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Introducing Corey Rudl's London Videos

Hi there valued visitors of,

I have such an extremely exciting announcement that I could not wait to tell you about it! The sooner you can take advantage of what you are about to learn, the sooner you will be able to EXPLODE YOUR BUSINESS using proven money-making strategies!

This is your opportunity to see Corey Rudl -- Internet marketing expert, author, and owner of 4 successful e-businesses that gross US$5.2 Million per year -- revealing over 4 hours of his most profitable marketing strategies. That's over 240 minutes of killer information that you can begin applying to your e-business right away!

This is cutting-edge information that cannot be found anywhere else -- not in courses, not in classes, not in e-zines, not anywhere!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Internet marketing strategies that I am about to reveal are not available anywhere else, unless you want to pay for personal one-on-one consultation with Corey himself
at a rate of $1,280 US per hour... or attend one of his seminars at $5,000 US a seat!

Do you own a television and a VCR? Do you have, or want to start, an online business? Then pay close attention, because I'm about to show you...

  • How to create an unstoppable "domino effect" that drives traffic to your Web site for the rest of your life - for FREE!

  • How to MAKE US$10,000+ PER DAY by turning your service into a product.

  • How to implement a savvy "backend" campaign that turns one-time sales into LIFETIME INCOME STREAMS! This one strategy can double your income.

  • ACTUAL CASE STUDIES of home-based entrepreneurs who earn US$10,000+ per month working 1-2 hours per day.

  • Why people come online to research -- not to buy -- and how you can PROFIT FROM THIS LITTLE-KNOWN SECRET!

  • How to GET RISK-FREE ADVERTISING on thousands of other web sites -- and pay only for the sales they generate!

  • How to MAKE YOUR COMPETITORS BEG to sell your products.

  • Discover the enormous shift that the Net is going to experience in the next 5 years - and HOW YOU CAN EASILY PROFIT FROM IT!

  • How to explode your Affiliate Program with TECHNIQUES

SO SIMPLE that you'll kick yourself for not using them sooner!

... Plus a ton more tips, tricks, and techniques that are crucial to the success of your e-business.

This is your opportunity to bypass outdated Internet marketing books, newsletters, e-zines, etc... and FAST-TRACK YOUR SUCCESS by actually watching and listening as Corey explains step-by-step, in layman's terms, exactly what you need to do to...

Earn the kind of staggering six and seven digit incomes that the "Big Guys" are raking in!

People literally come from all over the world just to hear and see exactly what Corey is about to show you in your very own home. It's really a unique chance to learn the cutting-edge secrets
that only an elite few have been privy to -- until now!

With these videos, you'll discover profitable secrets that will teach you how to...

  • Monopolize an unlimited number of small markets and find out why this is SAFER, FASTER, AND EASIER than competing for the big markets.

  • SEDUCE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE into joining your e-mail list!

  • Monitor and improve your search engine positions -- AUTOMATICALLY.

  • Track the exact number of visitors each reciprocal link is driving to your site.

  • Write "grabber" offers that MAKE BUYING FROM YOU THE ONLY CHOICE.

... you will learn the exact same secrets that the "Big Guys" are using to profit wildly from every day!

To find out how you can start using all of these profit-inducing strategies to skyrocket your business on the Internet, go to:

Whatever you do, do NOT hesitate. This chance to see Corey Rudl spilling his guts is only available for a short while! After that, who knows how you’ll be able to get this invaluable


Ee Chik Goh

Part-Time Netrepreneur

Tanparuli, Sabah, Malaysia.

May 2001


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