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A Testimonial from a Local Part-Time Netrepreneur


My name is Ee Chik Goh and I am from the small town of Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia. I have been invited by the e-borneo.com's team to share with you my experience as a LOCAL part-time netrepreneur on how I managed to capture a small piece of the lucrative e-commerce cake, with the help of Corey Rudl and his Internet Marketing Centre®.  Normally, I would not personally recommend any web site but I think I owe Corey a lot for his help.  I also rarely give my testimony to anyone, but in e-borneo.com's case, I feel obliged to share with their visitors my experience because they are one of the few web sites in this region (like myself) who employed Corey's strategies and tips. 

I am really happy to see that they have more than tripled their visitors base in a few months since launching.  At last count, I was told that they had recorded more than 120,000 hits last month. Now, that's truly amazing for a locally-based site considering that the number of Internet users in the Borneo region made up of about 1-2 percent of its total population of approximately 18 million.  Of course, I was told that not all of their visitors are from this region. Surfers from North America comprised the second largest group to visit e-borneo.com. What it roughly means is that about one-fourth (1/4th) of the total populace in Borneo visited e-borneo.com every month. What more can they asked for? They are not likely to emulate Yahoo's 1 million hits a day anytime soon. And boy, some of their designs are sub-standard but they can still draw in the crowds (Personal Tips No. 1 - An excellently-designed web site will attract visitors; A well-developed and rich/dynamic content web site will attract 'sticky' visitors).

Hey, this is supposed to be my testimony guys. You are only concentrating on hits not making $$$ right?  The readers wants me to show them the money not hits.  Enough of e-borneo.com for now.  Period. Okay, I am going to share with you how I, an average fellow with no business or computing background (or even an undergraduate degree), managed to start a semi-successful e-business on a part-time basis, and make some additional income each and every month to add to my day-job salary by simply following some of the best tips, strategies, techniques, and secrets ever compiled in this world, courtesy of Corey and his Internet Marketing Centre®.

No, don't get me wrong here. I am not one of those who have made millions through the Internet (but I did TRIPLED my sales in a matter of months....., more of that later), or those who simply claimed that they'd been making tons of $$$ just to sell their product/service. Nor am I selling you any Multi Level Marketing (MLM) plans or Get-Rich-Quick schemes. In fact, I will not even mention the URL of my web site or the product or service that I am presently undertaking just to gain some degree of confidence from you. I am not going to sell you anything except an experience and an idea which you too can apply to your business whether it is product or service related or MLM.  But no Gold Coins schemes here please.   The Malaysian, Bruneian and Indonesian governments has already reiterated several times that it is illegal here.

Alright, let me start by asking you a personal question first: How many of you have been searching the whole wide web for information on: "How to start and promote a business on the Internet?"; "How to skyrocket your online sales by hundreds of percent?"; or "How to get more hits to your web site?" Let me tell you. I'd gone in the hard way. I used to spent 5 or 6 hours a day searching for the best information available. I have used most of the free ones as well as some paid ones, and boy am I "frust-lah" about all the wrong strategies that I'd used in the past. Do you know why most of these so-called insider informations and tips sucks? Because half of them does not apply to Borneons or people in Asia.

I'd spent almost all of my small fortune for a piece of information that I can't even used generally because we simply don't have the 'numbers' and to rub it in, access to the Internet today is still darn slow and costly here. And searching for local Internet gurus came up zilch. I was even willing to pay RM5,000 for a self-proclaimed guru in Peninsular Malaysia for consultancy work, until I found out that this smartly-dressed and well-spoken guy was making a lose each year.  Hack, one of the fundamental tips as far as consulting your friends, an e-guru, consultant, or anyone is that, you have to make sure the person is at least richer than you and that his business or what he is doing is making real money for him.  That one you can get from any traditional marketing guru (Personal Tips No. 2 - Do not follow tips from people who do not practise what they are teaching). I really need to find a real guru fast, and I don't think there is any in this region so far. My bank account has been closed for insufficient funds and my girlfriend left me for a richer (and maybe cuter) person.

