• Meet at hotel lobby and proceed to Monsopiad Cultural Village located approximately 20 minutes from downtown Kota Kinabalu.
  • On arrival, register at the reception counter, meet the local guide for the village and proceed to the restaurant for a welcome drink.
  • After the welcome drink, follow the guide to visit the various traditional farmhouses. In the farmhouse are displays of various tools, baskets, musical instruments and other everyday tools, food that the local natives use.
  • Within the Monsopiad Village is the “Gintutun do Mohoing”, a stone monolith erected long ago, a silent witness to many legends of Monsopiad. Within it, is believed to dwell spirits from the past. Today, many people visit the stone for luck.
  • The guide will explain the various houses, the materials used, the methods use to de husk the staple food “rice”.
  • Finally visit the “House of Skulls” where the 42 skulls of Monsopiad enemies are kept.
  • Proceed to the multi purpose hall to witness the “Cultural Dances Performances “.
  • After the Cultural Dances Performance depart for Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. End of tour.

Guided Tour Schedule : 10.00am,12.00pm, 3.00pm & 5.00pm

Cultural Dances Performance: 11.00am, 2.00pm & 4.00pm

Note: Departure time varies from different hotels. Please reconfirm with the Reservation Staff / Tour Guides on the departure time.

When entering the house of skulls, visitors are requested:-

1.To remove their footwear and to leave them outside.
2. DO NOT  make disrespectful gestures, remarks, laugh, shout etc.
3. In all the houses, including the restaurant, always tread lightly.
4. It is disrespectful to walk over a person or any objects.
5. Do not touch, make disrespectful remarks or gestures to the following:
* Siou do Mohoing ( the Skulls )
* Bobohizan Sigar ( Headgear ), paraphernelia or instruments.
* Offerings,
* the Keeper’s Sword
6. Do NOT intrude the Bobohizan, any rituals  and ceremonies in progress.

monsopiad rock

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