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e-Business Marketing Essentials From Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Centre®

If you are already operating a traditional or web business, or thinking of starting one and using the Internet to EXPLODE YOUR SALES, then you have reach the right destination. Marketing is the most important component of any business.  For electronic business (or e-business), a strong Internet marketing strategy and knowledge is the critical foundation for the success of your business. Below are some of the pertinent e-marketing essentials offered by one of the world's top Internet marketing guru, Corey Rudl, and his highly acclaimed Internet Marketing Centre®.


The Internet is full of self-proclaimed marketing gurus. Most newbies will easily fall prey to such con professionals selling products that have not been proven to work or are simply hype. No matter how good a product is described to be or how 'guaranteed' it is to work for you, the most important initial step is for you to check the background and credibility of either the company that is offering ther product and/or the author.

Who is Corey Rudl and what is the Internet Marketing Centre®?

Steps to Start & Promote a Business on the Internet

Get a critically-acclaimed Home Study Course to learn all the insiders' secrets, tricks and tips to starting a business on the Internet and/or to promote effectively online and skyrocket your sales.

Get the most recent videos release of the same trade secrets seminar (including techniques not reveal anywhere before) to explode your sales where participants paid as much as US$2,252 to discover.

Get a software to automate your business, make it hands free, and do all your dirty work for you....newsletter server, autoresponders, newsgroups, webforms processing, bulk emailer, automatic scheduler, flame/bomb filter and much more.

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Get a software to promote your business online in less time - least risky, least expensive way to explode your traffic and sales at your website in a short period of time.

Note: Steps 3 and 4 may only apply to a specific set of e-businesses' requirements and needs.


Real-Life Case Study #1 — Ee Chik Goh, Sabah

The IMC and Corey Rudl's products may be well acknowledged to be one of the best in the industry. However, there are many proven and critically acclaimed marketing tools or products that simply cannot be applied or not relevant to non-US environment. Whatever product you are thinking to purchase MUST work internationally under any conditions, such as for Borneons in Borneo.

Click here to read about the experience of a young local netrepreneur from Tamparuli on the IMC course...

Real-Life Case Study #2 — Anthony Ellis, U.S.

Find out why Anthony "used to" work on Wall Street and dreaded going to work... and why he now runs a successful Internet business that brings in over US$1,000 per day selling just one product... that's over US$250,000 per year!

Click here for more details...

Click here for a local netrepreneur's testimonial on the Secret To His Success...

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Seminar Videos

Newsflash: Corey Rudl releases 3 brand new videos crammed with million dollar ideas not covered in his marketing course, or anywhere else. Strategies previously only available at seminars. Explode your business with the same trade secrets seminar attendees paid as much as US$2,252 to discover! Click here for an intro by a local netrepreneur or click here to learn more about the videos.

SPECIAL ITEM: eBookPro - Find out how to package your text, HTML, Flash, audio/video etc. into secure eBook software that not only protects, but also collects contact information you can use to market your products or service too! Click here for more information!