Well, not giving up, I stumbled upon a website called The Internet Marketing Centre® in mid 1998, more by chance than anything. My first impression? You really want to know? Another cheap-skate site. But I was impressed by their free resources, techniques, articles, and tips to help people start an e-business and market their business on the Internet using non-traditional, unique advertising/marketing methods.

I really enjoyed the simple, brief and concise write-ups by its President, Corey Rudl, from Canada. At first I thought Corey must be around 40+ since his work looked so professional, and I was shocked when I saw a picture of him. A young man about my age in his late 20s.   I began to frequent the site more regularly and subscribed to their free newsletter, each time learning valuable tips along the way which more importantly, can be applied to the local condition here.

These 'free" tips helped my site and sales a bit but it does not really reveal ALL the SECRETS to a successful e-business venture. Don't be sucked into all the free things available in the Net.  Internet business is not much different from a traditional business.  Most of the free business tools that supposed to help you promote your e-business will not, and I repeat will not help your e-business to succeed 100%. Maybe 10% only if you are lucky (Personal Tips No. 3 - There is no such thing as FREE when it comes to business, traditional or online).

Luckily, the Internet Marketing Centre® also sell a "cutting-edge" home-study course titled "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet", a 600+ page course with software, a subscription to the Cutting Edge, and lots more insider secrets.  I can't remember exactly how much the course cost but it was almost 10 times less than the RM5,000 charged by the e-guru I mentioned above and a lot of other so-called e-business consultants in the country) including shipping and handling (click here for the actual price) and all the secrets, techniques, tips and tricks in the course have been tried and proven by Corey.

You still with me?  Good.  I guess you are one of the very few that is truly keen to make $money$ via the Internet.  Indeed, you may have smelt something others may not have if you have read to this point - PROFITABILITY. Congratulations, we are nearly there.   Allow me to continue.....

Given my bad experience with a local Internet guru, the first thing I did before ordering despite the double your money back guarantee, was to find out more details about the President of the Internet Marketing Centre®, Corey Rudl.  Is he for real? Is his company genuine? Is he well acknowledged in the industry? Does he practised what he preached? In other words, is he rich? (Personal Tips No. 4 - Before subscribing to or ordering anything, check out the credibility of the web site, its product or service, and/or its founder(s)).

I went to the trouble of checking with the Internic (domain name authority), the American equivalent of the Registrar of Company (ROC), and the IMC's web site security authority just because I wanted to make real sure that the material I am going to purchase is bonafide.  On top of this, I surfed the web for reviews and comments from independent personalities related to Corey and the IMC.   I e-mailed to at least 10 of them for reference and feedback.  I also e-mailed to several of Corey's so-called happy customers to seek for credibility and to find out whether his course is relevant for a Borneon.

What I found out was that Corey has made hundreds of thousands of dollars online from his 4 very successful online businesses. He gets over 6 million visitors yearly and he does US 5.2 million dollars (or RM 20 million) of business online every year (yes, I said US$5,200,000... it is not a typo), all from his one small office. In fact, one of the business called Car Secrets has been the #1 best selling car book on the internet Secrets Revealed (it has sold ten's of thousands of copies in the last 12 months online), so I reckon he knows his stuff when it comes to making a web site successful.  For that fact, his course, which I mentioned above, is already the #1 best-selling Internet marketing course online - chances are some of you may have heard of it already?

Satisfied, I went ahead with the purchase.   I can't remember how much it cost me a couple of years back when it was much cheaper but it was something like RM600 to RM700 plus shipping and handling, which I had to borrow from my good old dad.  Since this course is a training material, it is tax deductible as a business expense. I was not worried about the the cost because Corey himself personally guaranteed that if I follow all his techniques and strategies and my sales do not TRIPLE within 90 days,he will not only refund my money but will sent back to me twice the amount I paid. Wow, speaking of confidence.  I reckon I have nothing to lose. In fact, I could be making an extra RM600 to RM700 in 90 days time, which I told my dad that I will give it to him, just for ordering this course.  My father loaned the amount to me without hesitation. This is an offer too good to miss!

With this sort of guarantees, I was really confident I will not lose out any more money from my small and part-time Internet business venture. I straight away went over the course material once I received them less than a week after I ordered. The course is basically devoted to everything from advanced web page promotion and design, online ads and banners, newsgroup advertising (flame free!), successful email techniques, free advertising, autoresponder tricks, sales strategies and copy writing, how to easily increase sales and profits, how to automate your business (so it is hands-free), ...and much more!  I am not going to go into too much details.   You have to read it to believe all the tricks and short-cuts that even a Borneon can use to promote his business.

Within a month of fully employing half of Corey's secrets, which does not involve any additional cost for me to execute, I'd already make enough to pay back my father, who was extremely pleased especially with the 10% good-will interest I added on. But I still haven't tripled my sales right? In two months time, I can still get back twice the amount I paid for the course. This made me gained even more confidence and started to apply the other half of Corey's secrets, some which required some small cost to implement, just for experimental sake.  I still have nothing to lose. Within two weeks, I not only tripled my sales (which was small to start off anyway), I was approached by a few people who were interested to joint-venture with me.

They are not business tycoons. Just simple ordinary young men. We managed to expand our business with their investments, and we continued to follow Corey's techniques step by step.  Our sales have increased by more than 800 percent since then and I even forgotten about Corey's double your money back guarantee.  My bank account was reinstated, and oh, I even found a sweet girl by the name of Karla and today, I am saving up from my part-time Internet business so that I can ask for her hand soon, hopefully before I turn 30.

Yes, I still work part-time since I still love my day job which offers a different set of challenges for me. My boss told me that it is okay for him as long as it does not affect my day job.  Actually, with the advances of technology and its tools today, one do not really need to spend too much time on an Internet business.  There are a lot of softwares (and even techniques) that will do all the dirty work for you, leaving you with more time to do promotion and marketing, expanding your business, or like me, just spending a few hours after office hours each day in my personal part-time business, and searching for the one true love of my life (Personal Tips No. 5 - If you don't have the time, "Work smart" not "work hard").

Well, maybe I am not that ambitious yet, perhaps after I'd settled down...? But if I can start a semi-successful Internet business on a part-time basis, I reckon anyone can do it too. Whether you already have an online business, thinking of bringing your business online, a home-maker, a student, a direct-selling affiliate, or a bloke whose day job's salary is not paying enough to survive the month, take it from me, I personally recommend you to at least visit Corey's web site and judge for yourself whether I am pulling your leg.  I am not even going to pursuade you to sign up for Corey's "cutting-edge" home-study course titled "The Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet" because that has nothing to do with my business (but please don't tell Corey I said this or else I will be branded as an ungrateful son of the gun).  I leave it all up for you to decide after you've browsed through his web site.

One last thing before you click away.   My thanks to e-borneo.com for inviting me to give a personal testimony to their visitors, and to Corey of course, for showing me the p2p (path to profitability).  I was rather disappointed that I can't go to Kuala Lumpur end of July to meet Corey in person, where he gave a talk at a seminar at Putra World Trade Centre on 27-29 July 2000 on "How to make millions through the Net!".  This should give you some added confidence that I am not talking craps, and Corey is for real and not a con artist. Click here for more information).

My thanks to you too for reading this lengthy testimony and I do hope that my 5 personal tips above have been of use to you as hindsights.  But I am sure if you are still with me at this stage, you must be genuienely interested to make (more) $money$ through the Internet.  So, as a compliment, I invite you to ask me any questions, tips or strategies related to this topic, and I will give you a FREE advice from my experience, or copy a few tricks from Corey's course (nahhh, I don't think Corey permits that?).   You can reach me at ecg@e-borneo.every1.net and I will try to reply as soon as I can.

Thank you and as Corey would say, ENJOY.....,

Ee Chik Goh,

Part-Time Netrepreneur,

Tamparuli, Sabah, Malaysia.

June, 2000.


Enter the Internet Marketing Centre®

WARNING: "If you are looking for information on how to get on the net or someone to show you the ups and downs - this is not it. This is all the "hard-core" secrets on how to truly make money on the net. ( I assume you know how to surf the web, look at newsgroups, do email, etc.). Corey is not here to explain how to get on the Internet and work your email, web browser, newsreaders, etc.. So if you don't know how to do these things, don't buy this course... you have a lot to learn first. Corey is here to give you all the tricks and "insider" techniques to make some serious money with the Internet.