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Introducing Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Centre®

Hi there valued visitors of,

We would like to personally thank you for taking some time off your busy surfing schedule to drop in to this page. This is perhaps your WISEST move (click) of the day.

The reason for this page is that we would like to introduce you to COREY RUDL.  No, he is not a rock star, although he may looked like one. Corey is a 'virtual' acquaintance of ours whom we have been involved with for the past year.  He was the special guest speaker at a seminar organised by Informatics titled "Making Millions thru the Internet" on 27-29 July 2000, at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur.  Corey is the President of the highly acclaimed Internet Marketing Centre® and is probably one of the first 'WWW SuperStars' of Internet marketing to have been invited to give a talk in Malaysia. I am sure you must have heard of him in the "Net circle" if you are an e-business enthusiast.

Who is Corey Rudl?
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Corey Rudl hails from Canada and is a Canadian and US citizen.  With a marketing background, Corey launched his first Internet business in 1994 - selling his self-authored book called "Car Secrets Revealed".  The title of the book may little relation to the Internet, but the unique and powerful web marketing strategies and techniques he used to propel his book to the number one best selling book online within a year, made him an instant high-profile Internet marketing guru.

In 1997, Corey started the Internet Marketing Centre® and created the best selling Internet marketing course online called "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet".  Today, he runs four very successful online businesses, all from his one small office.  Corey is indeed one of the success stories of the new Internet economy.  Why? Not only because he has made millions through the Net, but he is willing to share with us all his tricks and trade secrets.  Not many people who has "made it" will be willing to tell us the same secrets that brought them to the millionaire club.

The Bad News

The BAD news is that the seminar organised by Informatics at Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur is over and done with, and Corey had since flew back to the States.  There will be very rare opportunity for a 'superstar' like Corey to be invited to give a talk in Malaysia again in the near term.  It will be even rarer for us here in Borneo to have an opportunity to hear from the Ricky Martins of the Internet Marketing world. Hopefully, Corey will come to Borneo on his account soon to surprise all of us here?  It's okay Corey, we are just pulling your leg (he has already visited this page just for your information).

The Good News

The GOOD news is that Corey has given his personal permission to to reveal some of his tips and secrets to Internet business success, especially for readers in Borneo, as well as how you too can benefit from the Internet economy.  He has also approved a very special offer for those who have missed his seminar in KL, a chance to purchase his popular home-study course at a discounted price (see the bottom of this page for more information).  For your online business success, if you should model someone, model a person who is already successful. An added bonus: Read the testimonial of a local netrepreneur who has benefited from Corey's secrets and tips to e-business success.

A Testimonial from a Local Netrepreneur

We would like to introduce a friend of ours, Mr. Ee Chik Goh from Tamparuli, Sabah.  Mr. Ee is currently operating a successful Internet business on a part-time basis. He is one of the many 'disciples' of Corey Rudl and has developed into quite a good Internet marketing guru himself.  Click Here to find out how he did it, and managed to earn an extra revenue stream each month to add to his monthly day-job salary, and with the blessing of his boss. He will also be revealing five personal tips for locals related to Internet business.

Some Free Advice and Useful Tips from Corey Rudl

The following are several FREE advices from Corey related to e-business.  It is extremely relevant to those who are thinking of starting an online business, or already have an Internet business, or   anyone who is interested in e-business (i.e., home-based, MLM, students, pensioners, unemployed, homemakers, etc.).  Please note that for your convenience, a new window will open when you visit each of the following article links so that you will not lose this page.

All articles above are courtesy of RichADZ, e-Business Solutions Provider, your local Knowledge guide to Internet Business. Click Here for more Corey Rudl's articles.

More About Corey Rudl's Home-Study Course

For the benefit of those who cannot afford to fly over to Kuala Lumpur to hear Corey speaks two years or did not even know he was here, you can now purchase Corey's best selling home-study course titled: "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet", at a fraction of the cost of what it will cost you to attend Corey's seminar in Kuala Lumpur (i.e., averages at least more than RM5,000 for the airfare, accomodation and seminar fee).  It also comes with a special "too-good-to-be-missed" offer specially for all valued visitors of

The course will reveal ALL his tips, tricks and techniques for starting a business on the Internet and making a fortune, ...or if you already have a business online, the course will reveal exactly how to promote it to make a fortune on the Internet.  You will get perhaps the same info that participants learnt at the just concluded seminar....., and at a much cheaper price.  Please Click Here for more information.

Seminar Videos

Newsflash: Corey Rudl releases 3 brand new videos crammed with million dollar ideas not covered in his marketing course, or anywhere else. Strategies previously only available at seminars. Explode your business with the same trade secrets seminar attendees paid as much as US$2,252 to discover! Click here for an intro by a local netrepreneur or click here to learn more about the videos.