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Borneo Soccer League Prediction

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All valued visitors of are invited to join the exciting Borneo Soccer League Prediction Game based on the English Premiership.

All you have to do to join is CLICK HERE and follow the following simple instructions:


  1. Click on the 'Play Soccer HunchBacker Now' button to launch the game console

  2. Click on the register button (do not change any other options on this front page at this stage)

  3. Enter your details

  4. When you have successfully registered, you will be taken to the registration confirmation page, then click on 'Take me to My Games' button.  This page displays the games you are playing, which will be this league you have been invited to join plus the main game.

If you are already registered with Soccer HunchBacker, just follow the link and log on as normal, but do not change the default league displayed on the homepage, and this new league will now be on your 'My Games' page.

Then predict the scores for the games each week, earn points, and you'll all be on a Leaderboard so we can see who is best!

(NOTE: Only visitors registered through's Borneo League soccer prediction game will be displayed on this specially set-up Leaderboard. So, invite your friends, colleagues, and family to pit their prediction skills against you here - Forward them to the URL: and to register via this page only to enable a friendly prediction competition)

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to Start Your Prediction!