ envoy

Three families of WTC victims apply for death certificates

Special Interview with the PM (15 Oct 2001): Full Transcript

Many other ways to declare Jihad, says Dr M

We will investigate anthrax report, says PM

Letter not sent by Malaysians

US wants to learn from Malaysia on fighting terrorism

Government launches Afghanistan Trust Fund

Taliban an oppressive regime, says Afghan women group

DAP seeks stand on 'Jihad'

Malaysia eager to work with US to trace source of Anthrax letter

Malaysia seeking more information on Anthrax letter probe

Editorial: Nothing but chicanery

Malaysia to help in Anthrax letter probe

Groups call on US to stop air attacks

Malaysians shying away from Europe, N. America

For the twins, Afghan children come before toys

We are not anti-US but disagree on bombings, says PM

Malaysia placed in a negative light on mere suspicion

DPM: Ban on demos ensures stability

OIC: Terrorism is tourism's greatest enemy

Rafidah: Children badly hit

Strikes not successful, says Syed Hamid

Use travel to forge unity, Mahathir urges Muslims

Anthrax letter said to be from Malaysia being tested

Malaysia wants UN meeting on terrorism

No help for those fighting for Taliban

Malaysian Govt to ignore PAS' call for holy war

Demo at Embassy, PAS hands over memo

US recognises KL's stand on terrorism

AP admits misquoting Mahathir

US Trade Rep Zoellick to visit Malaysia

Let's help the Afghan refugees

OIC: Islam is against terrorism

Dr M: Air strikes on Afghanistan not the answer

BN leaders fear for safety of civilians

Limit strikes to target, US urged

Help us, Afghan Northen Alliance envoy tells Malaysians

Osama T-shirt go on sale

M'sia criticises attacks on Afghanistan, but protects US citizens

Mahathir: Malaysia against military retaliation on Kabul

Mahathir conveys anti-terrorism views to Bush

Malaysia prepares for mercy mission

Assurance on national security

Editorial - Targeting Islam and Muslims: Comments that spell danger

Terrorism high on agenda of OIC conference

Armed Forces to rethink spy network

PM: We back hunt for terrorists but oppose war

Malaysia, good ally of US

PM feels US won't attack Islamic world

MAS to increase flights to Asia and axe 12 destinations

Iran, Malaysia agrees to hunt terrorists, oppose war

Editorial: Hopes for better ties with US

Dr M, Bush to talk further at Shanghai Apec meeting

ASEAN must not take part in war, says PM

Bush phones Dr Mahathir to thank Malaysia for support

US Embassy: No Americans being targeted in Malaysia

100 PAS supporters protest outside US Embassy

PM: Others learning from our experience in handling terrorism

Govt checking on societies with possible foreign terrorist links

Don't retaliate by waging war, US urged

PM: Attacks won't solve terrorism problem

Dr M: We support US bid to find attackers

DPM: We will fight terrorism together

US Embassy: Malaysia not on any list

NST Editorial: "They are lies"

US denies seeking Malaysian Govt to surrender local terrorists

Security step up at Brunei airport

Mahathir vows to extradite terrorist suspects to US

Government to find out why US won't let seamen in

Report on terrorists ready

Examine root cause of terrorism instead, urges JUST

PAS lauds Mahathir's stand

Najib: 'Israeli atrocities spell more trouble'

Listen to reason, US urged

Govt will persuade US to let M'sian seamen in

Najib: No reason for US to attack Malaysia

'Un-Americans' may have different views

DPM to launch tele-donation drive

Malaysia supports US move

Dr Mahathir: Focus on solving woes

Suspects allowed entry into M'sia because they had no criminal record

US ban on Malaysian seamen unfair

US Embassy seek info on list of barred M'sian seafarers

Life goes on for Malaysians in New York

Missing Malaysian tried to help colleague

Student group concerned over claim of 'jihad'

US bars Malaysia seafarers

US pleased with Malaysian support

Malaysian Government 'to decide on any US request'

Penangite who worked in WTC still missing

Still no news on four

Sabah watch Osama

Malaysian police pledge assistance to FBI

'Frustrated, Exhausted, and yearning to return home'

Joy, tears as Malaysians come home

Four Malaysians remains unaccounted for

DPM: We won't tolerate terrorists

Malaysians looking for kin in New York can seek group's aid

Missing girl calls to say she is safe

Malaysians help out in NY

PM: Give info on purported meeting

Sabahan victim in NY 10 years

Sabah consultant among 4 Malaysians still missing

Osama Bin Laden in Sabah?

Mahathir: All countries must get together to deal with terrorism

Narrow escape for Penangite at WTC

Five more Malaysians confirmed to be safe

Malaysian cook missing in New York

No news on 14 Malaysians in New York

Malaysian: "Numb but glad I'm alive"

Musa fears repeat of attacks

Malaysian: "13 minutes later and I'd have been history"

Malaysian Eyewitness: "I saw it happen!"

Why is this happening?

Malaysian PM's message to President Bush

Brunei Sultan's sends condolences to President Bush

Malaysia condemns terrorist attacks on WTC

NST Editorial: A dastardly act

Views from Malaysians in US

Still not known if any Malaysians are injured

Eight Malaysian workers at WTC safe

Bruneians are safe

US business community in M'sia in state of shock

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge temporarily closed

M'sian pianist in NYC awakes to sirens of fire engines

PAS describes attacks as 'heinous crime'

Malaysian PM saddened by attacks

Mayhem and death in New York: A personal account

Malaysia airports step up security checks

Mahathir cancelled UK visit

Malaysians 'safe'

KLSE is closed today

24-hour Hotline at Wisma Putra



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