“The Good Travel Guides Are Those Who Had Lived The Experience
The Best Travel Guides Are Those Who Are Living The Experience”
e-borneo.com – Borneo Travel Planner & Trip Advisor


Customise or book a tour with e-borneo.com with confidence, knowing that you will be able to experience the best of Borneo at the most cost competitive rate available, and with full comfort and satisfaction.


Since 1999, we have served thousands of happy customers in the provision of travel information, travel tips and advisories, as well as effect successful holidays for many happy customers worldwide (refer testimonials).


E-Borneo.Com is an independent travel planner and trip advisor to scout for the best travel deals in town for our site visitors upon request. Our in-house travel specialists (with many years of experience between themselves in the tourism industry in Borneo) will assist in customising and planning the most appropriate itinerary for you and/or negotiate with travel operators on meeting your needs/demands (and cost). We are 100% based in Borneo, and run by Borneons.


From experience, travel agents in other parts of the world tend to sell Borneo tours at higher rates. As for travel operators in this region, they tend not to entertain customisation or bargaining, especially for small group of 2-5 persons. They will not normally discuss or plan out an appropriate itinerary for small tour groups. They prefer to sell their pre-designed packages to short-haul and large group travel. We hope to fill this critical and unbiased void to better serve invaluable travellers like yourself.


As one of the first Internet-based travel intermediaries in this region, we are also given an unqualified understanding and cooperation from many travel operators (in Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei Darussalam) within our fast expanding travel network to fill this void on their behalf. As such, you may find our rates more flexible and cost competitive compared to individual tour agencies.


We can assist you in arranging for a short tour or a full package tour (i.e., inclusive of airport transfers, accommodations, tours, meals, and other special requests).


But our Specialty Service is in designing a Full Package Programme for you based on your travel interest and budget. This will leave you to experience Borneo to the fullest without the hassle of doing everything yourself in an unfamiliar territory.


Our Specialties:

>> Private Tour (especially for small group of 2-4 pax)

>> All-Inclusive Tour Package

>> Tailor-Made / Customizable Full Tour Package


Over the years, E-Borneo.Com have developed a reputation for outstanding service and reliability, and we will be able to provide our existing and new customers with better quality service and products given our licensed tour operator (by the Malaysian Tourism Ministry) and MATTA (Malaysian Association of Tour and Travel Agents) accredited status.


Best Travel Deals for an All-Inclusive Full-Package Tour – We can offer you the absolutely lowest price or better quality package available because of our link to a vast network of experienced travel authorities in this region. In over 95% of cases, we can beat the price/quality for the same itinerary and date of tour provided by any travel-related entity worldwide, or better the package at the same rate (*proof of your travel offer/quotation is required). This is simply due to our presence, experience, and network here.


Rest assured that we will never propose or provide an itinerary and quote that goes against our main objective, that is, to assist you with all the hassle in planning and arrangement towards a memorable and quality holiday in Borneo.


Note: A Full-Package Tour is defined here as a tour that is not less than 3 days in duration and includes at least 3 short tours, selected meals, airport transfer, and accommodation.