Maliau Basin Packages – Finally, Almost Everyone Can Visit Borneo’s “Lost World”

We recently updated five (5) specially-customised Maliau Basin packages, one of E-Borneo.Com‘s Signature Tour Products. You will travel overland from Kota Kinabalu city all the way to the unique Borneo’s “Lost World”.

For each of the package, we have categorised various excursion from “Easy” to the most “Challenging” types of adventure. These are based on your fitness and endurance level.

The itinerary sequence is also updated. This is mainly due to the unavailability of Agathis Camp, sadly destroyed by a marauding group of Pygmy elephants. The itineraries also outlined a brief description of each daily trail.

From the reasonably fit to the super fit, you can finally experience Maliau Basin.

Check out the following links to find out which one is most suitable for you:




Description: The Danum Valley Conservation Area, like Maliau Basin, both in Sabah, can be regarded as the Lost World of Borneo given its almost undisturbed tropical rainforest and abundance of biodiversity. This article gives an insight into the conservation of the Danum Valley and offers some tips on how visitors can reach there on a unique Nature Tour that is beyond compare.


By E-Borneo.Com (Republished)


Located in the district of Lahad Datu in the south east of Sabah, the Danum Valley Conservation Area is a natural paradise of lush tropical lowland rainforest habitat with an incredible diversity of plant and animal life, a perfect destination for a Nature Tour.  The conservation Area consists of 43,800 hectares of protected virgin forest rich in Sabah’s unique flora and fauna. It has been acknowledged to have one of the world’s most complex ecosystems.


The conservation of the Danum Valley began in 1996 by the State government of Sabah. The Danum Valley Field Centre was established on the same year as a tropical rainforest research and environmental education station. Today, the Field Centre has undertaken many important tropical rainforest and conservation research papers and findings.


Some of the wildlife attractions at Danum include 275 species of birds including all eight species of hornbills native to Borneo, 110 species of mammals such as Asian elephants, Orang Utan, civets, clouded leopards, five species of deer, and a full house of Borneo rarities ranging from the Sumatran rhinoceros to Bulwar’s peasant.


To get to Danum Valley, You can take an early morning flight from Kota Kinabalu to Lahad Datu, and transfer by road for about 2 hours to your accommodation (i.e., Borneo Rainforest Lodge). Scheduled transfer to the Borneo Rainforest Lodge is at 9.30am.


Alternatively, you might want to stay overnight at Lahad Datu (recommended hotels are Executive Hotel and Grace Hotel), a small town about 407km or 6 hours by road from Kota Kinabalu.


Proper gear is important when visiting Danum Valley. You must make sure that you bring insect repellent, long-sleeved shirts, raincoat, hat, swimming gear, trekking boots, flash light, binoculars, camera and video as well as a water bottle. It is also advisable to take anti-malaria pills in advance before reaching Danum Valley.


To experience the best of the “Lost World”, it is recommended that you have at least a 3-day/2-night stay. This is because unlike the jungles of Nepal or the African Savannah, the attractions of the Borneo rainforest are more subtle, and much harder to spot.


Sometimes, you would have to be patience to have a glimpse of the rare but prominent wildlife species. Transferring out of the Borneo Rainforest Lodge is scheduled at 1.30pm, and if your onward journey takes you back to Kota Kinabalu, there are flights connecting you back to the Capital City.


For more info on Danum Valley nature tour, please visit the following link:

4D3N Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge (EB-LD01)

3D2N Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge (EB-LD02)

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