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Sub-Category: IRC Channels

#Asiabagus Online - An Undernet IRC Channel.... #AsiaBagus where people from around the world join and chat in this channel and also make new friends. It is a registered IRC channel on the Undernet server. #AsiaBagus Online is created for IRC regulars and also newbies which join #AsiaBagus a brief and also more knowledge about Asia and also its cultural. Not only that, friendship and also relationship are made thru regular chatting.

#Keningau IRC Channel Homepage - We had Penpals area, free stuff, more about keningau, poem submit and more! Visits here now!

#Lambak Undernet Server - It's all about IRC group from both Brunei - Malaysia. Also include special link, photo's, etc.

#Optima.Undernet IRC Channel - Official Website for #Optima..and IRC channel hosted under undernet server A Channel for a school in Miri named Kolej Tun Datu Tuanku Haji Bujang.

#Sabah Homepage - The Web Site of Channel #Sabah at the Dalnet Servers... Join us there and chat with all the other Sabahans from all over the world... With information about Sabah, how to visit us and alot of ofter stuff.... pls check it out :)

#Sadong Official Website - Coolest ever IRC Channel Website.  Made fully with Shockwave Flash!!  Check it out!

Anjung Cafe Chat Zone - Chat zone website for Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Borneo.

Official #Menggatal site - Coolest channel in undernet.. All sabahans are most welcome:)

The #Kadazandusun Channel - Kadazandusun Language Translator, IRC on Undernet, Kadus e-cards, Kadus Musics.. Tangon/Boros Kadazandusun / FrustTALKS..

UnDerNet #SaRikEi - Official Homepage of Undernet #Sarikei channel in Sarawak, Malaysia Visit us to have a tour of Sarikei..the Land Of Pinapples.

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