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Malaysia Festival

Colours of Malaysia

By Cedrina Norlaila Abd. in Kuala Lumpur


With the picture of Thailand's King on display, Thailand dancers perform during the Citrawarna Malaysia (Colours of Malaysia) cultural festival in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last Saturday, July 2, 2005. With the theme 'The Colours of Asia in Malaysia', the event features songs and dances from Malaysia and presentations from invited countries in Asia such as Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, China and Korea. Various arts, culture and traditional events held nationwide for a month from July 2 to 31, 2005. AP<

An Iban ensemble from Borneo adds to the colourful splash. Bulletin photos: Cedrina Norlaila Abd

Korean dancers form a flower during Citrawarna Malaysia. AP

A Chinese dancer performs a routine during the full dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony of Citrawarna Malaysia. AFP

A Filipino dancer performs a routine. AFP

Dancer performs traditional 'Zapin' dance. AP

An Indonesian dancer in a routine. AFP
Dancers perform a routine during the full dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony of Citrawarna Malaysia (Colours of Malaysia), late 01 July 2005, in preparation for the official launch of the month-long festival on 02 July. Cultural troupes from China, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines were invited to perform for the event. AFP

Colours of Malaysia were splashed at the historic Merdeka Stadium in Kuala Lumpur July 2nd 2005, drawing thousands to witness featuring the best in performing arts, culture and tradition by ethnic groups and performers from Asean countries including China, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines.

All joined in a big feast later at the Citrawarna Food Village, after the spectacular bedazzled the senses.

'Citrawarna Malaysia' was inaugurated in 1999 and, now in its seventh year to become a major tourism annual to woo thousands of visitors. Some 70 cultural activities will be staged throughout the country during the Citrawarna month of July.

Also flocking to cover the gala were some 500 journalists, travel agents and television crew from nearly 30 countries. It was a fusion of East and West Malaysia on that night, where the distinctive communities - Malay, Chinese, Indian, Kadazan, Dusun and Iban - showcased unique lifestyles and heritage in tradition, architecture and language on the big stage.

Heralding to tourists that there is much to do and see, Citrawarna Malaysia 2005 inaugurates one of the best times to experience it all in July, with the famous slogan 'Malaysia Truly Asia' coming to life before your very eyes.

The 'Colours of Malaysia' includes its scenic beauty at destinations like sun-kissed islands and palm-fringed coastlines with long, sandy beaches and exquisite diving spots in an amazing underwater life filled with fishes, corals, shells and other denizens of the deep sea. The cool highlands offer green adventure and nature trails, millennia-old rain-forest, jungle-clad lowlands. The neon-lit cities and towns have a thriving nightlife, entertainment and world-class shopping malls.

Citrawarna Malaysia 2005 is featured in accordance to historical sequence on the influx of many races to the Malay Peninsular since the era of the Malacca Sultanate till the present era of modern Malaysia. It begins with a picture on the culture based on daily rituals or mysticism. During the time when Malacca was a famous trading state in the Asia region, from the region and far continents.

Due to the wealth and friendliness of the people of Malacca, the Malay Peninsular also received the immigration of many ethnic groups from many countries. The highest number of immigrants came from Indonesia where the Javanese, Banjarese, Bawean, Minangkabau and other ethnic groups brought their facets to the local cultural assimilation process.

The Malacca port also received trade from the Indian continent on spices and many other. Several Indian communities make Malacca and the Malay Peninsular as their own until today. Apart from trading, they are also known as missionaries spreading the teachings of Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism and Hinduism through goodwill and culture. Many Chinese trades came to trade in Malacca and lived there till today and introducing their own culture and still the culture practice remains the same.

With one voice and spirit, all races and communities in Malaysia hand-in-hand built a modern country with a unique culture and as a civilised country. Malaysia is set to be a destination exalted by many countries in Asia. Malaysia is Truly Asia!

Source: Borneo Bulletin Sunday




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