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The Internet Marketing Centre

Introducing "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet" Home-Study Course By Corey Rudl and the Internet Marketing Centre


What does the course include?

The course comes in 2-D ring binders containing 650+ pages, the course also includes a CD-ROM containing Corey's personal resource list, an email program, plus four FREE gifts valued at US$845 (or RM3,211.00).

What are some of the "Insider Secrets" will I learnt?

You'll learn the SAME secrets Corey uses:

  • To make over $100,000 over a weekend, even though no one was in my office, and I was out racing cars!

  • To make over $50,000 every year from a "niche market" website that took me 2 days to build and 2 weeks to promote -- and now takes only 2 hours per week to run. And it doesn't even take orders online! (It sells sports car badges.)

  • Actual case studies of home-based entrepreneurs who earn $10,000+ per month working 1-2 hours per day.

  • Why Toyota and Honda gladly pay one of my friends $35,000 per month (each) to advertise on his site.

  • People come online to research -- not to buy -- so how do you sell them?

  • Profit from the same explosive strategy used by Yahoo and Hotmail.

  • Run multiple businesses on the Internet in less than an hour per day.

  • Got a local business? Use the Net to become the busiest in town!

  • Find markets where the "big boys" won't compete -- because they can "only" produce $200,000 per year!

Will the techniques works in my country?

Corey Rudl's concepts and techniques work from anywhere in the world... the Internet is a worldwide medium. He has tailored the course to be applicable in every country. For example, two of his companies are Canadian (Corey is a Canadian and US citizen), but his customer base is almost 85% American. As you can see, there are no barriers with the market on the Internet.  They've have shipped products to Malaysia. Singapore, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, Croatia, United Kingdom, Germany, etc.. For that matter, they ship at least a few Internet marketing courses a day overseas. People from all over the world will buy what you have... that is what is so great about the Internet. Check out a personal testimonial from a Borneon here!

Will the course teach me how to target my local market?

Pretty much the only type of market that is very hard, if not impossible to target online is to a very small geographical area. Corey has devised, developed and proven techniques that can reach just about any market out there. There are so many hundreds of millions of people on the Internet right now there is a market for just about anything, it is just a case of finding it which Corey's course will walk you through. The Internet knows no borders, this is the huge benefit of having your business online.

How much is the cost of this course?

The cost of this course is just US$397 (or RM1,508.60), but as an internet marketing test and until end of December 2002, it is just US$197 (or RM748.60) plus four FREE gifts valued at US$845 (or RM3,211.00).

SPECIAL OFFER FOR E-BORNEO.COM'S VISITORS: The US$197 (or RM748.60) offer will be specially extended by the IMC until the end of December 2002.

I think you will agree that this is a tremendous bargain!

Is there any guarantee that these strategies and tips will work?

Well, how about a... US$197.00 (or RM748.60) Cashier's Check FREE?

Double your money back guarantee! If you follow all of Corey's techniques and strategies and don't increase your sales by 300% after 90 days - just send it back for full and prompt refund of your purchase price AND he will give you another US$197 (or RM748.60) just for trying the techniques. You will even get to keep the 4 FREE gifts, which valued at US$845 (or RM3,211.00).

SPECIAL GUARANTEE FOR BORNEONS: Since most of us here in Borneo feel that we are still lagging so much behind the US in the e-business industry and Internet penetration, Corey will even take his guarantee one step further just for Borneons and businesses based in Borneo. Don't feel like you have to "try" his techniques to return the course (that is only if you want "double" your money back). If you don't like the course for ANY reason, any reason at all... it can be because you felt it was not worth the money, or because not many people in your country know much about the Internet, or just because you didn't like the paper it was printed on... for any reason in the next 10 years (yes, 10 years!) return the course and Corey will refund your purchase price immediately. Now that is confidence, don't you think?

How do I get the course?

The course will be shipped to you via Federal Express. You will receive the course within a week and can get started the same day you receive it. You can be doubling or even tripling your profits by NEXT WEEK!!

Think about it;

You really cannot afford not to invest in this course.

And remember, you have nothing to lose. If you use all of Corey's techniques, he will guarantee you will triple your profits within 90 days or he will personally buy the course back from you PLUS give you another US$197.00 (or RM748.60). You will even get an added bonus of US$845 (or RM3,211.00) in free gifts regardless of whether or not you keep the course.

This information is a bargain.

Great, where do I go to purchase the course?

You can visit Corey's web site through the link below.  You will also get more information on the complete details of the course, how to order, the payment mode, and other relevant information.

Enter the Internet Marketing Centre

WARNING: "If you are looking for information on how to get on the net or someone to show you the ups and downs - this is not it. This is all the "hard-core" secrets on how to truly make money on the net. ( I assume you know how to surf the web, look at newsgroups, do email, etc.). Corey is not here to explain how to get on the Internet and work your email, web browser, newsreaders, etc.. So if you don't know how to do these things, don't buy this course... you have a lot to learn first. Corey is here to give you all the tricks and "insider" techniques to make some serious money with the Internet. 

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