Maliau Basin Packages – Finally, Almost Everyone Can Visit Borneo’s “Lost World”

We recently updated five (5) specially-customised Maliau Basin packages, one of E-Borneo.Com‘s Signature Tour Products. You will travel overland from Kota Kinabalu city all the way to the unique Borneo’s “Lost World”.

For each of the package, we have categorised various excursion from “Easy” to the most “Challenging” types of adventure. These are based on your fitness and endurance level.

The itinerary sequence is also updated. This is mainly due to the unavailability of Agathis Camp, sadly destroyed by a marauding group of Pygmy elephants. The itineraries also outlined a brief description of each daily trail.

From the reasonably fit to the super fit, you can finally experience Maliau Basin.

Check out the following links to find out which one is most suitable for you: